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Time for a New Political Party or New Political Movement? Comments

Both major political parties are corrupted. Many who lead them have either forgotten or denied that there even is a moral basis for a free society. Their leaders insist that social and economic issues are separate, proposing a form of social schizophrenia. They are mistaken. Just as the human person is a unity of body and soul - and the separation of the two can lead to dualism - so, in the body politic, the separation of moral truths ... Continue Reading

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  1. jesse coleman
    1 year ago

    I believe there is a third option to C.S. Lewis' statement, that we believe in the devil but we easily dismiss or disregaurd the thoughts or consequences of evil actions. I read somewhere that the devils' great trick of today is to pretend like he isn't there. Though many realize that so much is off, they don't see the root of what we are looking at because they have so easily brushed aside what it means to devolve into evil things. We have become accustomed to a level of depravity, which no doubt becomes very easy with a world full of distractions or things to avert our attention that are so much easier to do. No, its not that people don't believe, although many claim not to but even that may be a misunderstood claim, it's that people no longer recognize evil for evil. And maybe that isn't even different from how it's always been, just on a much larger scale now and so much more visible, which is good because when it becomes more visible it becomes harder and harder for the devil to pretend like he isn't there as more and more start to become reawakened to this filthy evil that has enveloped the culture and just exactly what people are doing. We have to see enough brutality and twisted things before we are reawakened from our slumber and start to internally resist. And the more people are awakened to it the more they will start to internally resist against it becuase we all were made with goodness and love, and that internal resistance will become an external resistance. The hope is that we resist with compassion, not hate and we do that united with Our Risen Savior! We are always learning and progressing a little at a time and sometimes that progression requires regression in some ways but when we as a collective whole become reawakened to evil a resistance of goodness will happen that will shatter the basis of these evil things. Evil will always remain, we know that, but it won't be so dominant. Just look at the progression of humanity through our christian perspective throughout time and this cycle is visible on smaller and larger scales. Even Sodom and Gomorrah, although they were destroyed directly by God. But even if a destruction happens through people is it not God guiding us? We must each find our places in this resistance but on a larger scale our places in our walks with our One True and Mighty Father and that is a walk of love!

  2. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    The minute we politicize our Catholicism, it stops being real faith. No... we don't need another political party at all. We DO need to demand that our "news" media represent US, the People, their customers, though, and start giving equal coverage to the other ideas and parties that ALREADY exist. Their coverage of Presidential primaries and debates, limited to just the two "major" parties, is as much to blame for our current state of affairs as anything the Republicrats have done themselves. The media- both liberal AND conservative- allow the national discourse to be driven by these people because of money, when the TRUTH is that the only real difference between Repoublicans and Democrats in Washington, D.C. is which special interest lobbies they've sold us out for.
    If in the last election, instead of the freak show that was the Republican Primaries, followed by the Obama/Romney comedy act, we had heard also from the Libertarians, whose Gary Johnson was quite brilliant, the Green Party's Jill Stein, and Stewart Alexander from the Socialist Party, perhaps we, as a country, could have at least forced the two "major party" candidates to discuss the real, serious issues that effect and affect us in our real lives instead of just "debating" with nothing but sound-byte generalizations, party lines and fluff.
    NO, we don';t need a new political party. We need a new sense of responsibility from our "news media." In fact, we need NEWS media at all... what we've got now, whether it's FOX, MSNBC or CNN is nothing but a bunch of "news based entertainment" that does nothing but feed our already concieved political ideas. The worst thing that's happened to this country in the last 50 years is the birth of a "news" industry that's paid to tell us what we want to hear, depending on political bent. The fact that when I was in Iraq, I could get CNN or FOX, but had to watch the British BBC to get American news without political spin is an absolute disgrace.
    Political parties? No... we have enough of those what we need more is real journalism back in the US. Because what we have now isn't it.

  3. Joe
    1 year ago

    To: Deacon Fournier, Why is the Catholic church silent on defunding Obamacare movement? Is Obamacare acceptable just not the HHS mandate? Kindly let us know. Thanks...

  4. josephtran
    1 year ago

    Look at the Catholics nowadays we see there are the majority with passive attitudes toward the society. they just want to keep their faith, but there are somethings more important than to live their faith. There are also the vocal minority, who are busy to confront, against the authority of the Church. Both abandon their duties toward the society where they exist. If and only if the Catholics live their faith, the world will change. This is the assurance from our Lord.
    The world will change by the way we change our wrongly perception. For example.take care for the poor, we surely do better than any political parties.
    How and why? well, while the politicians drills,, and mines the public money in the name of the poor, the Catholics offers them their charity.
    Take a look at the budget of our country. How many the poor in our country? How much money the government proposed to spend on them? How much each one will receive a year? Receive this amount of money a year from the government, do they still be the poor?
    Take another look at the budget for education. How many student do we have each year in the country? How much money the government proposed to spend? How much money the government spend for each student?
    If we live our faith, if we become one Body of Jesus Chris, we will be stronger than any political parties, even stronger than devil's power.

  5. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Rafaelmarie, not to put too fine a point on it, but neither major party in the US is actually "pro life" in any way shape or form.

  6. +Rene Henry Gracida
    1 year ago

    The creation of a new political party will guarantee that the election of Democrat candidates since I assume that the new political party will be conservative and will draw votes away from liberal and perhaps even moderate Republican candidates. Since the Democrat Party is the Party of Death, rather than create a new political party that will reflect Gospel values a reform of the Republican Party should be sought in which RINOs and DINOSAURS would be defeated in primaries.

  7. Rose
    1 year ago

    Amen, Deacon. Unfortunately, what we also need is more Americans to wake up, become informed and get out of their comfort zone and take a stand. I don't see that happening because people don't have the guts or energy or time to fight.

  8. ConfederateCatholic
    1 year ago

    There's the Constitution Party. There's also secession.

  9. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    Pro-life Party.

    According to Catholic teaching, this is the only political issue to affect the Catholic vote.


    Because without life nothing else matters.

  10. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    But we HAVE other parties already. The answer isn't a new one, the answer is demandin g that the media give equal time to someone other than the Republicrats.
    Imagine if, in the last election, particularly the dabates, instead of Obama and Romney trading con for con, we'd also heard from the Libertarians, Socialists and Greens.
    Sure, none of them would stand a real chance... but they might have driven the national conversation in new directions, away from the standard, polarized party lines of the two "major" parties, and getting away from the two-party gaggle of fraud, idiocy, and "us against them" mentalities can only be good for the country.
    the problem isn't the Republicrats. It's that the "media" will only cover them.

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