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Time for a New Political Party or New Political Movement? Comments

Both major political parties are corrupted. Many who lead them have either forgotten or denied that there even is a moral basis for a free society. Their leaders insist that social and economic issues are separate, proposing a form of social schizophrenia. They are mistaken. Just as the human person is a unity of body and soul - and the separation of the two can lead to dualism - so, in the body politic, the separation of moral truths ... Continue Reading

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  1. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Rafaelmarie... I'm a HERETIC because I refuse to say one dishonest party paying lip service to life while doing nothing but using the issue to get votes is better than the other which is honest about its rejection of pro-life values?
    You're a fool, sir. NEITHER the Republicans nor Democrats care at all about abortion; it's nothing but a vote lure, and you, Rafaelmarie, are very close to making an idol for yourself.
    I'm not supporting the Democrats, Rafaelmarie, I'm beuing honest enough to admit that the Republicans are no better, no matter how much you like what they SAY. It's what they DO that matters. Look at the clown they ran against Obama... a guy who spent his ENTIRE career in politics as staunchly PRO CHOICE, the guy that wrote the plan Obamacare was based on, and who was formerly the governor of the first state to legalize gay marriage... now people like you would have had me vote for this loon just because there're elephants on his posters, and he "suddenly" decides he's a hard core pro life conservartive.
    NO SIR. Maybe YOU bought the con, I did not, and will never vote for a party that foisted that loser on us and tried to make him out to be something other than the liberal, death-dealing whacko he is.
    If you're comfortable with the GOP and it's utter charade of pro-life family values, teriffic, Rafaelmarie, but then I say you're deliberately choosing a lire because you like the words, and that makes YOU the heretic.
    For me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and I damned sure think we deserve something better than what your beloved Republicrats are dishing up, just because they think we'll continue to vote as we're told.
    Not me, sir. I choose Christ, Life and TRUTH.

  2. Ben in SoCal
    1 year ago

    I hope Catholics of good faith and will decide to band together politically and secede from the corrupt Big Two parties. Both parties violate Catholic faith and morals, and it is about time that we declared "Enough!" and washed our hands of their political filth.

    It's obvious why the Democrats should be off limits to the believing Catholic (and other Christians of good intentions). Unrestricted abortion, attacks on religious freedom, so forth. But remember that Life is not limited to those precious souls living inside of the womb, it is also meant for those living outside of the womb. And the Republican Party promotes a Economic Darwinist philosophy- mtax cuts for the rich while also cutting programs for the poor- Ayn Rand anarcho-capitalism, that is not congruent with our Faith. And let us not forget the assaults on God's Creation, the protection of the ecosystems (God's masterworks). Where is their pro-life compassion?

    We need a pro-life, pro-worker, pro-small business political movement in this country. God bless, and may we find common ground.

  3. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago


    You sir, are a heretic:

    How to Vote Catholic in regards to Abortion

    "Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or means, is gravely contrary to the moral law" (CCC 2271).
    Those who treat abortion as just one of many issues are misleading Catholic voters. Abortion is unique among policy issues because it is not a matter of prudential judgment. From a Catholic perspective, politicians are not making an application of a principle to a specific situation: All instances of abortion are morally wrong.
    Those politicians who are pro-abortion but want to be known as Catholic will try to minimize the importance of the issue by citing a long list of issues, with abortion being only one among them. Their method of convincing voters of their Catholic credentials is to trade disagreement on this issue with agreement on several others. But as the bishops point out in Living the Gospel of Life (1998), this would be like saying that you can build a house without a foundation, simply because all the other parts of the house are strong.
    When we look at persons who are in need of food and shelter we immediately feel it our duty to help them. Why? We naturally sense the moral obligation to help persons protect and recover their dignity. This fact of human solidarity in Church teaching—the necessity of community in seeking the common good—never changes.
    The natural law at the basis of our moral judgment inclines us to respond to human need; the same inclination is at the basis of our desire to protect life before it is born. Commitment to social justice arises from the same moral vision as the defense of innocent life.
    In short, there's continuity between providing someone with food and shelter and the willingness to defend his or her life when it is threatened. The Church often employs the phrase "social justice" when addressing "the conditions that allow associations or individuals to obtain what is their due, according to their nature and their vocation. Social justice is linked to the common good and the exercise of authority" (CCC 1928).
    The demands of social justice begin with the right to life and end with the right to be protected from euthanasia or the temptation of assisted suicide. It's a mistake to detach the idea of social justice from the protection of vulnerable life: The moral obligation to protect the unborn and to feed the hungry springs from the same source—the inherent dignity of the human person (CCC 1929).
    The Church's pronouncements on abortion as an evil are spoken with the highest level of authority—there is not the least hint that either a Catholic voter or a Catholic candidate can ignore them. The reason that abortion is the dominant issue in determining how to vote is twofold:
    First, the protection of life—the right to life—is a moral principle that sits at the foundation of morality itself. This right is "inalienable," meaning that it cannot be removed, even by the choice of the mother or father.
    Second, the Catholic injunction to oppose abortion is unqualified: Individuals are not required, or allowed, to make prudential judgments of the principle to a specific case. Appeals to private "conscience" cannot override this infallible teaching.
    The president and Congress must take whatever action they can to reduce the number of abortions and, in the future, put an end to abortion for good. For the moment, no step is too small.
    The Church allows support for politicians "whose absolute personal opposition to procured abortion was well known" and who take an "incremental" approach to restoring the culture of life (Evangelium Vitae, 73).
    In other words, it's permissible for a Catholic voter to vote for a politician who attempts to pass, for example, the ban on partial-birth abortion. The support for such a ban is not to be construed as political indifference to the millions of other abortions.




