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Black racism in America won't end until blacks decide to end it - 'Racism in America' Comments

Yesterday, Bill O'Reilly delivered a scathing criticism of the leftist narrative and their leadership, which is grounded upon the lie that the right is perpetuating a racist agenda against blacks in America. The commentary is sure to raise some eyebrows, but delivers on the call for a conversation about the subject. Continue Reading

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  1. Izzy
    1 year ago

    This is so true! Black people need to stop acting like white people are the cause of all their issues, or the reason they join gangs, or drop out. The majority of whites aren't even racist, yet blacks still try and say that whites caused all their problems! If someone in the fifties who had to experience tons of racism and hatred and could still get 2 degrees, or start successful businesses when all people wanted to do was tear them down, than what's stopping you? Get an education because if you'd listen to the teacher instead of two chains, it wouldn't be that hard. Get a higher education because scholarships do exist! Stop being your stereotype and make something of yourself. And stop acting like whites are the only racist ones.

  2. Richard Brandeis
    1 year ago

    The perpetual victim syndrome is a powerful trope and narrative which has hurt the entire black community in America. They need and truly deserve so much more than that!

    The legions of many European immigrants who passed through Ellis Island suffered too many indignities to count (yes, there were mass lynchings of euro immigrants up and down the US) and yet they never claimed entitlements or got lost in the victim mentality or allowed their family values to be compromised. They were self reliant and pushed forward despite the prejuice and pain (from working on railroads, in coal mines, on skyscrapers, in steel mills, etc).

    For some it took 100 years, but they pulled themselves up from their boot straps. The perpetual victim narrative creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  3. Lori Metevia
    1 year ago

    As an African American woman, I find this article part racist and part true. I must agree with the central point though: blacks must redefine themselves. When I was in college, I had a professor who was a former Black Panther. I wrote a paper on the self-fufilling prophecy theory. When we believe lies: the lies have the same effect as if they are true. Many Afro-Americans believe that slavery and racism is the cause of all of their problems. This false belief causes many to give up and not even try. As Christisns, we must share the truth of the gospel with these individuals. While racism is an obstacle, we serve a God that can overcome all obstacles. Racism is the result of extreme identity confusion. It is the false belief that our skin makes us better. In reality, our flesh, whether covered with white skin or black skin is worth less than $12. At the same time, we have a soul that is priceless. Our flesh will be burnt up and disappear as a part of the earth. Our soul will live forever in either heaven or hell. We go to heaven if we accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. Only those things done for him will last. Those who spent their lives filled with hate and dividing the races will go to hell. Scripture states that God is love and if we hate, then the love of God is not in us. Jesus ends the Lord's prayer with the following warning: if you do not forgive others for their sins, God will not forgive you. Ouch!

  4. Offthepink
    1 year ago

    I'm black, and from what I've seen growing up, more than half of the reason racism won't die is because black parents teach their kids that

    1: white people don't like you

    2: white people teach their children to hate you

    3: Whatever bad position you're in, white people caused it, not your own actions

    4: you will never succeed because white people will hold you down

    Etc, etc Black people who DID experience racism teach that anger and hate to their children, and those children teach it to their kids, and so on, so that even though times have changed, white people face anger that was brewed by the experiences of someone's grandfather rather than what the angry black person in front of them has been through.

  5. taylor smith
    1 year ago

    This is the most disgusting thing and I cant believe a sight that calls it self living a life for Christ would put such ignorance and perpetrate such hatred. I'm deeply saddened by this it no way reflects Christ and will pray for all who thought this was appropriate. You were not operating through the spirit....nor with love....or compassion but by flesh. I pray the Lord has mercy on your ignorance.

  6. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    Please, can we build? FORGIVE. GO to "Times are tough for nation's black teens" and READ.

