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Atheists losing ground as Christianity surges Comments

New statistics show that atheists are in decline around the world. Meanwhile Christianity and Islam are the world's fastest growing religions. Despite their vocal nature, atheists are making up a smaller proportion of the world's population. Continue Reading

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  1. Hank Pellissier
    1 year ago

    this is a totally bogus article. There is no link to the study, and the study, if indeed there was one, was conducted by a Theological Seminary. There is no explanation of how they reached their conclusion, nothing presented at all.

    I've read numerous other studies by reputable organization, like PEW, that claim atheism and agnosticism are the fastest growing belief systems.

    It is one thing to want something to be true, it is another to assert that it is but offer no proof.

    on a religious site, the second approach seems desperate and immoral.

  2. Benedictator
    1 year ago


  3. Patrick collison
    1 year ago

    I am a practicing catholic and and do feel disapointed at the number of people that claim they are christian catholic but don't feel the need to attend sunday mass.Most of these people are good loving godly christian people who have lost their way to communal faith which is the insperation of worship.Athiest minded people use this as justifacation for their reasoning to put down the logic of believing as they need to grab what ever they can to convince themself that if it feels good do it as this is what greed of the human being is all about.Unfortunately our world has recognised this as the way to go for the time.we as christian know that Jesus gave his life for the love of mankind and though athiest try to araise this from their memory .It took place 2013 years ogo with plenty of witnesses so come and join in i am sure your life will be overjoyed with much love and respect for others

  4. Victor
    1 year ago

    IF there is no God, Then how do things come to existence. Who create them? Are we being created by chance? Come to think of it: where do magicians got their magic from? if they can perform magic then there is a Supreme God (as for me). I believe in one God...

  5. John Nagle
    1 year ago

    It's not clear where the "Center for the Study of Global Christianity at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts," is getting their data. They cite their own "World Christian Database" and the "World Religion Database", which are behind paywalls. Wikipedia, though, does list the 2010 world summary data from the World Religion database ( They show 12% non-religious worldwide, with an upward trend. Gordon-Conwell is publishing numbers for 1970 and 2020. Their 2020 numbers are, of course, speculative.

    Their numbers for non-religious are somewhat different from the numbers at "", which is a religion-neutral data site. They're also not close to the Encyclopedia Britannica numbers. has, as worldwide totals:

    Christianity: 2.1 billion
    Islam: 1.5 billion
    Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion
    Hinduism: 900 million
    Chinese traditional religion: 394 million
    Buddhism: 376 million

    That's a consensus estimate from varied sources. Gordon-Conwell needs to justify their downward trend in atheism claim.

    There's a tendency for religion in surveys to be over-reported. For the US, surveys which ask people how often they go to church yields church attendance numbers about twice what churches report as actual attendance. (That's probably not a surprise to Catholics.)

    The big up-trend is in Islam, but many Islamic countries punish lack of adherence, so those numbers are suspect.

  6. Ross
    1 year ago

    I feel that this article is encouraging, however, many people who profess to be Christian are sadly misguided by sometimes even their own parish priests or women's religious in this post Vatican II era. They support abortion, homosexuality and living for ones self rather than living for God. They live for this world and their careers, not for God and for what we are being prepared for.
    After reading the comments I see that some atheists needed to get their snivel on as they often do as well. After reading through the comments all I have to say to that is that most atheist's are actually agnostic or they are deists and don't fully understand the meaning of the word "atheist." But one thing we Christians or religious who try to live the way God wants us to live have, is that we are far more in tune with our spiritual identity. Many atheist's try to sound like they are the rational school of thought when they ignore an entire part of themselves.

  7. George Ronald Adkisson
    1 year ago

    You can pass out forms and everyone could sign that they were a Christian or at least equal or agreeable with one ... but the question did the Christians live. You would also need know what are the requirements for being a citizen...or you did not get much from reading the letters from St. Paul.
    Christians do not trade guns for coins or drugs. Christians need have a suitable job description or you did not live your life as or for a Christian.
    Christians do not need non religious institutions controlling them.The Christian faith was not invented to oppress Christians.
    It is good someone noticed that Atheists are losing their that would remind me of Daniel and the rise and fall of Nebuchadnezzar.

  8. PhillyChief
    1 year ago

    It's interesting how these propaganda pieces need to be written to encourage believers. Is faith so easily swayed by the potential of an increase in non-believers? At the end the author states, "what truly matters is your relationship with Christ because if you have that, no number in the world can take away His gift of salvation" so why then should it matter how many atheists there are or whether your religion is winning the world popularity contest?


  9. Bob Caroll
    1 year ago

    "Richard Dawkins is considered by many to be a 'strong atheist,' meaning he does not believe there is any chance of the existence of any gods--not all atheists agree."

    Not even Richard Dawkins agrees! You should check your facts before you publish.

  10. Mark Moore
    1 year ago

    Delusion is a wonderful thing. Once you believe in the supernatural you will believe in anything.

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