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HUH? There is no scientific consensus on sea levels? Comments

It's common logic that the melting of the Arctic icecaps is all the fault of developed nations that insist on air conditioning and gas-powered vehicles, right? That's what a lot of people in the media are saying. In all actuality. However, a group of scientists from the united Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany say there is NO scientific consensus behind this theory. SAY WHAT? Continue Reading

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  1. Valerie Russell
    1 year ago

    Burning dirty energy leads to carbon pollution, which warms the planet. This is a reality scientists have understood for decades.

  2. Lobo
    1 year ago

    Absolute nonsense -- there is a clear consensus on sea-level rise. Consult any peer-reviewed article on the subject matter. There will be sea-level rise, lots of it, and cities like Miami in particular are "toast" according to planners, even if massive barriers are put up.

  3. eddie too
    1 year ago

    i was unaware that the scientifice method included basing theories on which theory gets the most votes, i.e. consensus.

  4. Melody Polson
    1 year ago

    This group is clearly in the pocket of the Koch bros, Exxon, BP and Shell.

    Burning dirty energy leads to carbon pollution, which warms the planet. This is a reality scientists have understood for decades.
    Further, 97% of scientists have come out in recognition of climate change, the human contribution to the carbon levels, and an understanding that the sea levels would not change as dramatically as first expected because the first ice to melt will be that floating in the seas.

    Once the land-based ice is lost, that ice that has not been causing displacement in the ocean waters, then we'll see the dramatic sea-level rise we have anticipated.

  5. Melody Polson
    1 year ago

    When studies are funded by the industries generating the carbon... yes, they manage to ignore particular evidence that does not support their employer's position.

    Climate change is real. Just ask 97% of the top climate scientists or any national science academy in the world.

    Kock and Exxon, Shell, and BP fund these 'pseudo studies', but the super-majority of scientists do find the effects of industrial carbon in the air and water from both electrical energy generation using coal-- or the mining of shale oil and gas-- has increased our percentage of carbon to levels that were only present before human life.
    Humans won't be able to live in these conditions. We'll eliminate our food sources, foul our own water ways, and leave the planet to cockroaches and slimes.
    The earth won't miss us.

  6. Andrew
    1 year ago

    97% of the top climate scientists agree that our climate is warming, and that most of the recent warming is due to carbon pollution.

  7. Bert Newton
    1 year ago

    97% of the top climate scientists agree that our climate is warming, and that most of the recent warming is due to carbon pollution.

  8. Joseph J. Snyder IV
    1 year ago

    I happen to be both a longtime science journalist (4 decades) and a Roman Catholic. I appreciate that many people are upset and confused about climate change, and that many different views have been expressed.

    However, as both a trained scientist and a journalist, I can state unequivocally that there is NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER in my mind as the reality of global climate change, and no doubt that the massive abuse of fossil fuels ongoing and increasing since the 12th century AD is the primary cause of these changes.

    Fossil fuels--coal, oil, gas--must be treated as Public Enemy Number One, and we must phase them out RUTHLESSLY in favor of solar power, hydro power, nuclear power and renewables as soon as possible.

  9. Richard Shipease
    1 year ago

    This article is profoundly depressing. By exploiting one uncertainty in a small section of climate science your intent is to foster disbelief in the whole.Yet within the scientific community, there’s overwhelming consensus that man-made global warming is happening. According to a recent survey, 97 percent of top climate scientists (those with Ph.D.s who regularly publish the results of their research in peer-reviewed scientific journals) agree with that statement. And every major National Academy of Science in the world agrees that man-made climate change is happening and poses real threats. If 97 percent of doctors diagnosed you with a serious illness, would you ask the remaining 3 percent for their opinion before starting treatment? Of course not. As Christians we have a duty to protect Gods creation.

    "Jeremiah 2:7 - I brought you into a fertile land to eat its fruit and rich produce. But you came and defiled my land and made my inheritance detestable."

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