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More important: What the Pope DIDN'T say about gays Comments

Pope Francis made headlines during an interview with reporters where he talked about gays in the Church. What matters is not only what he said, but also what he did not say about gays. Continue Reading

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  1. tom strauss
    1 year ago

    seems many of us need to be reminded of Jesus' greatest new love your neighbor as yourself. We humans cannot set our criteria onto whom God's grace is bestowed. Francis was eloquent, simple and paraphrase..I alone am not worthy to judge anyone who desires a relationship with the Lord.....not me ,certainly not you....couldn't be about a profound and yes radical demonstration of Christian principle

  2. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Dawn... what a thing to say! Did Christ come for the "religious" and "righteous" or for the sinner? Is it the God loving Christian or the one who rejects Christ that is more in need of his grace? And if we're not willing to reach out to other sinful people, what are we, really? Just another social club? Are you or me so righteous that we can decide the worthiness of other people based on what we think their sins are? If that's what we're about, how are we different from the Pharisees and "religious" people that Christ called "hypocrites" and "vipers?"

  3. Dawn
    1 year ago

    Why do we care what gays think anyway? They mostly don't believe in God. We don't and shouldn't have to change for them.

  4. Glenn
    1 year ago

    Pope Francis reiterated the Church’s belief that having a homosexual orientation is not sinful but that engaging in homosexual acts is.

    The problem with this statement is that it is impossible to conceive of an individual having the "orientation" but not ever acting upon that orientation. The question in everyones mine is "how can we be sure of this persons character"? We can't. So, it is illogical for me to go through life believing that a particular individual I or you or anyone for that matter, may know,,,to not have behaved in such a way as to confirm ones suspicion of that particular individual. Meaning, that persons behavior in a public situation where that persons aware of and avoids certain behavior which is considered sociably intolerable, practices the avoidance of such behavior, yet leaves everyone wondering about that persons behavior in private. Or out of the prying eye of the public. I don't think it is possible for most of the educated society of the world to not be suspicious of some one who has homo orientations. People of a normal, educated societies have some built-in means of Decrement of other people, or simply put, people around them. When the behavior of a person or persons, raises Red Flags!, it is for a reason. A good reason! It is a built-in Self-Defence mechanism. Ignore it and you will come to regret it.

    The Catechism teaches that "the number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible.

    In other words, constitutes a number of people at any one time in history or the present or possibly the future, that is significant enough to write about in the Catechism. Significant enough to be addressed by the Church, in the Catechism. The point of the writing would naturally be to educate and Warn the reader! This fact alone does not justify in any way, their behavior in regards to sexuality. Nor does it justify their choice to continue to live that way. In my opinion, it is a choice, made by weak minded individuals. Seriously character Flawed!

    This inclination, (homosexuality) which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Because the homo (by choice), puts themselves in such a position by their choice of behavior, they are ostracizing themselves from the normal families and educated normal people in society who believe in God. With regards to those of us in society who are aware of the harm these people, (homosexuals) do to the Innocent children in society, it is not possible to trust these people, (homosexuals) with the Innocent Children in society, especially those in our own family. Again, a normal persons built-in defenses advises each of us that to accept these people into your world requires that you lower your own standards of what is and is not proper behavior or proper healthy life style. There by accepting these people, you identify with them. That is illogical and counter to what is right and just. Not being comfortable with that proposition, I'm not sure that it is acceptable in the eyes of our Lord. As we build our understanding of this problem with a segment of society, let us not forget we have the responsibility of protecting the Innocent Children from these people as they wish to abuse them for their own sick, pleasure. As Leprosy is a disease of the skin, homosexuality is a form of Leprosy of the human mind. Leprosy of the skin can and has historically ended in death of the poor soul that contracted it. Leprosy of the human mind, ie (homosexuality) results in the Death of the Soul resulting in an eternity in Hell. Just like the disease of Leprosy is transmitted by contact, so also is the mental disease of (homosexuality). Leprosy may, as it has in the past, kill its host. Homosexuality, kills the soul of its host, sending it to an eternity in Hell. Unlike Leprosy of the skin, modern science has not come up with a cure for (homosexuality). Rather, certain powers to be have promoted it and attempted to cast it as simply another life style, equal to that of historically traditional marriage. Which it will never be! The last thing one would want to be grouped in with is the present segment of society that claims that, "its ok to be gay". It isn't today, never has been and never will be according to the Law of God in Heaven.

    Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.

    It is counter to normal behavior to disregards the minds self defenses that warn against associating with (homosexuality). Where the innocent are concerned, (homosexuality) is to be considered,,,Death! The innocent are to be protected at all cost.

    These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition" (2358). The parishioner of any Christian Church is not blind to the good works of others with in the Christian community. However, common sense dictates that it is the job of the Priest to deal with such matters as is inferred by the above statement of Pope Francis.

    “Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord?” he said in response to a question about whether he would accept a celibate, homosexual priest in his diocese. There is no place for a homosexual priest in the Catholic Church! Period! Regardless of his intended good will! Because it is before and after these acts of "good will", that the innocent children are vulnerable to such predators.
    History is not on the side of a homosexual priest! Nor will it ever be. Name one that became a Saint! Impossible! Remember the story Jesus told about the punishment for an adult that harms an innocent child? "Better for them to be thrown into the sea with a Millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to sin", Luke 17:2.

