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Black racism in America won't end until blacks decide to end it - 'Racism in America' Comments

Yesterday, Bill O'Reilly delivered a scathing criticism of the leftist narrative and their leadership, which is grounded upon the lie that the right is perpetuating a racist agenda against blacks in America. The commentary is sure to raise some eyebrows, but delivers on the call for a conversation about the subject. Continue Reading

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  1. weareone
    1 year ago

    I agree with most of the commenters who say this article is appalling, because it is. The audacity to have an article on a site called "Catholic Online". You may as well call yourselves "Right Wing Online", because that is exactly what it is.

  2. Lhgbing
    1 year ago

    So true....Obama has made racism worse than it has ever been, by encouraging it.

  3. EE
    1 year ago

    I am not at all surprised by these comments on this site.
    Every other article about Blacks including our commander in chief is negative and polarizing.
    I came to this site for prayer and spirituality not divisive political propaganda that the church should stand clear of.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating these negative hateful stereotypes and focus on offering solutions through Christ's teachings. Poverty and violence concern everyone on this planet. Not every Black person is uneducated or tries to emulate rap videos. What about those teachers, doctors and countless Black professionals that care about their communities and try to make a difference? Where are their stories on your site?
    Where is your leadership in all of this?

    Wake up to the fact that the majority of adherents to Catholicism are not one homogenous group. Just glimpse at the diversity of the Brazilian crowd on the beaches of Rio this past weekend.

    Tread carefully with all of god's children.

  4. Tashika
    1 year ago

    I'm so tired of reading articles based on myth and bias about the Black community. Do not sit back and pen an article that refers to Black men as baby daddies. Not all Black men want to be referred to as such. Don't use a slang to describe an entire race. As a person of color, I do not use slang to refer to all White men as trailer court trash, because that would not truthfully describe. I wasn't going to address this article, but I'm so sick of coming on here and seeing these type articles. I came to the site to read about religion and prosperity for all. Every time I read an article and it has anything pertaining to Blacks there is always a negative reflection. Yes, Blacks use drugs, have children out of wedlock, and do practice several other sinful type behaviors, but don't sit back and close your eyes to the fact that every other race does as well. You want to point out the fact that Black men are in prison, well you didn't put the entire statistical evidence with that tidbit...same crime committed by a white person likely will not lead to convict ion or just a slap on the wrist. Go research that one. If Blacks are 12% of the population, there is no way that Blacks are the one's receiving all the welfare benefits or are the one's in line at the soup kitchens, but as usual this is what you see on the news. As Holly stated, Whites are the ones receiving the benefits. Just know majority of the networks are White owned. If its positive Black family that's to be portrayed the network doesn't want to show this image of Black people. Why do you try writing an article that has something positive about Blacks or can you? Don't hide behind religion to write things that are negative. All I see is guise of religion with racist undertones. I'm Black, educated, a woman, married, a mother, and extremely proud of who I am....and know plenty others who fit the ENTIRE description. Of course you don't know any of these type people, because if you did you would think before you spoke or in this case wrote. Go do some mission work in Black churches or civic centers and write an article about what you see and hear. It won't be White America is keeping me down as you may think. Stop using what a group of Blacks are saying to speak for an entire race.

  5. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    Sounds like O'Reily is echoing what Bill Cosby said along time ago. And, like Cosby, O'Reily is also being vilified, or ignored by our "civil rights" leaders.

  6. Holly
    1 year ago

    This is not the first time I have read articles of this nature with all the statistics to go with it. I can only comment based on my personal observations. During the 1980 census in the Miami Valley area in Ohio they found out that 65% of welfare recipients were White female head of households. Hmmmmm! A good bit of the violence that took place in that area was perpetrated by Whites. In Allentown, PA a candidate for mayor accused the Hispanics of committing most of the crimes. The police department's statistics however showed that the crime percentages pretty well matched the ethnic/racial makeup of the city. I read an article in the 50s wriitten by a retired Navy admiral addressing the problems in the Armed Services. Part of the reasons given were due to the desegragation of the military. Too many Negroes and Puerto Ricans. But in the 80s there was concerned about not enough White middle class folks in the military. This would raise the standard of military membership. The military countered with the fact that on the average the best soldiers were from minorities. This whole thing is typical. I have seen Blacks get fired for things that White folks also did but nothing happened to them. I have also heard some managers say if we got rid of the Blacks, we wouldn't be having all these complaints about the work atmosphere. I also remember a store in Norristown, PA where a goodly percentage of our customers were Black. Can't remember nabbing any Black shoplifters because everyone was excessively busy keeping them under surveillance. The punks who came in were usually White. How many movies do we have about mafia, outlaws, other such crime figures who were not Black. C'mon, we can say we've given the Blacks all these opportunities so it's their own fault that they're in the mess they are in. Some people even complain that if you're not a minority you don't get hired, you don't get promoted, you can screw up and get away with it if you're Black. My observations have shown differently.

