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Black racism in America won't end until blacks decide to end it - 'Racism in America' Comments

Yesterday, Bill O'Reilly delivered a scathing criticism of the leftist narrative and their leadership, which is grounded upon the lie that the right is perpetuating a racist agenda against blacks in America. The commentary is sure to raise some eyebrows, but delivers on the call for a conversation about the subject. Continue Reading

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  1. Joselyn
    1 year ago

    I commend the article writer for their honesty which sadly is missing in journalism today. I say thank you. For you people that just can't get over the "you are so mean" mentality. It's reality. Why is Bill Cosby and several honest black men allowed to mention the things in the article yet Bill O'Reilly can't and neither can the author of this piece? It's hypocrisy. You are feeding into racism and perpetuating it when you REFUSE to see and deal with the elephant in the room. How many young black men that listen to rap artists (who spend all their time rapping about easy sex with strangers, violence and drugs and alcohol), who wear the typical "gangsta" fair become well established productive members of society? The culture in most parts of black America is breeding a violent, angry, drug/alcohol abusing, black man without a conscience for fidelity. This is the problem. It wasn't this way in the 50's and early 60's and before that because easy sex, drugs, and violence wasn't "in". This is a problem for the white youth as well but not on a nearly big scale as the black youth who idolize these rappers/athletes who sleep around, are violent and do drugs/get drunk on a regular basis. Why aren't these boys raised to idolize Frederick Douglass, or George Washington Carver? Someone who was a productive member of society who better the cause? Why all the idolization of thuggery? Time to address the elephant in the room. Blacks have been killed in outrageous numbers in 2013 alone (and the year isn't over) in Chicago by who? BLACKS. It's the culture that breeds this not the mean white man that holds the whip. (a fictitious boogeyman today)

  2. mike robertson
    1 year ago

    An excellent article which most certainly belongs in a Catholic wesite dedicated to the truth.

    A major part of the problem is while liberal racism against blacks. White liberals refuse to acknowledge that blacks can succeed as well as any race. Blacks do not ned to be spread thinly so they will be 12% in every neighborhhod. All blacks need, like any race, is God's plan: do not drop out of school, work any job as a starter (I cleaned public toilets as part of my first, and later, jobs), marry only when you are sure you want to be with that person of the opposite sex for life, sleep with that spouse only after marriage.

    White liberals are also to blame for their shrinking-wealth economic polices that hurt all races. Their wealth-hating policies hurt the poor and minorities more than anyone else. Trying to hurt the wealthy, as white liberals love to do, hurts the people at the bottom, not those at the top.

  3. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    Black children, who are not communists or whatever derogatory term is used for people who disagree, can tell you about racism. Their experience is based on interaction with white people. Racism is still alive and well. To say that this is for Blacks to solve is so misguided. I agree this article should not have appeared here. As followers of Jesus we should be about reconciliation not division.

  4. Erika
    1 year ago

    I agree that there's too much finger-pointing on whites sometimes and too little action, but this article goes too far and even deliberately jabs at African-Americans. Was the diamond tooth comment really necessary? Do blacks squander their opportunities to get good education? From what I've seen, no, not in most cases. Black communities are often in poor urban areas with poor public education, where the equipment and teachers are sub-par because of poor funding. Many black teens can't get a good education, and then when they try to go get a job instead, minimum wage stops them in their tracks because (due to poor education and their youth) they don't have the skills or experience to justify asking for that wage. You know what would help these people out a lot? Lower or completely eliminate minimum wage, and have public schools be funded by state-wide taxes rather than just local taxes. Then African-Americans as a whole would have a better chance at prosperity.

  5. TJ
    1 year ago

    Exactly what offends you about this article Reese? The truth? The truth hurts sometimes. President Obama has the power to put an end to all of this nonsense and truly lead on this issue. Instead he is just perpetuating the lies. It's time for the black community to take responsibility for itself and quit blaming everything and everyone else for its problems. Jackson and Sharpton are a disgrace to the memory of Martin Luther KIng Jr.

  6. godblessusoneandall
    1 year ago

    Sweet sounding shortsighted claptrap. Jesus understands the ramifications of 400 hundred years of living under the extreme stress of harsh racist society. It will take longer than 4o years to rectify the dysfunction that society wrought. Stop piling on and show some real Christian compassion.

  7. Reese
    1 year ago

    I am amazed at the fact that this incredibly offensive article is on this website. How is this article upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church?

    This article has NO business on this website.

    As a black Catholic, this is absolutely appalling.

  8. Rose
    1 year ago

    Is this the new "no-spin" zone? Excellent article, it takes guts to tell the truth sometimes.

  9. Irma
    1 year ago

    right on the nail

  10. VicP
    1 year ago

    Honestly I thought it was a very astute move on the President's part, on the eve of the weekend when many demonstrations were planned and even threats of violence, Obama was actually speaking more to the Black Community by addressing the issue to the entire country as our leader. True there are batters in the Black Community but most of O'Reilly's comments are agreed upon even in the Black Community. I thought the tone of the President's comments were that he was addressing a despair which he was trying to blame on the White people of this country as rather to explain the frustration of Black Profiling which became an issue in this trial. The weekend passed with minimal bad incident and whether or not you feel the President deserves some credit, I think President Obama needs to be recognized as an astute man and a friend to all American People regardless of race, creed or ideology. I also felt President Bush had the same feelings about all Americans. God Bless Our Predident.

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