  4. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Rafaelmarie, you're dangerously close to idolatry. You have been warned. the TRUTH, folks, is that you've got one major party that holds the right to life as cheap, advocating for abortion on demand, while the other PRETENDS to care, but does literally nothing but keep the controversy they need to get votes going alive, and nearly always comes down on the side of the death penalty and wars of aggression.
    there is currently NO actual "Pro-Life" party in the United States, no matter how bad people like Rafaelmarie want there to be. Pray for them. those of us telling the whole truth aren't the enemy, and we don't want liberalism... we want REALITY, and we want it to be for LIFE. Beware those who'd politicize your faith; they are ALWAYS false, even when they're saying what you think you want to hear. Saint Dorothy Day, Pray for us!

  5. Rob
    1 year ago

    Nice while we are not in an election season to finally read articles like this. Only when we fully embrace the lies of our current parties will we ever have a shot at creating another party.

    Getting money out of politics would help a lot. Too many rich interest that could care less about the things we care about and they are calling the shots. That is what our legislative branch responds to.

  6. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Rafaelmarie, your love for the Republicrats borders on idolatry.
    Truth: you can not support the death penalty, wars of aggression, prejudice and exclusionism and call yourself "pro life." you're buying into a tremendous lie. THEY DON'T CARE, Rafaelmarie. You're nothing but a guaranteed vote for them. "Life" is NOT what they're about. Not when there's MONEY to be made.
    YOU, my friend, may consider yourself "warned."
    You are serving Mammon, even if it's dressed as Christ.

  7. Wes Cwavwen
    1 year ago

    You're straight crazy.

  8. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago


    According to a very holy Priest, Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea, we should only vote for political candidates that are a 100% pro-life, no exceptions, not even for rape.

    He goes on to say, who are we to determine, well this political candidate is more pro-life than this political candidate, so let's vote for him or her. He says that is placing yourself in the place of God, when we justify one candidate over another because we believe him or her to be more pro-life. We should just simply vote for political candidates that are a 100% pro-life, period.

    Beware of those, like KarlDVH, who seek to advance the liberal agenda under the guise of saying, well all parties are just the same, baloney!

    The Republican party is more pro-life than the democratic party, because the democratic party has actively promoted pro-abortion legislation, i.e., Obamacare free abortions, HHS Mandate, etc..


  9. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    The obvious question is, which of the two corrupted major parties is going to let itself be ripped apart to form a "new" one?
    think the GOP is going to just sit by while the "Tea Partiers" and Religious Right do their own thing? Or maybe the Democrats are going to just watch the far left walk away?
    If you think so, you dream. The media will make sure people vote exactly as they're told... because in this day and age, "politics" is a product bought and sold on partisan cable "news" networks from MSNBC to FOX and all in between.

    Nope. What must happen- indeed all that CAN happen, is we Catholics will become more active and vocal. Don't like how the party's going? Steer the party ourselves, then, instead of whining about these idiots feeding us Romney or Obama. (Mitt Romney???? Was this even SERIOUS???) Get active. Volunteer. Do the WORK. Or shut up. The Republicrats have proven one thing: They don't care about us, our values, our ideas or our rights. We're nothing, to either party, but a voting bloc that almost always obeys and votes as we're told. ((ROMNEY, for God's sake!!))
    So if we want something better, either we get out there, get real familiar with the party headquarters in our area, get really involved, run for a local seat, and MAKE the party better, or we're nothing but another group of whiners and self-entitled gimmes, complaining that we're not being represented from the comfort of our living rooms, and whining about it to each other on websites and forums where we know others share our views.
    And really... what does that DO? Nothing. But it sure is easy.
    Jesus says nothing about Christianity is SUPPOSED to be EASY. Shame on us, America! What wimps we've become! "Oooooh, the politicians are doing things I don't like! Let's write a post about it, then go see what else is on TV!"
    We need to get out there and fight, or shut up and take it.
    Personally, I'm tired of just taking it.

    Other option? other parties which already exist. But you're looking at an uphill fight.

  10. Louis Barta
    1 year ago

    The real question here is what kind of government does God want for the US and for every other country on earth? The answer is obvious: God wants (and will soon have) governments in every country on earth that give glory to His Holy Name and resemble the hierarchy of Heaven.

    Anointed royal Catholic monarchies and oligarchies best fit that profile. Masonic "democratic" republics are not suitable, and of course communist, Muslim and Hindu dictatorships are entirely off the table. They will all soon be burnt into stubble by plasma lightning storms now developing overhead in near-earth space.

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