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Facts aren't racist, so let's talk about racism and Trayvon Martin Comments

Unsatisfied with the jury's failure to find George Zimmerman guilty of murder for defending himself against an attacking Trayvon Martin, Attorney General Eric Holder has promised to pursue civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, if possible.This is Eric Holder, the one who failed to prosecute the heinous actors in the Fast and Furious debacle, the  'Mexican gun running' Eric Holder. He has now called for "our ... Continue Reading

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  1. Greg
    1 year ago

    I don't know the intention of Mr Zimmerman, and this will be judged by God. I am forbidden to judge that by my King. I can, however, judge an act by replacing Mr Zimmerman, and Martin with a person A, and B, and seeing what happened. What happened is a person A, encouraged by having gun, and thus feeling (falsely) more strong, pursued person B, whom he described suspicious. He should not follow him as he was ordered not to by the police (God also tells us what to, and not what to do, and when we disobey things get ugly as in our case.) He disobeys (good) orders, and follows, and is being confronted by the person B. Next we do not know, and we may or may not believe in the words of the doc who said that Zimmerman was fearing for his life, and being smacked, reacted upon his fear and shot. Since no racial motives were proven, the case should be the same in current case as well as when A (shot) was white, and B (in self-defense) black. It is human versus human case. It is sin against sin case. What tv, however, makes is an other sin - a sin of deception (showing pictures out of date,) and brain washing viewers (like tv does,) using methods from the Garden of Eden. In my opinion, Mr Zimmerman, getting out of the car, knowing that police don't want it, is guilty of criminal negligence - the same crime the Supreme Court is guilty of when stated "we do not know when life begins, to it is okay to kill the child." Both are wrong, and both were dismissed.

  2. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    All killings are tragic.
    Blacks kill many blacks. Whites kill many whites. I can continue this argument, but I don't wish to.

    The culture of killers reveal learnt behaviours from their environments, past and present hurts, wounds of humanity, sin.
    It is tragic that in our world we are not free. We distrust the other. It is tragic that people kill. It is tragic that we use these killings to prove a point. Then we become so emotional that we lose sight of truth. We become blind. We don't see how the other is hurting. We think that we are right and the other is wrong. Sadly, we wanna win ... we wanna be right. But only God knows our hearts ... Such futile arguments we engage ourselves in! Misplaced compassions!

    We ALL perpetuate the culture of death in some way. Let us pray for our wrong and ask God to show us the way toward healing. Let's pray for each other. Let's thank Him for His Flesh/Blood That saves..
    May God show all of us how to love. May we learn wisdom and as a result may our children learn from the wise...a kind word, a kind "How do you do?", a gentle nod, a pretty smile, a relaxed disposition, a sincere concern for the other's wellbeing, a listening ear, a sweet childlike assumption that the other has a valid contribution. May children be children and adults care for children. May we lose the culture of death and materialism that makes us want to protect turf and be granted the culture of life that is always welcoming.
    May God have mercy on us.
    And may our sweet Holy Mother teach us.

  3. Kyle
    1 year ago

    Very simple case.

    Is peaceful confrontation illegal? No
    Is jumping someone, punching them in the face, then continuously bashing their heads against the concrete illegal? Yes

    Zimmerman was protecting his neighborhood from a criminal, who was clearly displaying criminal behavior. Hoodie up to conceal his identity, walking about in the rain, weaving between cars, looking into houses.

    Trayvon supporters tell us that if we see a criminal, we shouldn't confront but simply let him do it.

    They also tell us that we should let our heads get bashed in if a black man is threatening our life.

    Zimmerman was very clearly acting in self defense. The people supporting Trayvon are likely the same people who cheered when obvious killer OJ walked free.