    1 year ago

    I'm conservative. I'm Catholic. Oh wait.. I'm also black. Lets set a few things straight:
    One this article is borderline. It speaks many truths about the plight of the black in America and how much of it is partially self afflicted cite abortion wedlock prison education etc. However
    TWO this article has a tone unfitting of a Christian much less a Catholic. It is darn near racist. I'm not saying that because he had the COURAGE TO HONESTLY ADDRESS black issues but because he did so in a distasteful manner.
    THREE Gracious God have mercy! Did you honestly quote BILL O'REILLY?! I am very right wing but that man is an idiot. Just like the Not-So-Reverend Al Charlatan and his moron comrades Jesse Jackson an Obama himself.(I'm not criticizing them because of party. Trust me I've hated the last few conservative leaders equally. Romney like he was going to win)
    FOUR Racism isn't a one way street. And honestly you cannot pin it all on blacks. I like all people equally but whites must acknowledge the IRREPARABLE DAMAGE they did to the world and every unfortunate person with more than a light tan. As long as people get murdered by neo Nazi klanzmen in Texas in 2000(yay where I leave for school in a month) and are afraid to be solely in the company of white people or are told that they are the wrong skin Color for the republican party (no joke) there racism is. Are blacks often overreactionary:YES.Are whites unwilling to do much else but treat blacks as helpless ones who cant work for themselves or outright despise them:YES
    SOLUTION: BLACKS STOP EMBARRASING YOURSELVES many are religious monagamous and jail time free who work their tails of for God and America.They educate their children in Christ and the knowledge of God found in the world. For those of you who aren't get your shtuff together. Ye who demonstrate in the streets everytime some random black person doesn't get off easy ye who lace our shared white black asian and Hispanic cities with drugs gangs violence and degeneration and death of every kind ye who father a nation but whilst not pay childsupport for even one. Ye who grow up in the correctional facilities and horrors of the modern world I pray for and admonish you.
    WHITES YOU KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH YOU you have mainstream turned away from racism villify it and regard it as it always was unGodly. You work hard to build this nation daily in a society of order and justice. You have done better than thy forefathers. You are not the absolute cause. However you cannot spend four centuries promoting ignorance drunkenness broken families (masters would rape black wives and separate the fathers) and a sense of defeatist inferiority and expect them to turn around in fifty years. That's without all the stuff you did to KEEP THEM FROM DOING TURNING THEMSELVES INTO PRODUCTIVE NORMAL HODLY CITIZENS.
    Quit killing them BY A CEASE lowering standards making excuses and exceptions save those necessary and applicable. QUIT making the dog and pony shows of Trayvon Martin and Paula Deen acceptable. The burden isn't just you its us too. The white guilt only goes so far. OR B actually killing them intimidating them reviling them for no reason and blaming them for all that is wrong with you them and the world. Most of your kind live in Gawguh or ol' Sippi and probably don't have access to(or the slightest clue how to work) a computer. That is if you can even read. GOD BLESS AND MAY HE FOR GIVE US ALL AND STRENGHTEN US UNTIL WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY WHERE WE ARE COUNTED AS IMAGINES DEI IMAGES OF GOD.

  8. John
    1 year ago

    70% of blacks murdered were murdered by blacks. When Jesse Jackson was in Washington at one time the story was he was scared to death of black people walking behind him. So the black problem is a problem simply because there are no black leaders. None! Sharpton and Jackson are cartoonish characters. Blacks are great people-- its a shame no one is there to really lead them except maybe some in the Republican Party. They have the most abortions even tho they represent 13% of the population. Notice Obama does not set foot in Detroit or speak in the Ghettos in Chicago. He's afraid to get shot by another black.

  9. Saddened Young Catholic
    1 year ago

    Heyo this is racist. I am neither left nor right and find politics to be mostly distasteful. I often find this kind of ludicrous rhetoric funny if a little sad. However, if I want to see this political garbage I go to Fox news or MSNBC, NOT Catholic Online. The number one obstacle to our faith is that the laity (and sometimes clergy) try to intertwine a political or cultural agenda that is not intrinsic to our faith with the faith itself. It is to the point that those outside the church can only see this political ideology instead of the religious ideology. Oh and did I already mention that this article is racist...yeah I think I did. Well I am going to go listen to Father Barron on WordOnFire or something and will probably never come to this site again.

  10. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Ok... so, let's look at the title of this article: "Black racism in America won't end until blacks decide to end it "

    So... black people, as an entire race, must come together and end racism. Ok. Let's walk through the logic, then.
    Doesn't that logically mean that white people must, as a race, come together and end white racism?
    Are we going to? Because given the history of race relations around the world, if we're honest, we must recognize that white racism and social superiority have been in full swing and held sway over international affairs for centuries. Literally.
    In fact, white people standing here and demanding that "blacks" must "end black ra cism" is, in and of itself pretty racist. Who says whites are in a position to demand such a thing to begin with? Do you see the inherent arrogance and self-superiority of this "article" blatantly splashed at the headline before you even get to the article itself?
    Let me know when we're all going to get together to end white racism. I'd like to attend the meeting. Until we do, the very idea of "black racism' being addressed by white people would be laughable if it wasn't so reprehensible. It's obscene.

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