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Courageous Cardinal George Challenges Catholics Who Claim to Care for the Poor but Reject Marriage Comments

In other words, when it comes to marriage and family life, men and women are not interchangeable. The whole civilized world knows that. Those who signed the open letter in the Tribune proclaimed their adherence to the Catholic faith even as they cynically called upon others to reject the Church's bishops. The Church is no one's private club; she is the Body of Christ, who tells us he is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Continue Reading

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  1. R Henry
    1 year ago

    The Cardinal has also had to contend with some of his clergy.. Read this article from 2010.
    "Liberal priests oppose CCHD reform efforts in Chicago."

  2. Stephen Volk
    1 year ago

    WHAT REALLY ARE CIVIL RIGHTS.... In Obamaspeak ``civil rights`` are the rights to sin. Liberalism is licentiousness. And most of these so-called civil rights (to sin) are de-Christianizing measures by the Hard Left to bring down world population to the Club of Rome`s recommended 2.5 billion or even to the George Guide Stone level of 500,000 million. 1789 French Revolution progressing civil rights geared to this are abortion, euthanasia, samesex marriage and homosexuality! Very soon it will include the Freemason 32nd degree secret of pedophilia. Courtesy of Hard Left de-Christianizing billionaire George Soros!

  3. Lana
    1 year ago

    May God bless Cardinal George and may those eight men and women who wrote the letter have the humility to take his response to heart and examine their conscience. So proud of Church leaders like him. It's one thing to be persecuted by non-believers or non-Catholics but to have to fight the fight against those who claim to profess the faith is heart-wrenching. Have mercy on us and on the whole world. Thank you, Deacon, for your enlightening articles. You always do a fine job--

  4. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    A great article Deacon!!!
    I am always blown away by our priestly warriors on the front. God bless them and specifically here: God bless you and Cardinal George. Thanks for including the Letter!!!
    In all honesty I experience the same "pet peeve", might I confess. I like your choice of words "pet peeve" :-) for God's Church is assured the victory LOL. What I have come to realize is that our religious peeves have to do with the gift of discernment of the spirit coupled with gift of wisdom.
    Discernment allows us to know our enemies in the Battle (e.g. how Paul discerned the evil spirit in the slave girl though she was proclaiming them as "servants of the most high God" and Jesus saw idolaters of money among the Pharisees and members of the Temple).
    Wisdom shows us what to do with this discernment and when (e.g. how Paul allowed the girl to speak for days and then one day decided to proclaim loudly to the spirit to come out and how Jesus overcome with zeal for God's House responded immediately with a "scourge of cords" and the overturning of tables.

    Let's pray all the time for our Church to stand firm, strong in the Lord relying on God's armour to put out the burning arrows of the evil one.
    Let's pray in the Spirit.
    Let's pray that at all times our priestly Ambassadors, in proclaiming the Gospel, may speak as boldly as they ought to!
    Let us be obedient to Church with deep respect and sincere loyalty, ever thanking God for the priesthood (the nuns and deacons). May we work hard for Church.
    And let us champion our priestly Ambassadors as they go forth for the Church in the Church!

  5. kathy
    1 year ago

    We must not get into the business of putting a band aid on wounds, like the government does. What are the real issues here. Sin. We must address the immorality, whether it is homosexual sin, or having children out of wedlock. when Jesus said, this is my body, and my blood..and some of his followers questioned that, by saying "how can this be" Jesus did not try to convince anyone, and he let them go. If the church recognizes acts of sin, and people turn away..they have been given a choice. In Romans, we are told, we are in the world, but not of the are either Catholic or either side with Jesus, or walk the wide path to hell. These so called eight Catholic politicians, are lost.

  6. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    Deacon Keith I wonder if addressing your "pet peeves" is what Saint Ignatius of Antioch had in mind when he wrote to Polycarp.
    "If you love only your good disciples, you gain no merit; rather you must win over the more troublesome of them by kindness. The same salve does not heal all wounds; convulsions should be allowed with poultices. Be prudent as the serpent in all things, and innocent as the dove always. You are both body and soul treat gently the manifestations of human fault, even as you pray for the knowledge of things invisible, and then you will lack nothing but abound in every blessing Do as the circumstances require, like the pilot looking to the wind and the storm-tossed sailor to the harbor, that you may win your way to God with your people."

