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Ivy League Professor's Remarks about Race and God Exemplify Disgraceful Leadership in America Comments

Anthea Butler's comments about race and God in response to the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial are not a reflection of Catholicism. The Catholic Church is about truth, unity, beauty, and goodness not division and hatred. Continue Reading

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  1. Bob
    1 year ago

    Compare the OJ Simpson's verdict with the George Zimmerman verdict. Compare the reaction of the Left with the response of the Right and draw your own conclusion. Do people prefer violence to non-violence?

  2. JimmyChonga
    1 year ago

    I can understand some Catholics being confused about why Socialism is sinful and a political theory antithetical to the pursuit of the virtues, and (it's a stretch) but perhaps even why some Catholics are confused as to why Communism is evil; however, I'm puzzled as to why the majority of Catholics in this country have been so confused as to place such a "pro-death" politician in office, not only once, but TWICE.

    Folks, let's be honest. If it were not for the advance of the Obama Administration and their unyielding power to manipulate media, gin up division, incite riots, organize protests. etc., this professor would likely NOT have believed she had the backing for this kind of nonsense. What very confused Catholics have done in voting this man into office - TWICE - is legitimize this outrageous kind of leftist drivel.

  3. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    Butler's remarks are not surprising to me as a black woman. There are many black people that will accept some of what she says and some will accept all.

    You need to understand that many blacks are hurting by a system that has deprived them historically. Their wounds are deep. These hurts are being used to awaken "dark" emotions of hatred and envy and greed. These hurts become misplaced compassions. When I listen to her, I hear her hurts. She uses words that are shockingly austere to attract listening ears.

    Only love can deal with this sort of thing. (Mind you it's the same with all hurts issues of homosexuality etc. / One reason why Jesus suffered when pondering the amount of people that were hurting)

    What Butler is really saying is that there are many blacks that are hurting...please help...Liberate.

    We must be gentle. We must show the Way. We must show the beauty of simplicity living not just for some but for all. We must not just talk...we must live the Gospel. The Beatitudes are to be practiced.
    May God help us.

  4. Ross
    1 year ago

    She is not Catholic. She is a race baiter and a hate monger.
    It is disturbing and disgusting that she is a doctor of theology when she obviously knows very little about Christian Theology but knows a lot about hate and her self righteous opinion.
    She should be excommunicated!

  5. Gloria
    1 year ago

    Your analysis of Professor Butler's comments as being representative of Black Liberation Theology are correct. Some left-leaning theologians mislead African-Americans when they purposely mix selected concepts from Christianity with Marxist ideology, creating not a new religion, but rather an ideology of hate. What is most disturbing is the fact that academics who are supposed to understand their subject matter are, like Butler, confusing religion with ideology.

    Religion provides us with a way of living--Christians try to live in a relationship with Christ and love is an essential component in that relationship. In contrast, an ideology--whatever its principles--provides merely a group of ideas that people try to implement--hence the concept of "social engineering" in the repertoire of ideologues.

    Religions are concerned with the whole person, including our God-given soul. Ideologies are concerned only with cognitive objectives, like fairness or equal distribution of wealth, and this focus on ideal aims means that the reality of persons is ignored and this is why we see death on a mass scale (Mao's China, Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany) in countries that lead their people into following an ideology rather than a religion.

  6. John Mainhart
    1 year ago

    Apparently the Professor did not take time out of her desire to hate God to read about the man who wrote that great hymnal "Amazing Grace