    “It [the Catechism] says they should not be marginalized because of this, but that they must be integrated into society,” he added, according to the BBC. In such matters as is preposed in this statement above, it is not enough to just suggest what to do with such people. This statement does not deal with the responsibility of what happens next. Who will guide and Shepard such sinners?
    How shall these matters be dealt with? Who shall be responsible when all does not go well? Who will take responsibility for the transgressions of such a people? And why subject the innocent children to such a terrible crime which will leave the child scared for life. A better suggestion for handling such matters is possible. But this suggestion leaves much to be desired.

    The Pope made his remarks as he addressed the possibility of a “gay lobby” within the Vatican, which has been the subject of discussion in the Italian press.

    “There’s a lot of talk about the gay lobby, but I’ve never seen it on the Vatican ID card!” he joked, according to John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter. We hope he means that it is not to be! Less clever use of the English language my be well served here.

    “You have to distinguish between the fact of a person being gay and the fact of a lobby,” the Pope told journalists. This comment would seem to re-introduce the point but at the same time attempting to establish some prerequisites or criteria for such a matter. We would all be better served if instead of the ugliness of homosexuality rising to level in society that it now gets official recognition from the Church or at least, stands to gain some form of recognition, as an asset to society, homosexuality was instead, isolated and stigmatized for what it is. A sin against God!

    “The problem is not having this orientation,” the Pope stated. “We must be brothers.
    I thought we were all brothers in Christ. We may not all act that way at all times but then we are humans and traditionally, that is how history reports our past. It is impossible for me to figure out or understand the concept here. Being brothers does not mean I drop my guard against something that is evil and has the potential to destroy the innocents of little children. Does not mean I accept the sinful behavior of others. Does not mean I trust those who are homosexual at the time. They can never be trusted until it is impossible for them to be homosexual. How many weekly stories in the News media do we hear of homosexuals, successfully turning from their sinful behavior to be rewarded with public congratulations and acknowledgement? Traditionally, when a person cleans up their act, so to speak, they then can approach with good intentions in heart to join in the celebration of Christ. But no good will come of being one thing one day and something else another only to go back to ones old ways. By the way, who's going to monitor those who profess to be converted homosexuals, having left the life of homosexuality to live life as a normal straight person? How's that going to work? And one more thing,,,,if a bunch of (homos) want to start a Lobby organization,,,,what are they going to lobby for??? I might have been born at night, but it wasn't last night!

    The problem is lobbying by this orientation or lobbies of greedy people, political lobbies, Masonic lobbies, so many lobbies. This is the worse problem.”
    In this comment, I sense some remorse in what is said. True, Lobbying Organizations are out for something. That's why they formed a Lobby. Self interest. They want power. The last thing the Catholic church should do is allow or give credence to homosexuals through recognition of a representative group. I don't see a good end to this.


  5. Ifunanya
    1 year ago

    May God help us all by sending forth his spirit that giveth understanding,peace,love,...AMEN

  6. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    The headline on this is misleading; the Pope didn't really say ANYTHING about gays. He DID say something about the rest of us, and how we ought to treat other sinners. All those rushing to "explain what he really meant" have missed his point as thoroughly as the Pharisees missed what Jesus was really talking about.
    Quit trying to translate for the Holy Father and listen to what he's SAYING.

  7. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    Dear Jack,

    our Holy Father said the truth. The Catholic Church teaches that we love the sinner but hate the sin, as the Christ Himself said it so well. The Pope said that we must not judge people of same gender attraction if they abstain from having relations with the same. Attraction and acting on it, are two very different things. The same would be an attraction to stealing but not steal. Christ loves all of us, the good and the bad but, hates our sin. Jack, there is the fundamental difference between my thoughts and my actions.
    We have a wonderful leader, Jack. Read the Catchecism of the Catholic Church and you will see that the Pope did not say anything contrary to the teaching of our Faith.

    God bless you, Jack, granting you patience and a merciful heart.

  8. Hunter Rowe
    1 year ago

    Anyone who believes in "love the sinner hate the sin" clearly doesn't have a grasp on how evil and destructive hate really is.

  9. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Why are people so eager to "interpret," "clarify," and "redefine" what the Pope says? The Holy Father said what he meant; no more, no less. Those so concerned with translating his message have missed the point altogether.
    But they played the same games with Jesus... which means Pope Francis is on the exact right path. When you're freaking out the Pharisees, you're in the will of God. Viva Papa!

  10. Leslie Wetter
    1 year ago

    It might have been seen that he was condoning sexual acts of homosexuals. The fact was he was defending the homosexual Monsignor who was found with young boys in a trapped elevator. He was said to be gay but remained chaste and the Pope found that no such behavior took place. The monsignor is in charge of the vatican bank account. He was basically addressing that issue and the supposed gay lobby as a whole.
    Most people are not familiar with canon law regarding chastity. They don't seem to understand that one can have sexual attractions but the sexual acts themselves are a sin. In terms of his not addressing this fully one may see this as the pope condoning their sins because he was not clearer. If you understand he was just coming from Brazil and did not have the time to discern those possible questions.
    Just because of that one mistake I will not judge such a decent person as Pope Francis.

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