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Time for a New Political Party or New Political Movement? Comments

Both major political parties are corrupted. Many who lead them have either forgotten or denied that there even is a moral basis for a free society. Their leaders insist that social and economic issues are separate, proposing a form of social schizophrenia. They are mistaken. Just as the human person is a unity of body and soul - and the separation of the two can lead to dualism - so, in the body politic, the separation of moral truths ... Continue Reading

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  1. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Something to consider... this article is actually talking about a political MOVEMENT, not a party. Let's think about how that's been going, honestly. The "Tea Party" is the punch line to a bad joke; they were co-opted by the Republicans before their "grass roots" even sprouted. They're a laughable tool of the Republican Party that'd be hilarious if it wasn't so bloody tragic that they didn't realize it. They rush out with their misspelled signs, misappropriated symbols (Don't tread on me??? How incredibly pathetic from this group!) and totally numb themselves to the reality of how badly they've been USED by the party they intended to reform. It's tragic.
    On the other side of the aisle, we have the "Occupy" movement... started, naturally, with the best of intentions, and the finest of motives: get corporate money out of the American political system! What could be better?? But they utterly failed to present a solid front, had no central message, and ultimately, while their lack of leadership reduced them to pooping in the street, what COULD have been an incredible moment in US politics became a freak show that was only upstaged by the even bigger dog-and-pony show the Republicans gave us in the last set of primaries.
    Is America ready to demand more? To call for something better? To say, "No! You people are a joke, and we demand real leadership!"
    No. No, we're not. Not at all. Because we're going to continue to pretend the Republicans or Democrats represent us, and in the end, it ammounts to nothing more substantial than what football team we'll be pulling for on Monday nights very shortly.
    Because this is America. And we no longer care enough to demand something better than what the Republicans and Democrats shove down our throats. In fact, we'll actually sit here on our keyboards- as Catholics- and pretend we believe one party or the other gives a damn about what we believe- or say we do. We'll support who they want us to, vote for who they tell us to, and convince ourselves it mattered...
    But we know better. Neither the Republicans nor Democrats care about me, or you, or what we believe... we're nothing but a voting bloc to these swine. And as long as we allow ourselves to pretend the Republicans or Democrats represent Catholic values...
    We're not getting "screwed." We're asking for it to happen. and we deserve what we get.

  2. kasoy
    1 year ago

    Deacon, we need to enlist in this movement national figures like Gov Huckabee or Sen Santorum. What they could do is to endorse local candidates who are part of the movement. If they'll endorse such candidates in my city I'll volunteer my time and a couple of hundred dollars to campaign for them. This movement may work well by starting at the "grassroots" - lay people at local churches & parishes. Let this work first at the local levels (city & county) to generate great success stories & produce new hands-on "heroes & champions" for the movement. Let their actions do the talking. Later we can move up the political level to the state & national levels.

  3. Mark Henry
    1 year ago

    Excellent article, Deacon Keith. One thing I would add is that the two parties are not equally morally bankrupt. The Democratic Party is beyond redemption and for decades now has worshiped at the secular alters of abortion, homosexuality and atheism. The Republican Party needs courageous leaders who can courageously lead without compromising on the core values of faith, life, family and freedom. For far too many election cycles now, the Republican national leadership and candidates have failed to lead and have compromised on these core values. Is it too late for the Republican Party? Possibly, but maybe not.

  4. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Rafaelmarie... if you think the GOP cares any more about life than the DNC does you haven't been paying attention. Sure, they pay it lip service; but there ends the party's commitment.

  5. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    I know a Chinese Catholic who believes that a Catholic Christian can be in dialogue with Chinese Communist officials. This person has had experience of cooperating with Communist officials on projects for the common good, and in that context, been in dialogue that has identified shared ideas and values.

