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Black racism in America won't end until blacks decide to end it - 'Racism in America' Comments

Yesterday, Bill O'Reilly delivered a scathing criticism of the leftist narrative and their leadership, which is grounded upon the lie that the right is perpetuating a racist agenda against blacks in America. The commentary is sure to raise some eyebrows, but delivers on the call for a conversation about the subject. Continue Reading

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  1. Concerned White Man
    1 year ago

    Wow, how defensive a society we have become.
    If blacks continue to blame the white man and suggest that violence in their neighborhoods is somehow created by white slavers (who by the way purchased those slaves from black slavers) racism in America will never end.
    Stop riding the gravy train of white oppession and start rallies and protests for people who kill innocent people period, not just so called white on black.
    You all know that their is plenty of black on white crime commited in America but the media cannot sensational those stories.
    Where was the black activists when the 14yr. old black girl was killed on a drive by in Chicago or the 1yr old white baby shot by two black youths in front of his mother!
    Thank you Bill for having the courage to speak out for White people! Its about time our views get published too.

    1 year ago

    ...what an astonishingly, appallingly, embarrassingly and disgustingly racist pile of garbage this article is. Shame on you, C.O.
    Isn't Catholicism supposed to offer something better than right wing, republicrat politics?
    you people need to seriously reexamine what this website is...
    Because we all got a good look at what it isn't.
    you should be humiliated by this. SHOULD be. But I suspect you're more interested in how many people quoted and posted this drivel elsewhere than in your supposed Christian witness.
    Jesus wept. This is an utter disgrace.

  3. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    I don't get it:

    Are there law-abiding Afro-Americans and can they be found in black neighbourhoods? Are they left to fend for themselves? Is there a black narrative on the media that omit the law-abiding? Is this narrative poisonous? I say yes!!!
    Are there certain societal ills plaguing poor black neighbourhoods? Are there supporting demographic statistics? Do these ills include broken families, poverty, drugs, low education etc. and do many black youth blame the White man for these same ills? I say yes!!!
    Do many youth idolize rappers, basketballers, their wives, and celebrities despite their broken lives? And is there also race hustling amongst politicians and Black political groups? I say yes!!!
    Etc. Etc. Etc.
    Now ... do Blacks have power to end racism (or is it just Whites)? Is there power in the name Jesus to deal with racism (or do we adopt the violent stance from the Black narrative on the media)?

    My nephew, a 19 year old scholarship holder on the Dean's List at his university, just became a baby daddy.
    Many blacks are paying dearly for the black narrative portrayed on the media.

  4. Mervin Malone Jr.
    1 year ago

    This article if pretty bigoted and one-sided. I am an African-American male. I have NEVER assaulted anyone, have remained employed for years, hold a Bachelor's degree, had BOTH of my parents in my life and was born inside of wedlock. Also, I don't have a criminal record. I am an Episcopalian with liberal political leanings. Am I to assume that this article is demonstrative of the entire contemporary Catholic church? It is extremely dangerous to claim allegiances to ANY political side based on the misguided belief that one political party or side is inherently more MORAL, or Christian. This has essentially doomed the evangelical movement in the U.S. because they are perceived as both racist and (fiscally) miserly. The author, whomever that may be, has a right to his simplistic and general views about blacks, but such an article has NO place on a site that purports to be representative of a specific religious tradition or demographic. What a way to appeal to blacks with your "faith"!

  5. Brian P. Rabbit
    1 year ago

    What a load of ignorant drivel. I stopped reading after "baby daddies".

  6. Reese
    1 year ago


    What bothers me about this article is that it is in fact not the "truth". This is not the complete truth to this issue at hand at all. This issue does not lie strictly in the hands of "the black community." My frustration with this article is that it only points fingers at one side of the problem and it is laden with political propaganda.

    I don't listen to people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for my understanding of what it is to be a black woman.

