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Really, is Pope Francis...a communist? Comments

Is Pope Francis a communist? An article on CNBC raised the question based on comments made by the Holy Father since his becoming pope. His comments on capitalism have raised eyebrows and caused some conservative Catholics in the United States to take pause. Continue Reading

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  1. Curtis Beck
    1 year ago

    The free market does not "conspire" to create disparities in wealth accumulation between the rich and the poor. It merely reacts to stimuli or depressants that are applied to it. Case in point: when jobs are plentiful, labor becomes in shorter supply. The free market reacts by having wages rise. The problem with the U.S. and many other western free market economies is that the rate of job creation is too low to support rising wages, thus wages are depressed. You cannot blame Wall Street for that, my friend. The governments of these countries, thinking that they have a mission to "re-distribute wealth", have a plethora of economic/taxation/environmental policies in place that discourage business people from investing and therefore growing employment. Thus the rich, by holding on to their money, are accumulating wealth and the poor continue to suffer from flat or falling wages. Please, let the free market work unimpeded to free the people from their oppression!

  2. Tony
    1 year ago

    A few other quotes:

    "[The Catholic Church] has refused to accept, in the practice of "capitalism," individualism and the absolute primacy of the law of the marketplace over human labor." ~ Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2425

    "It is the task of the State to provide for the defense and preservation of common goods, which cannot be safeguarded simply by market forces." ~ Pope John Paul II

    "Those responsible for business enterprises are responsible to society. They have an obligation to consider the good of persons and not only the increase of profits." ~ Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2432

  3. Tony
    1 year ago

    Hello all! Vance, we need to worry about both communism AND capitalism. The Pope, and the Church with him, has stated many times that pure Capitalism has many evils. In addition, concerning Steve Jobs, his company (Apple) owned countless sweatshops throughout the world. Pope Francis condemned sweatshop labor numerous times, so actually, Steve Jobs' company, as well as many other American capitalist companies, are indeed guilty of murder in the form of sweatshop labor. You need to read these quotes.

    "Not paying a just [wage], not providing work, focusing exclusively on the balance books, on financial statements, only looking at making personal profit. That goes against God! How many times – how many times – have we read in 'L'Osservatore Romano' [(a Vatican newspaper)].... A headline that impressed me so much the day of the Bangladesh tragedy, 'Living on 38 euros a month': this was the payment of these people who have died... this is called 'slave labor!' And today in this world there is slavery that is made with the most beautiful gift that God has given to man: the ability to create, to work, to be the makers of our own dignity. How many brothers and sisters throughout the world are in this situation because of these economic, social, political attitudes and so on... People are less important than the things that give profit to those who have political, social, economic power. What point have we come to? To the point that we are not aware of this dignity of the person, this dignity of labor. But today, the figure of St. Joseph, of Jesus, of God who work - this is our model. They teach us the way forward, towards dignity." ~ Pope Francis

    "In today’s highly interdependent context, a global financial framework with its own just and clear rules is required in order to achieve a more equitable and fraternal world, in which it is possible to overcome hunger, ensure decent employment and housing for all, as well as essential healthcare." ~ Pope Francis

    "In order to emerge from the present financial and economic crisis – which has engendered ever greater inequalities – we need people, groups and institutions which will promote life by fostering human creativity, in order to draw from the crisis itself an opportunity for discernment and for a new economic model. The predominant model of recent decades called for seeking maximum profit and consumption, on the basis of an individualistic and selfish mindset, aimed at considering individuals solely in terms of their ability to meet the demands of competitiveness. Yet, from another standpoint, true and lasting success is attained through the gift of ourselves, our intellectual abilities and our entrepreneurial skills, since a “liveable” or truly human economic development requires the principle of gratuitousness as an expression of fraternity and the logic of gift.[5] Concretely, in economic activity, peacemakers are those who establish bonds of fairness and reciprocity with their colleagues, workers, clients and consumers. They engage in economic activity for the sake of the common good and they experience this commitment as something transcending their self-interest, for the benefit of present and future generations. Thus they work not only for themselves, but also to ensure for others a future and a dignified employment." ~ Pope Benedict XVI

  4. Erin Pascal
    1 year ago

    If the pope calls for humility and for the wealthy to step down into the streets and help the poor, it does not mean that he is a communist. It may be somewhat identical of communism but we should not put words into another person's mouth. The pope only means well. I am so proud that the Catholic church have a pope like him. If he does not wear expensive shoes, watch, or clothes, does it automatically nominate him to be a communist? If his heart reaches out to the poor and serves himself as an example of simplicity and if he shuns away all worldly luxuries, does that mean that he is communist?

  5. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    And the TRUTH, Vance, is that as I keep telling you, accepting one pack of lies over another because you like the lies better isn't Christ, its still a lie.

  6. Vance
    1 year ago

    No Karl, I'm not asking you to be a Republican. I'm asking you to accept the truth. Have the courage to accept it. Accept Jesus and his Church. Defend him and his Church against those who assault the Holy Sacraments of the Church. Defend Life from conception to natural death. That's what I'm asking you.

  7. Joanne
    1 year ago

    PF has spoken extensively on free will which is why he also condemned liberation theology as he experienced it in Argentina. I read that he said that liberation theology was too infected with socialism to be trusted. The proof is his loggerhead with the President of Argentina who is a socialist and was one of the first countries to confiscate pensions to increase government coffers. Btw, billionaires like Bill Gates and Jon Huntsman have set up foundations that pay out millions, fund hospitals, etc. My family has worked for companies like Budd, Westinghouse, Western Electric, AT& T, State Farm. Those companies lifted my family out of poverty. Westinghouse is gone because of unions, Western Electric is gone because of government interference in its manufactured products, AT&T (the real AT&T not the baby bell Southern Bell which has renamed itself AT&T) is defunct because of government breaking up the company into 7 baby bells (re: the Democrat Timothy Wirth). So when was the last time your telephone bill was low? When was the last time your telephone was manufactured in the US? Did you know that Western Electric built phones to last 30 years but when divestiture (forced by government) happened the manufacture of telephones went overseas and the quality went with the move? I had phones that didn't even last a year. Budd manufactured trains in the US. Are trains manufactured here? State Farm is consolidating it workforce and laying off thousands in California. They are getting out of there and moving most of its operations to Texas. Could it be because of the huge taxes imposed by that liberal government?

  8. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Yes, Vance. The Kool-Aid. Great big glass.
    You're asking us to accept one pack of lying, greedy killers over the other just because you like their lies better.
    I, for one, think the country deserves better than what your Republicrat masters have to offer.

  9. Vance
    1 year ago

    KarlVDH, "Drinking the Koolaid" ??? May I suggest that you accept the truth and have the intellectual courage to embrace it. I'll take the "Evil Little Freak Trio" (( ALL DAY LONG )) over what we have now. Yes, I'm ready for something new. I'm ready to send all RINO's out of the GOP to the Communist Democrat Party where they belong. God and Jesus Christ is the answer but your party Booed God 3 times at your last convention. So, if you are a God believer, there is no room for you in the Communist Democrat Party.

  10. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Vance if you think the Republicans care about you any more than the Democrats do, you've had way too much of the kool aid.
    Sure, Dems sell us out. solyndra- great example.
    Now let's talk about Halliburton, KBR and that evil little freak trio, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush.
    Sure... let's make it all about the Republicrats- just like they want- instead of demanding something better and working for it ourselves.

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