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Facts aren't racist, so let's talk about racism and Trayvon Martin Comments

Unsatisfied with the jury's failure to find George Zimmerman guilty of murder for defending himself against an attacking Trayvon Martin, Attorney General Eric Holder has promised to pursue civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, if possible.This is Eric Holder, the one who failed to prosecute the heinous actors in the Fast and Furious debacle, the  'Mexican gun running' Eric Holder. He has now called for "our ... Continue Reading

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  1. Surena
    1 year ago

    Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old boy who did not deserve to lose his life for trespassing in a neighborhood. Whatever his attitude or attire may have been he was still a teenage boy who deserved to live and learn from his mistakes. Mr. Zimmerman would not be in his own personal hell now if he had only taken the time to allow the professionals, the police, direct the situation with Trayvon. The outrage about race could ostensibly become outrage about the value of human life in general and what it is worth when a gun is in someone elses hand.

  2. Cynthia Gee
    1 year ago

    Whether one agrees or disagrees with the Zimmerman verdict, it is impossible to miss the bias and the inflammatory tone of author of this article. It is quite true that facts speak for themselves, so why not be content with honest-to-goodness NEWS reporting, rather than op-ed pieces posing as journalism, dyed to unmistakable shade of yellow?

    {Matthew 5:37} "But let your word ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes,’ and ‘No’ mean ‘No.’ For anything beyond that is of evil."

  3. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Let's go ahead and be REAL honest.
    If the roles were reversed, and Martin had shot Zimmerman after stalking him and then confronting him after being told not to by the police, not one person here would be defending the black kid. That's simple, honest truth.
    reality is that if George Zimmerman had backed off when the police told him to, there wouldn't have been a fight, he wouldn't have had to "defend himself,' and trayvon Martin wouldn't be dead.
    There's no version of the story that doesn't begin with Zimmerman ignoring what the police told him to do. Therefore, there is no version of this event that isn't George Zimmerman's fault.

  4. mjgt
    1 year ago

    This is an important topic. Thank you for writing about it.

  5. Jorge
    1 year ago

    Very objective and accurate article. Thanks catholic online.

  6. Bruce Eckhoff
    1 year ago

    Blacks and whites were making progress toward assimilation when an evil thing happened in the late 60's. That was the so-called Great Society. The effect of this awful gvernment program made blacks dependent on the state. The worst thing you can do to a healthy person is to make them dependent. The results: the family unit was destroyed. It would take pages to show how much of the problems of blacks today are a result of this evil. And it is still perpetuated by the disgusting politicians and poverty pimps that live off the divisive problems they created.

    Sadly my church is suggesting we do the same thing today to the hispanics that are here illegally. Putting them into slavery and dependence on the state is a terrible thing to do. You don't do that to someone you love. When will the church read its own catechism and realize man is fallen? You can't trust Caesar. And the irony is that the church is supporting the same people (leftists) that are hell-bent on destroying her. What folly and how sad.

  7. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    There are civil rights and there is civil defense. Both make common sense.

    To claim that Trayvon Martin's civil rights were violated by George Zimmerman who confronted him in an attempt to protect his neighborhood from common thieves and predators and was attacked and likely would have been killed for doing so makes no sense.

  8. John David
    1 year ago

    We have very sadly become a nation where immigration means not assimilating into this "melting pot," but maintaining your background and forcing everyone else to change. When my Grandparents immigrated here back in the late 1800's they had to learn English to survive, and now that doesn't matter because we print our almost everything in multiple languages. Kids who graduate from schools that aren't ready or prepared for life, people who think they are still owed something because of what happened over 200 years ago, and a generation of people who now believe that the Government is their "savior" instead of working. This Entitlement Society of ours is headed in the wrong direction. The Framers would be horrified to see what this nation has become. Take religion out of schools and we have anarchy in the hallways, teach about birth control methods instead of abstinence and we have "baby momma's and baby daddy's who will never know their children. Finally, and sadly, what will happen is a reverse migration back to where values mean something. The decline of this country has proceeded under the current Presidential Administration. Divide and Conquer instead of unite and prosper.

  9. afl
    1 year ago

    So true and so sad. A gang of black youth beat a white youth and as he tried to escape and into the road m, he was struck by a car and was killed. The black youths are being charged and tried for homicide yet no mention of this by NACP or Mr Sharpton

  10. Ta-152-H
    1 year ago

    Did Zimmerman have some type of ID displayed on his clothes or hat clearly showing he was a member of the neighborhood watch, was Zimmerman issued a Badge of some kind to flip to people he profiled as hoodie wearing scofflaws? how was TM suppose to know then who this guy Zimmerman was?Whites killing whites you never hear nothing about that?there's true life TV shows devoted to white women killing their white husbands ,husbands killing wife or both killing their kids or the American serial killer club that seems to be dominated by white males I guess I just imagine that I read news items about white on white homicide the last 50 years. it's July aren't we due for a upper middle class white kid that's mad at the world because he didn't get a date for the prom to grab his AR-15 .

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