    Racism is a double-egded sword. Do I believe that most black youths are misguided by the media as to who the are as God's children? I most certainly do. But, it won't stop with blacks. It will stop when we all start looking towards God for the truth as to who we are and who he has created us to be. I still encounter racism even though I am a very well-read and educated young woman. My family and I have worked hard to be where we are and it is still very difficult for us to be seen as equals in parts of this great country. You cannot tell me that the struggle is simply one-sided. I have been fighting against the "black norms" (poverty, unwed motherhood, drugs, violence, etc.) my entire life. It saddens me sometimes to know that while I may be doing everything "right" to make people comfortable, that I encounter the ugliness of judgement based on the color of my skin.

    This website is one where people should come to find the truth, not a shade of it. Catholic Online should be a bright beacon of the world. And like Christ, it should serve as a beacon of hope, and not one of condemnation.

    What are we doing as a Church to truly help those impoverished by the sin of this world to overcome it?

  7. Edju
    1 year ago

    So conservatives, how's the big minority outreach campaign going? Making inroads?

  8. Mackarel
    1 year ago

    Where does all this confusion about race come from within the church today? Why is their the issue of integration and what is the value of God's Law. Well the basis of it can be found summed up pretty easily.

    For example - "Pope Nicholas V wrote Alfonso V on 18th of June, 1452 to reduce any “Saracens (Muslims) and pagans and any other unbelievers” to perpetual slavery. "This facilitates the Portuguese slave trade from West Africa." For most African Americans this poses a problem. Since most Africans brought to America were Muslim and generations later were forced into Christianity. -

    Now as a believer in Jesus is how does this truth affect you? How do we examine our Christian roots today as African Americans; and more importantly how do we instill the values Jesus spoke about that are much needed in the African American community for this type of change to happen?

  9. Joe
    1 year ago

    I have no problem with the article. Millions of black babies being aborted but not much is said by the black community. Rev. Al and Jesse need to march in front of abortion clinics, not trying to start race wars. Skin color means nothing to God. We gain heaven through our Christian actions, hate for any reason is NOT one of them.

  10. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    As a black Caribbean woman, let me say I am not appalled by your article. Indeed, I agree with a lot of what you have stated though less with the tone in which it has been expressed.
    I think many people still want to blame race when it may not even be the real cause and where the perpetrators may be blacks who are now in a dominant position with tables turning and doors swinging in the political arena.
    To me, racism is an extension of idolatry of money. Dr. Eric Williams actually showed in his research that slavery was abolished because of declining profits. It just didn't make sense to sustain it anymore. This begs the question then: Is the foundations of slavery still around? or as some say slavery is not yet abolished. We still use descriptive terms that owe their origin to slavery. In the world the darkest skinned people tend to be the poorest.
    The world is very greedy generally. The disenfranchised, poorest of the poor will continue to manifest in a world closed off to God. So peasantry may give way to slavery (thank God I am not a peasant anymore) to capitalism out to make big money profits at the expense of workers (thank God I got my thing going on).
    If we don't address the Godlessness of the world and our own Godlessness, we will continue to spin onto another socio-politico-economic system to deprive the least of our brothers (and btw sisters and those yet born) so that some may selfishly have a lot. We need to be honest with determine our burden in this Global Hurt. And no, just because you have never been a slave master does not mean you do not own a large chunk of the hurt.
    Are we really prepared to stop the gold rush that we may be on? What are we pursuing? What treasures are we building up? What is first in our lives?
    Also, let us not forget the human nature of sin e.g. blacks and whites benefitted from slavery; blacks and whites worked to free slaves. How can we throw stones at the other when we know it's easy for tables to turn (they turn as we speak!)?
    Furthermore, I am very cautious about seeming race emotions fearing that it may be a yellow light for the next political system to be revealed. Some may be feeding race propaganda to promote big money business (I don't wear hoodies, don't listen to cuss out raps or do a number of things that the media say Blacks do...Oh and I am married and brought up with Catholic values just like many other so-called racial peoples).

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