    If a Catholics in China can be in dialogue with Communist officials, why can't Catholics in the United States be in dialogue with political leaders who do not agree with the Catholic moral principles? Rather than push for a new political party, why not learn to be in dialogue with those who do not accept what some consider self evident: "We know this is true because it is written on the human heart. It does not require religion to reveal it or to make it obligatory. It is a part of a common morality which should form the foundation of our life together."

    One place to begin is to respect every person. Stop the name calling. Assume people with different ideas and principles are people of good will.

    What is needed more than a new political party are Christians who live in the confidence that God provides which leads to joy in life. The Good News is God's mercy is for all, including politicians.

  6. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago


    Au contraire!

    The Republican party is eons closer to being Pro-life as compared to the democratic party.

    The democratic party doesn't even have a Pro-life political platform.

    It is like comparing the color black to white.

  7. Vance
    1 year ago

    A good thought provoking article. Are you suggesting that a ground swell of Catholics and perhaps protestants rise up like the Tea Party Patriots and form a political party? This is a very tall order. It would take some form of leadership to rally Orthodox ( Conservative ) Catholics and Protestants to come together as a voting block. The reason I noted "Conservative" Catholics and Protestants is that they already exist as a voting block. Who knows? The RINO establishment of the GOP like Senators John McLame and Flimsey Graham are trying to oust this voting block from the GOP. If they succeed, the Christians will have no where to go but to form a Christian Party. Who would be the leaders? If such a party were to happen, they would be opposed by the 52% of the Catholic body and the majority of the Bishops and priests. The same holds true for the Protestants.

  8. david
    1 year ago

    20th-century politics (and political parties) is part of the problem. See "Democracy: The God That Failed" The changes needed are more profound. One way or the other, we are at the end of an era.

  9. Chris
    1 year ago

    Deacon Fournier

    Thanks for your article, this along with several others I have read by you are spot on. I have voted for just such a leader in the person of Dr. Alan Keyes. I’m sure you are aware of him. Dr. Keyes has been saying exactly the same kinds of things for decades and has the marks to prove it. I encourage others who read this post to check out Dr. Keyes on the internet.

    Additionally, while winning this battle would be great, the real issue is are we standing on Gods side. I don’t care to win if I’m on the wrong side of the issue. Dr Keyes has been/is a Republican and has tried to reform the party with these principles. In his words :

    “The most important challenge we are faced with is the challenge of our moral foundations, we will not survive if we don’t address the serious moral crisis that clearly besets this country.”

    “Nothing is more important, not the budget, not the deficit, not the taxs, not the power of the Federal government or the State government, we will rebuild our families or we will perish and you know it”

    “The essence of freedom, the soul and heart of freedom, is not a material power, is not a physical strength, is not an economic might, is not an establishment that allows you to cow and dominate the world, the essence of that freedom is in fact the moral understanding that binds you to look upon all human beings with the eyes of God and to see in them that spark of his divinity which is entitled to an equal share of dignity and respect whatever the station, the background, the race, the creed.”

  10. DLL
    1 year ago

    My 95 year old Dad says that the only time Republicans and Democrats are in full agreement is in the prevention of a significant 3rd party rival. The 2 party system my act like enemies but they are locked together in solidarity in many ways and on many issues. The terms right wing and left wing is political wrangling. Both parties know the agenda that they will ultimately accept and agree on. The political debates are for show that's all. If there was a third party then and only then,would would both parties actually have to take other seriously. The party with the most financial backing wins. Agenda driven politics is the money making proposition so when it comes to the choice between "Culture of Death" political agendas,verses "Culture of Life" agendas,the culture of death ones are more financially lucrative to the members of both parties. The last election showed that some politicians are actually concerned about life and death issues. Unfortunately the ones that are concerned about life issues lose the election each and every time. Character assassination was carried out on Catholic Politicians because the Catholic Church is against same sex marriage and abortion. That is a true fear of both parties and that is that a Catholic politician would actually put their faith before political agendas and bad political policies and laws!

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