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Facts aren't racist, so let's talk about racism and Trayvon Martin Comments

Unsatisfied with the jury's failure to find George Zimmerman guilty of murder for defending himself against an attacking Trayvon Martin, Attorney General Eric Holder has promised to pursue civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, if possible.This is Eric Holder, the one who failed to prosecute the heinous actors in the Fast and Furious debacle, the  'Mexican gun running' Eric Holder. He has now called for "our ... Continue Reading

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  1. Emma
    1 year ago

    My name is Antonio West. I used to live in Brunswick, GA., until one day when I was 13 months old. I was riding in my stroller out walking with my mommy when two big boys came up to us and asked my mommy for some money. When Mommy said that she didn't have any, they got really mad and started yelling at her. Then, they shot me in the face. I don't know why they wanted to kill me. We didn't have any money to give them. We were poor too. But, why didn't the president say anything about me getting killed by them? Why didn't anyone put my picture on a t -shirt? I know that I was white and they were black, but we all lived in the same neighborhood. I was innocent. I hear that I'm the youngest murder victim in the U.S. Could someone please tell me, Am I going to get a T -shirt too? Will the president mention me by name? I know the two who killed me were legally only boys, but they were bigger than me. They didn't have to shoot me in the face and kill me. If my mommy had had any money, she would have given it to them. Then, they shot her too."

  2. karlVDH
    1 year ago

    Man, get real. I used to BE a police/fire.ems dispatcher, and we had COMPLETE authority to tell people what to do when THEY called US. "Don't go back in the house." "Try to get to a safe place." "Don't touch anything inside," etc. and telling wannabe-cop Zimmerman to back off Martin wasn't "avoiding liability," that
    s RIDICULOUS. It was the ONLY responsible thing any telecommunications officer COULD say. Had your hero chosen to comply, there would have BEEN NO ALTERCATION.
    That's the part that everyone wants to brush off... if George Zimmerman had LEFT TRAYVON MARTIN the heck ALONE in the first place, absolutely nothing would have happened, and nobody'd be dead.
    There IS NO WAY to tell, spin or contort this story so that it is ANYONE'S fault BUT George Zimmerman's. And following a kid while talking on a cell phone and carrying a gun? Yeah... that actually IS creepy. To any reasonable observer, obviously Martin included, the guy looks like a stalker.
    now, let's break it down further. Why did Martin turn and charge? Because he was IN his neighborhood. Now, you all keep suggesting that Zimmerman's neighborhood watch was somehow a responsible thing to do. Ok... he's been staking and watching Trayvon in his own neighborhood all this time, following him, talking quietly on the phone, etc... why isn't Martin's behavior toward this "creepy" guy being hailed as anything but some punk attacking a man?
    If Zimmerman was "defending himself" and "watching his neighborhood," we can assume no less of the kid who isn't here to defend himself now because the "creepy" guy following him DID actually turn out to be the guy who killed him. But no... Trayvon's a black kid with an attitude at school, so, let's just assume that his attack of a guy he saw following him IN HIS OWN NEIGHBORHOOD was motivated by anything but perceived threat. That way, we can focus on the word "Cracker" instead of the assumption that a black kid in a hoodie is up to no good, and we don't have to confront the idea that to a black kid, a white stranger stalking him might actually seem like a threat. Because... you know... black people can't POSSIBLY be afraid of whites, right?
    And if the roles were reversed? If Zimmerman was black and Martin white?
    Please, man. We all, if we're honest, know what would have happened. The black kid would be "stalker" and "murderer," and the white guy a victim. Stick to reality. That's true and you know it.
    There IS no way to tell this story in which Zimmerman isn't completely responsible for what happened.

  3. Christine
    1 year ago

    Response to "where did Cain learn it?" This is so stupid... ( BTY) there were no "Christians" at that time in history, The answer is in Genesis. Original sin committed by his parents by which the human race died and awaited resurrection with Christ Jesus. Murder is Satan's M.O. He succeeded with Cain's parents and he most certainly succeeded with Cain himself.

  4. Holly
    1 year ago

    OK our esteemed journalist is talking facts. Answer this question: How many Whites have been successfully prosecuted( if prosecuted at all ) for killing Blacks? Texas has the highest rate of death sentences - how many were White? Racism is an issue despite what the "facts" say. Where I used to work I saw Whites continue in their jobs where Blacks were fired for the same violation. What would have happened if Martin had killed Zimmerman? All other things in the scenario being the same?