    Would the words you wrote in any way win over the troublesome that make you so angry?

  7. mike robertson
    1 year ago

    God love Cardinal George. It is mind-boggling how one can go to Mass and advocate calling "marriage" what God calls an "abomination" (i.e. homosexuality). I so tire of those who say "but my son is.....". If my son was a rapist or muderer I would still love him. But if he did something God condemns just becaus he feels like it, he would be wrong. This applies if my son told me he wanted to buy the services of prostitutes, if he wanted to participate in an open marriage with my daughter-in-law and other couples, if he wanted to be married to more than one woman or if he wanted to engage in perverted conduct with a man. God's laws to not become null and avoid just because consenting adults feel like breaking those laws.

  8. Liz
    1 year ago

    Thank you Cardinal George and all brave Catholics who fight the good fight. These "others" are not Catholic - if they were they would know to obey God's Will as shown through the Magesterium. And they would curb their pride.

  9. DLL
    1 year ago

    Taking care of the poor is not giving them money as much as it is educating them as to how to avoid poverty in the first place. It is attitudes and poor action and policies,along with bad law and unfair-financial practices of institutions-that insures poverty. Poor government is to blame in this age. Marriage,man,woman and child is the gold standard for the raising of children. Marriage is an institution. Marriage is not perfect but there is no instttution that can claim to be perfect. To destroy an institution is not to repair it. Destroying the institution in the case of traditional marriage is for one thing only! I firmly believe this! It is meant to exploit the young and prepare them for slavery to the sex industry. No foundation,no traditional family structure,no morals,the destruction of the Catholic Church,its Bishops and its Pope,is essential ultimate welfare of the sex industry. Money and lots of it,insure a sloppy judicial system that will destroy conventional moral and theological world views for the sake of agenda driven politics,as well as any natural law concerning what is defined as traditional marriage. Abortion must remain a so called woman's right,so that woman and children brought into the sexual industry as a no risk problem,as they become sexually exploited as prostitutes. Pornography and prostitution are married when traditional marriage is conviently minimized and ultimately made by law to become meaningless. Those that would legalize prostitution as well as drugs have an ulterior motive as this insures the stability of the sex industry. Perversion of the young so contraceptives are abundantly available to teenage girls,insures that moral and teachings about abstinence are to be one day legally ruled to be unconstitutional. Our society is being destroyed from within. America when it ceases to be a moral and God fearing Nation will become conquered and enslaved through its own bad laws,lack of a moral code and its own confirmed sense of unrighteousness and sin. When that happens and our nation yields to its very own sense,of its preferred sense of corruption,than we will become like Egypt is now. We will become immersed in our very own hell of a perpetual civil war. No other country need come to our aid to save us because as a nation disintegrating from within,those countries best policy will be to ignore us,even if they be an enemy,it would be a waste of energy and time to bomb us. The United States will bring on its own destruction as a nation. If we do not protect what is right about natural and moral as well as a Holy spiritual law,than the consequences for being in violation of all these laws,will be the demise of a once great moral and spiritual people and their country. Cardinal George is the voice of common sense and a strong voice in the Catholic Church. Listen to voices such as his.Give to the poor but also give them a sense of their own inherent value and educate them to prevent them from remaining poor. Generational poverty is a result of poor education and values and without morals and the teaching of abstinence as opposed to one simply getting an abortion,ignorance insures the poverty of the poor. The best way to destroy anyone is to ignore them. Without family roots and structure,alternate forms of so called marriage,will create only a sense of futility for future generations. It is through this sense of futility that the young and the poor will remain perpetually exploited,manipulated and controlled. Immorality is the cruelest form of abuse of any people in any nation.

  10. Mark
    1 year ago

    Cardinal Francis George is UNION in union with Jesus Christ and His Bride the Church!

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