  7. DLL
    1 year ago

    Anthea Butler flatters herself. She is able to open her mouth and she can say whatever she wants. "It is a free country"! She finds her power and satisfaction,in inciting and aggravating people so they are actually reactive and racist in action and thought. Al Sharpton is also guilty of this. As far as God is concerned,God is not on the same level as Anthea and Al. God doesn't hate "crackers" like they do. God doesn't think like them so they can understand God. God is quite beyond their understanding. God might be asking them why so many black babies have been aborted and why Our President is hailed as the Champion of a woman's right to have abortion as her very own sort of personal freedom. Think of all the black babies murdered because of abortion while our first black President nods his head with approval. God is good,people stink and are inherently evil and embrace evil as good. People embrace sin and God doesn't! That is a BIG difference between God and puny mankind,humankind,or whatever the politically correct term is today that describes humanity as a whole. Christ came to redeem all people from sin and to teach all that only God is good!. God would also not approve of racism on any form or injustice. Zimmerman was never charged with murder or manslaughter from day one. The "trial" was because of an enraged public that demanded a trial. The outcome of the trial still is not satisfactory for many as Zimmerman is still found innocent. Now the race card is drawn to still try to condemn Zimmerman. The people who are inciting violence because of the outcome of the Trial are the dangerous ones,much more dangerous than Zimmerman. I personally do not believe that American citizens should carry guns on their person. Outcomes such as the death of someone is only to be the unfortunate result. It is impossible to prove self defense convincingly,so after a trial over a matter like this,all can agree it was actually self defense. Anthea and Al,Jessie Jackson,Mr Holder,president Obama,it is not your business to incite the public over the outcome of this trial. It is over. If 2 blacks or 2 whites were involved in a similar conflict the public would never know about it at all. God does not kill people kill each other. Interracial killing is even more common than a racist killing. God Is the Author of Life. God is good. God is love. It is human kind that tries to destroy and undermine God's authority because men want to be god,evil is evil and to incite evil is really very evil. Anthea,a degree does not make you better than God or a god from your own perspective. You can sometimes win more by keeping silent. It is best to pray for the Martins and the Zimmermans and hope this incident never plays out again in some other way under similar circumstances but with different parties involved. This unfortunate incident in history is meant for a lesson of what not to do at best,if one can extract any good from such misfortune.

    1 year ago

    I m "The bearwitness of The Catholic Church" , I belongs to the Catholic Church, I am totally agreed with your idea. you have specifically mentioned-about Catholicism "The Catholic Church is about truth, unity, beauty, and goodness not division and hatred." But in Bangldesh it's totally different and all Blacks peoples are in power. I mean all Bishops belongs to the Black peoples and NGOs , Schools , colleges they are governed by them. Unfortunately the Catholics are estimated only 0.05 or Five hundred thoudsand, 500,000.00. It was only in 2005 as a new Bishop was elected among the Garo community-Punem Kubi. That's why ; If Catholic Church is about truth, unity, beauty, or goodness then why only a set of community will govern or will dominate the Church? Isn't it a divission or hatred for other?

  9. Peter Northcott
    1 year ago

    It's just the logical conclusion of the Protestant worldview: without any objective Truth or Authority one's religion is simply the sum of one's prejudices and rationalisations - and the majority of the Catholics in my Parish have bought in to it, too, so I'm not surprised.

    Even many of the TLM crowd are de facto Protestants. Their Worship is one of taste, not truth. It's just the Church happens to teach truth that aligns with their love of Palestrina and hatred of pop music, and so the Magisterium is a convenient vehicle for their subjective likes and dislikes.

    How do I know this is the case? Because I've never met a TLM groupie who doesn't like the EF Mass still but attends them because they believe they are the correct expression of worship, irrespective of how they are 'moved' by it.

    A key feature at them is the number of camera flashes during the Mass, and the talk afterwards is as if it was a concert by the Berlin Philharmonic... This is how Protestants at Mega-Churches behave.

    High Culture. Low Culture. Same Worldview.

  10. Vance
    1 year ago

    The remarks coming from Anthea Butler should come as no surprise. She is another hardcore Marxist/racist who is a hand puppet for the "Hail Satan" Democrat Party. She, like Obama and his Party, hates this country with a purple passion, hates the Constitution, and hates the Catholic Church and all Christian institutions. Butler has no business shadowing the door of any school or college where she can vomit her vile hate on the youth of America. This is precisely why the Communists put her there to "Spread their errors".

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