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On Plane Back to Rome: What Did the Pope Really Say about Homosexual Practice vs. Media Hype Comments

On his return from the historic World Youth Day in RIO de JANEIRO, Pope Francis had an informal conversation with journalists aboard the plane. In the midst of a warm and even humorous dialogue, he expressed the teaching of the Catholic Church - and the Sacred Scripture - concerning mercy and forgiveness. A part of that liberating teaching is that when someone repents of sin, they should not only be forgiven - but their past failure should ... Continue Reading

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  1. Bob Ziller
    1 year ago

    Is there a single group which has done more to harm the Catholic Church than gay priests?

  2. mydogbill
    1 year ago

    It would have helped if he would have mentioned that the act is sinful and dangerous to the mortal soul of the individual living in it. He should have called all sinners to repentance. Like all men are called to.

    The evening News shows are basically going with "Pope gives green light to live your gay life!"

  3. abey
    1 year ago

    When the word "Forgiveness" is applied it is to say "Sin no more". Ultimately to the scriptures which say of the manner that such shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, contrary to ear pleasing preachers who say Gays can enter the kingdom, how can they, for God has not created them such, which is but to the complacency against the contention.

  4. David E.
    1 year ago

    Deacon Fournier doth protest too much, methinks. When the good Deacon, Jimmy Akin, et al, go out of their way (on a more regular basis, it seems) to say that "Pope Francis didn't say anything new about this, or nothing he said changes that," it convinces me more that Pope Francis is indeed comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable.

  5. Alice Slattery
    1 year ago

    Hopefully Pope Francis will make clear that respect for those persons who engage in homosexual sex acts does not mean that family members have to accommodate and celebrate their behavior , even to the point of accepting the expectation of any family member who engages in same-sex sex activities that they be allowed to sleep together in bed just as if they were a married couple when visiting family members. This expectation is becoming more and more prevalent under the threat that "If you don't let us sleep together, then you are rejecting us." It is a grave injustice to thrust this demand on families . It causes grave family problems. Since Pope Francis is encouraging priests to become more involved in down-to-earth matters, hopefully priests will give families the support they need in this kind of down-to-earth family problem.

  6. Joseph
    1 year ago

    Sorry Deacon, but the Pope did not even mention 'repentance' or being sorry for one's sins when it comes to homosexuality. Would to God he had. You may assume he took repentance as a given, and you may be right, but his actual words made no mention whatsoever of the same and therefore seemed to imply that homosexuality isn't really that bad a sin and can be comfortably integrated with the rest of everyday human behaviour. This may not have been intended by Pope Francis but it was definitely the impression he gave - another example of him winging it, giving impromptu interviews and shooting from the hip. It creates a great impression with the media but leads to unfortunate imprecisions in his explanation of Catholic doctrine. Always assuming that the Pope was not actually flagging a new approach to homosexuality, given that he also hinted at more roles for women in the church plus a resolution of the divorce/communion question. I hate to say it, Deacon, but I think we have just witnessed the capitulation of Catholicisms before aggressive secular society. I hope I'm wrong but...

  7. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    If I have a sinful orientation, but do nothing to battle against it, then it is sinful.

  8. mike robertson
    1 year ago

    Thanks for your usual excellent job of presenting what really was said as opposed to what opponents of the Church wish had been said.

    Many people feel like engaging in sexual sin. God clearly tells us we cannot do something simply because we feel like doing it. Jesus, far from saying "if it feels good, do it" , strenghthened the Commandment against sexual immorality. He said we are not only to refrain from adultery, but that we are to refrain from lusting after a woman because to do so means we have committed adultery in our hearts. God tells us in His word that His commandments are not burdensome and that He will not let us be tempted beyond our level of endurance. His grace "is sufficient" for us.

    The only acceptable sexual act is between one man and one woman who are married to each other.

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