  4. Emma
    1 year ago

    Yes. Mantju. Mr. Zimmerman was under attack. He was directed by dispatch to not follow Trayvon. He said "ok " and was walking back to his vehicle. Trayvon doubled back and jumped him. As for race, it was dispatch who brought up the subject of race. Asking "Is he black, white or Hispanic? " Zimmerman said "I'm not sure, I think dark skinned. " Furthermore, anyone who is brown in our country is profiled in one way or another. In this specific instance it was interference by high level government officials and false reporting by media that has turned the focus to one of race by fanning the flames of division. One reason why Zimmerman is suing NBC. NBC, owned by General Electric, beneficiary of lucrative gov.contracts to purchase the weapons it manufactures and sell them to nations worldwide, regardless of political affiliation or who those weapons kill (including truly innocent men, women and children) . NBC whose president also has close relatives working in positions in the Obama Administration. Thus, their motivation to perpetuate half truths and incite rioting. Takes the attention away from IRS Scandals, Benghazi, Secret Courts, NSA Spying, hundred million dollar jaunts to Africa while children go hungry, their support of abortion etc. etc. You are right. This is an issue blown way out of proportion. Let's see a photo of our president standing next to a drone and let's see some photos of the children killed by that action! and let's see a photo of Eric Holder standing with the gun that he provided to Mexican Drug Cartels. Let's see him standing with that over the body of the border patrol agent killed with that gun or the Mexican Children killed with them. You are correct. This should not be the focus. Snowden and Manning and what our government is doing to them should be the focus!! That is what should incite every American to take to the streets! "Divide and conquer ". That's what they're about. Do yow think they really care about Trayvon Martin or anyone like him? If they did they'd be spending more on programs to help the Trayvon Martins and a little less on drones, cluster bombs and armaments and on hundred million dollar jaunts around the world with their "posse ".

  5. Happy
    1 year ago

    Unhappy with this article. All because a white man pursued a black man. If the black man was white, there would be NO discussion. If there were two black men - it wouldn't have even been noticed. So. What do YOU think. Well, I think the jury has spoken albeit bad prosecution. Nonetheless, they followed the law. I think Zimmerman is the man-version of the girl who was accused of killing her baby and the Court of Public Opinion has been after her ever since. Caley Anthony. He will have the same problem. Once, again - citizens shouldn't be playing cop and having weapons. Why is anyone surprised at this? Get gun control in force and a lot of this kind of stuff won't happen anymore. This is not the Wild Wild West, folks. It's the 21st Century. Wake UP!!!

  6. Dans
    1 year ago

    In the course of protecting his neighborhood, which had been repeatedly burglarized, Zimmerman correctly focused in on Martin, (who's cellphone pics and texts revealed a questionable character) who was acting suspiciously to begin with. Contrary to the evidence, which is conveniently ignored by the media, Martin had plenty of time to leave the area; in fact, Zimmerman did not know his whereabouts until he was confronted by Martin who sucker-punched him in the face, breaking his nose, and pummeled him to the ground, martial-arts-style. As Martin was smashing Zimmerman's head into the concrete sidewalk, he had no choice but to defend himself with his legally-possessed weapon. Despite the race-baiting by so-called black "leaders," the Left and the media, Martin was clearly criminally assaulted by Zimmerman unjustifiably. Zimmerman did what he had to do to defend his life and to
    protect himself from serious harm. Anyone who has commented here would be a fool to not have done the same thing under the same circumstances.

  7. Sempersmom
    1 year ago

    Finally, an article that doesn't take sides and deals with only the facts. The only people who are upset about this article are the ones who want to keep fanning the hate that is coming from the politicians.

  8. Wanjiru
    1 year ago

    Seriously, now the victim is being blamed! Was he armed? Did Zimmerman have the right to kill him? Was he under attack? I usually read articles on this website, but seriously considering unsubscribing. The right to life is a universal right whether black or white? Was TMs right less than that of Zimmerman? Really, the editors of Catholic Online have to consider that this website is read by persons of all races etc and who are brought together because they are Catholic. I write from a City in Africa and am wondering why you would allow this website to publish an article such as the above. The issue is about TM and what the facts of the case were and not about all other issues!

  9. Emma
    1 year ago

    There is one thing that keeps being repeated by MSM and civil rights activists that calls for some clarification and that is that an innocent child who was only out to the store to buy skittles and tea is now dead. Wonder how many know what skittles and tea are used for? Mixed with cough syrup, they are used to get high. If your kids are spending their whole allowance on skittles and tea, you might want to check their pupils! Not as innocent as it's being made out to be.

  10. Kene
    1 year ago

    I see that being catholic means it is great to attack a dead kid.

    The hate on this site makes me wonder who is sitting near me when I go to church. This page is nothing but pure hate. Nothing at all to do with Christianity.

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