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More important: What the Pope DIDN'T say about gays Comments

Pope Francis made headlines during an interview with reporters where he talked about gays in the Church. What matters is not only what he said, but also what he did not say about gays. Continue Reading

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  1. Virginia Maldonado
    1 year ago

    A sad day for the Catholic Church. We love the sinner but hate the sin. There cannot be acceptance of the homosexual act. Remember God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. That enough should tell us that no one is born gay. God does not create a homosexual creature. It is a lie by the father of all lies - satan. We must stand against homosexuality and help our brothers and sisters to know the truth. This should not be a politically correct issue but a moral issue. We Catholics should do all to save our brothers and sisters who are poisoned and lied to about being gay. Pray the rosary for our brothers and sisters who believe they are gay. Our Heavenly Mother will help them to the road of salvation and truth. We indeed have a Mother who cares for us and our salvation. God bless - Viva Cristo Rey!

  2. sully
    1 year ago

    The word "gay" is a political statement in itself. The "gay" community are those most active to promote the sin of acting on their lust. In order to accept themselves, and their actions, they work to indoctrinate others that it is an accepted lifestyle. The proper description is "same sex attraction" or "homosexuality". I would hope that the Pope does not use this term "gay" to describe those men and women who have same sex attraction. In the dictionary, it explains how the definition of gay has changed and now cannot be used to describe a happy occasion or feeling without the double entendre. Does this mean that those of us who have opposite sex attraction should begin to describe ourselves as "sad"?

  3. Jack
    1 year ago

    In such times as these, the last thing the Church needs is a wishy-washy, oft misunderstood Pope. We need a real leader who takes a clear and real stance. I just can't believe he even suggested such a thing. Everything good which occured in Rio over the weekend, GONE in one single dumb remark by our Pope.

  4. Ross
    1 year ago

    The mainstream media that is corporate run and funded is a lobby group itself. They sensationalize everything and twist everything else into a lie...
    It is not a sin to be tempted by homosexuality. It is a sin to act on those temptations. A person who seeks God must also live by God's word and commandments. A gay person who seeks God must also reject their own sins or they will come short of God's grace.
    Seems clear to people who are well catechised, but those who rely on the liberal left corporate run media will never hear the truth and will come short.

  5. jgray
    1 year ago

    I saw the liberal media even posted that Pope Francis was tolerant of gay priests. Anyone who truly follows the Catholic faith and Pope Francis knows what his position would be. He accepts everyone, but not the sin. That came out later in his discussion. We follow the Catechism of the Catholic Church that is it. Thank you for this article. I knew I would find what I believed here on Catholic online.

  6. abey
    1 year ago

    Which is to say the ultimate Judge would be Christ & by looking up the scriptures it is not approved to the destruction of Sodom which is to sin even unto the revelations mentioned as "Spiritual Sodom & Egypt" in the negative to effecting the Spirit, which is to conclude that the view of God on sin does not change likewise is the teaching of the Church. In short Gays need help to change their orientation, not by justifying it, for no one is created Gay, but comes of the mind to the circumstances, for where there is the will there is the way, to the Biblical words of the manner "Be transformed in the mind" out of this spiritual enslavement.

  7. Klarissa dela Fuente
    1 year ago

    "The Pope did not endorse the ordination of homosexuals, which the Church still interprets as a mental disorder."

    "mental disorder" or "disordered view on sexuality"?

  8. JT
    1 year ago

    I think his statement on the matter was to do away with this sort of article you have posted. The article I read made quite clear everything he said: Homosexual orientation is not the sin; homosexual acts are the sin. And if one is a homosexual and seeks the LORD doing goodwill, who is he to judge. That's what he said. He also stated when some asked if this would change the Church's position that [you] know very well the stance we have. That will never change.

    Your article is judgmental in the fact that you are judging those who have homosexual tendencies to their immortal fate. He wants it to be clear that NO ONE has the right to judge the state of one's soul. You make a mark on your own soul when doing this. Homosexuality is not a mental disorder- it is a desire; a desire that cannot be helped, but the acts can be- just as those who are straight (priests for example) can abstain.

    I am not a homosexual nor do I condone homosexuality and same-sex marriage, but I am a Catholic who would love for "Church haters" to know what we really teach. What Pope Francis said is the very same thing that I say when approached with this issue, and I am thankful he said it on such a wide scale. Catholics that judge make it hard on Catholics like me when defending the faith.

    You do not have to reiterate what he meant. It was perfectly stated as is. If he struck a nerve with you, then perhaps you should read again what he said.

  9. Torquemada
    1 year ago

    I hope you guys are right. But it looks to me like he is indeed tolerant of homosexuality and is preparing everyone for something major. I have continually heard ugly rumors about how Benedict XVI was pushed out for standing up to the homosexuals and how they have become a powerful, perhaps even dominant force in the clergy and it scares the daylights out of me. If the church adopts a policy of accepting homosexual clergy and tolerating homosexuality, I will have no choice but to consider that the church has been hijacked by an apostate cabal.

  10. David E.
    1 year ago

    As I posted on Deacon Fournier's article, the above author doth protest too much, methinks. When he, the good Deacon, Jimmy Akin, et al, go out of their way (on a more regular basis, it seems) to say that "Pope Francis didn't say anything new about this, or nothing he said changes that," it convinces me more that Pope Francis is indeed comforting the afflicted (the gay community), and afflicting the comfortable (right-wing Catholics).

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