    1 year ago

    There's nothing false or accusatory about TRUTH:
    If George Zimmerman had done what the police told him, and left Trayvon Martin alone, there'd never have BEEN a confrontation, and Martin would be alive.
    And there is no way to tell the story so that ultimately, that's not part of it... and so there is, logically, no version of the story or way of telling it so that this whole thing is anything but the complete and total fault of George Zimmerman.

  6. I'm not Eric Holder
    1 year ago

    Karl VDH,
    What police told Zimmerman to do ANYTHING? after the 911 operator asked Zimmerman I f he could see where Trayvon was going, she realized Zimmerman was following Trayvon, and asked him if he was following Trayvon. when Zimmerman responded yes she replied we don't need you to do that. the 911 operator is trying to avoid liability if there was a problem. the 911 operator is not a policeman, and has no authority to tell Zimmerman what to do on PRIVATE PROPERTY. Now go look at Google maps at the apartment complex. Zimmerman followed Trayvon for about 200 feet before Trayvon ran off. Zimmerman did not pursue him. Trayvon ran down 3 buildings to his father's house, He TOLD Rachel Jeantel (Prosecution witness who testified to this) he was home, but he did not go in the front door. instead he ran around the building. he ran past his dad's back door and ran BACK to where Zimmerman was. (As testified to by ANOTHER PROSECUTION witness). Trayvon's path took him 3 biuldings down. each building is about 125 feet long, separated by an additional 25 - 30 feet, for a total of 850 feet minimum. He could have gone in the front door, he could have gone in the back door, he could have gone anywhere but back to Zimmerman. he chose to return to where the "Creepy-ass cracker" was. why do you suppose he did that? was trayvon going to invite Zimmerman out for a cup of coffee?

  7. Tony Mbanefo
    1 year ago

    I'm so surprised to see an article like this on a Catholic website. Whatever the subject matter, the article itself is clearly written in a provocative manner. Is this what you consider to be Catholic material!?

    The issue of race is far more complex than than the armchair babble in this article, and facts like almost everything else, can of course be used for a racist agenda. In times past, Nazis used selective facts to justify their actions. They weren't the first and clearly they are not the last.

    The danger here isn't that sensible, thoughtful people will be won over to the underlying argument that black people are more violent, dangerous etc. Which by the way is offensive rubbish! The danger is that thoughtless people will lap up this nonsense and use it to justify future acts of violence and intolerance. THAT IS NOT A CATHOLIC PURPOSE.

  8. Emma
    1 year ago

    No stacey. I did not make up any facts. I took the time to investigate and learn all of the facts, not just those that were propogated by people who want to profit from this incident, ie. Holder, Obama, Sharpton etc. It would behoove you to do the same rather than attempt to discredit another with false accusations. Furthermore "you don't like miinorities " What I don't like are those who would choose to use racial status as an excuse for bad behavior. Both of these men were minorities, so, how then is race an issue in this case except as a tool to pit one group against another? May I suggest that before you accuse someone of lying, that you check your facts? Catholics, tho I am one, do not have a monopoly on the truth.

  9. Pamela
    1 year ago

    As a catholic, I am really embarrased at this article and others on the Trayvon Martin case, whcih are clearly taking sides. I wish the editors would do a better job scrutinising these articles to uphold the dignity of the catholic church and defend our catholic beliefs.

  10. Brian D.
    1 year ago

    Vietnamese Catholic is correct in his analysis. When asked by the media how different would the trial have been had Zimmerman been black, Zimmerman's attorney Mr. O'Mara replied, "Their would not have been a trial" The racial issue was fabricated by Sharpton and Jackson who saw this as another event for their own publicity and to stoke racial division, without which these two race hustlers would not have the spotlight or the income it generates. If these two were really concerned about violence, why are they not in Chicago where hundreds of young black men have been murdered? Why the Trayvon Martin case? Simply, they figured the Trayvon Martin situation had a black vs. white story line, when in fact it was not black vs. white. No, the dustup for this was totally fabricated. The truth does not matter to these race hustlers. The scary part is how many have blindly followed along.

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