  7. Emma
    1 year ago

    I wonder just where so many have been for the last fifty years or so. When I read so much race baiting on web sites and see it on msm, I want to know more about the people promoting this bs! I grew up in Compton /East LA. I attended a public hs. I got jumped, yes. But so did a lot of my non -white classmates! We took hits not because of our skin color. We were harassed because we took our education seriously. We also stood together. Walked each other to class, home or to the bus stop etc. When we were children, we knew each other by name. We played together. Sure, we could see that our skin color and eye color was different, but it didn't matter. In college, we all studied, socialized, dated each other. Not only black and white, but Asian, Latino, East Indian etc. Ethnicity is not the issue. The issue is poverty. The issue is that of more and more people sliding into poverty! The few at the top of the food chain control the government. As more and more slip into poverty, as those numbers increase, the people become a legitimate threat to the corporatism that controls the wealth. How does the corporate controlled gov. protect itself from the masses? Turn them against each other, which is exactly what motivates this drive to rekindle racism. This isn't about racial relations. It's about control of the lower class. My husband's Latino. He drives at least once a week between Berkeley and Davis. At least once every few months, he's "profiled ". Why? Because he's a young, brown skinned male driving a black suv on I80, hence, he's suspected of running drugs. I'm a young white woman with a baby who's brown. Every once in a while, I overhear remarks about me. "Lazy, welfare queen ". The thing is, neither of these are accurate. But, that's how people are. That's how people are when they act out of ignorance and fear. Fear which is at this time being fed to people by a corporate controlled system of government. Let's rise above it. I do believe that it was the 60's generation who chanted "Power to the People! " Let's not relinquish our power to a corrupt system. We all need each other.

    1 year ago

    As I write, Pope Francis has visited a slum in Rio. He did not chide its residents. He did not blame its poor for being poor.

    Moreover, I do not believe he would chide American blacks. He would talk to all Americans about social justice and divine mercy.

    Why is no article about the pope the most popular on this site? Why are there two about how awful most blacks are? Are you confusing being faithful to God to being faithful to Rush?

  9. friend of Ghana
    1 year ago

    and, when a black man says, Clarence Thomas is not one of us, what does this mean?
    do all blacks have the same political stance?
    when a black man in America is not black enough because he believes in the sanctity of life, the dignity of the family, man and woman, respect of mothers and fathers, promoting a culture of life, what does this mean? When those in Africa are put down because they believe in these things what does this mean? Should Africans give in to the imperialist and draconian ways of the culture of death, to be more "civilized"? When it is taught in schools that whites are to be judged by the color of their skin and their anglo European origin, their continent, not the content of their character, what does this mean? The blood of Jesus ran red on the cross. This is the message of salvation for all, like in the bible.
    St. Bahkita, pray for us. Let us by natural revelation and nature's God truly understand that we are all equal in the eyes of God and be united in Christ.

  10. VicP
    1 year ago

    I think Bill O makes some valid points and really does lend a strong voice of support to many great Black men and women raising great kids in this country. If you haven't had the opportunity to know some of your fellow Americans of other races, then Bill O's comments can be incendiary and racist.

    The Black community has alot of great people and the churches in their community play a more major role in their lives. True their is high out of wedlock birth rate but alot of those kids are raised and nurtured by grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. Ironically their is a tighter sense of community in black neighborhoods because they are more economicaly restricted to the area.

    Bill O needs to spend some time with Black folks to learn more. BTW Bill's been going through a messy divorce which unfortunately may be skewing his own perspective.

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