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Really, is Pope Francis...a communist? Comments

Is Pope Francis a communist? An article on CNBC raised the question based on comments made by the Holy Father since his becoming pope. His comments on capitalism have raised eyebrows and caused some conservative Catholics in the United States to take pause. Continue Reading

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  1. Ross
    1 year ago

    Christianity is not compatible with communism because it takes away free will. Christianity is only compatible with liberty and that also excludes capitalism. There is a balance between charity and gain that represents Christianity.

  2. riverice7
    1 year ago

    "Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the LORD".

    —Leviticus 19:18

    The holy father is just abiding by the two most important commandments in the bible
    Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind
    Mathew:22 35-40
    Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself
    Mark 12: 28-34
    Laws of Moses

    Those who find charity difficult to give regardless of race or class need to keep looking for another church

  3. John Milius
    1 year ago

    In response to Mike Robertson's post: Mike, you appear by your statements to be stereotypical and believe too strongly in free market society. Both wealth and power corrupt, whether it comes from government having too much power in a socialistic society - or whether it is wealth to the elite few in a purely capitalistic society. The problem is that there is no utopian society in this world - only in God's Kingdom. That is all that this article is talking about. Don't always look for a political position in every article you read. That seems to be very common these days in the US.

    Christ's view of the perfect society is one where we give up all that we own to share amongst each other in terms of each one's needs. Sounds a lot like Communism, doesn't it? While I am the last person to believe that Communism is a viable form of government in this world, I still believe that we need to live our lives with that mind-set (within our families and communities). If all people did, the world would be a much better place - closer to that of His Kingdom.

    With that said, for what is practical in this world, I believe that a capitalistic society creates the maximum amount of overall wealth in an earthly sense, and therefore the one that the world should lean toward. But fully unchecked, it will lead to an unbalance of wealth – further wealth to the wealthy and less to the lower middle class and poor and further deterioration of the environment. There needs to be a balance. All who believe that any extreme right or left position (free market capitalism or communism) is the earthly way towards the Kingdom of God, doesn’t fully understand history – the history of human corruption and human greed when given too much wealth or power at either extreme, right of left.

    The only issue that is black and white is that of the right to Life.

  4. Vance
    1 year ago

    No, his holiness s not a communist or a marxist by any means. The Holy Father has nothing to fear about Capitalism because it is almost dead in America and Europe. What he has most to fear is Communism coming out of America's Marxist Democrat Party, their Socialist comrades in Europe, and the Muslim Brotherhood on the rise throughout the world. The Communists have been busy murdering babies in the womb, babies outside the womb, the severely handicapped, the geriatric senior citizens, and now doctor assisted suicide. I don't know if the late Steve Jobs or Warren Buffett ever killed anyone. But they sure as heck paid thousands of people good wages that gave them a decent standard of living. That sounds like compassion to me. That sounds very Christian to me. Communism kills people and incarcerates their subjects as serfs of the state. Everyone s "Equally" poor and Equally miserable. Capitalism is the freedom of a human being to rise and achieve his full potential. The citizen under Capitalism has the opportunity to live a decent standard of living with no one to keep him down. He also has the Right to Worship Jesus Christ in the public square. No Holy Father don't worry about Capitalism. Worry instead about Communists whom our Blessed Mother warned October 13, 1917 that they will be coming after you.

  5. Ta-152-H
    1 year ago

    It was brought up a while ago when the Pope first issue a document on income inequality that if President Obama's White House had issue the same statements that Pope Francis has made it would be held up as positive proof that the President was a Commie by the Right-Wing media .

  6. mike robertson
    1 year ago

    The problem is that the free market system has not been allowed to be free. Government worker unions are crushing cities and states with debt. Governments choke the free market system with overtaxing, overspending and overregulating. "Sluggards" (to use the Biblical term) are paid to drop out of high school, engage in sexual immorality and stay at home watching cable TV with their children born out of wedlock. The result is lower national wealth with just scraps for people like me in the lower half of the economic ladder. As a wise man once said, "Government isn't the solution. Government is the problem". Breaking God's commandments against coveteousness and theft (against the wealthy) hurts people like me. I need the wealthy and businesses, large and small, to thrive in order for a buyer's market for workers like me to be created. We would then have a wide variety of well-paying jobs to choose from. Thanks, again, Catholic democrats. See? I made it thru my whole comment without mentioning that your party favors killing babies in and out of their mom's womb and favors calling "marriage" what God calls an abomination.

  7. IA Gladfelter
    1 year ago

    Pope Francis is saying what needs to be said; especially in the USA where major political party is promoting unrestricted laissez-faire Capitalism fueled by the incredibly greedy, selfish economics and philosophy of Ayn Rand. Pope Francis is right, guys! Listen to him!

    Old Soldier

  8. abey
    1 year ago

    Russia once a notorious communist state is today seen as the model for the future even unto its Church/State relations totally contrary to the ways of America & the West supposedly the rich countries but through false sense of freedom. Pope Francis & the Catholic Church could well take serious note of this. For it was, is & will be clear that Politics & Numbers will never save the day but Biblical faith is what that will, which is what an ordinary Catholic seeks, to the choice stated in the Bible " Mammon or God". But to say Pope Francis view on the Gay Agendas was unwarranted, to the much Confusion, as a foresight to the very way the Anglican & others have gone & fallen- Politically right but Spiritually wrong.-What use is the world if the soul be lost.

  9. Jeffrey Caperton
    1 year ago

    I have come to ignore the words "communism" or "Marxism" because, in the modern political context, these words refer to nothing more than somebody who is not a conservative Republican, somebody who has the nerve to disagree with a conservative Republican, or somebody who has the audacity to level criticism at capitalist abuse. The conservative Republican use of the words "Marxist" or "Communist" is roughly the equvalent to the liberal Democrat use of the words "Bigot" or "Intolerant".

    It is safe to say that the Pope has nothing to worry about if somebody in the United States is calling him a "Marxist" or "communist". In American politics, these words have long lost their sting.

  10. wingnut
    1 year ago

    The term "Communist" comes with a lot of baggage. If we said that the Pope was "Communalist"... that's easier to deal-with. But maybe... it would be wiser to label/categorize the Pope as "compassionate". Capitalism/competing has had more than a few incidents where we've seen zero compassion, and in some perspectives, competing is never compassionate. So you can see why kneejerk labelers would misidentify compassion, as Communist. Most people who use "Communist" as a club to beat people-with... don't want to think about the many types of communal things that happen around them daily, and are wonderful. Recognizing those "commie" things would contaminate the term, and make it a less-impactful weapon.

    The author of this piece... knows all this quite well, and is drama-queening/throttling-up this incident/issue. The Pope is a compassionate person, and as such, does have some communalist ways. THANK GOD FOR IT, and I'm proud to be in the same compassionate "club" with him and his kind.

    I run into the same problem, personally. I'm Christian, altruist, communalist, anti-capitalismist, and if you're talking about compassionate communism (loving), I'm one of those as well. To call me a communist in a derogatory way, is the wrong kind of communism, and so the caller has misidentified/misgrouped/mislabeled. We have all seen this combat labeling and name calling... its used for sensationalism. We should probably avoid counter-sensationalizing, if possible. But everyone is free to express themselves, of course. :) Best regards.

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