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Ted Nugent calls Trayvon Martin a '17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe' Comments

Conservative rocker, NRA member, and outspoken critic of the Obama regime, Ted Nugent has published a statement in the Conservative publication, Rare, blaming the death of Trayvon Martin on Trayvon Martin. Continue Reading

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  1. emtee
    1 year ago

    Sky, get a clue. I am Catholic but not a Bible-beater. Jesus did teach us to "love our enemy" and to "turn the other cheek". And yes there is a commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill". If you take it all so literal and not in the parabolic context that it was intended, then how do you explain the wars, battles, murders ,etc. that are rampant throughout the Bible that are supported and backed by God? ie. See: David slays Goliath. Was Goliath not a child of God? Did David "turn the other cheek"? Oh I see, there are exceptions to fit certain situations and circumstances in which murder and killing are OK as long as they serve our particular interest.

    George and Trayvon were both culpable in this case. Trayvon was no innocent child by any means. He was the aggressor and initiated the physical confrontation. I guess, George could have turned the other cheak and accepted the beating without defending himself which likely would have resulted in his death. At least the child would still be alive and the divisiveness and nonsense going on throughout our country would not be happening. Shame on you George Zimmerman for following the laws of the state you live in and defending yourself from great physical injury and even death. Shame, Shame, Shame!

  2. Elliott C.
    1 year ago

    @author...good attempt of not imparting your views...but they seep through. "Pummeled" When have you ever seen something pummeled with scratches to show? NEVER.

    Good attempt though....but major fail because one sided view.

    Check out the real costs of Nugents hate mongering.

  3. Ta-152-H
    1 year ago

    You would not post what I sent in how Nugent bragged of getting out of the military draft but Vance's comments about TM's past get's in? Vance being a bad student is punishable by execution?

  4. Jse
    1 year ago

    Wow. So this is what it means to be "Catholic." The hatred and racism on this comment board is sickening. I hope I NEVER see any of you people at Mass. Maybe you should be more open about your views in public so that we know who to tell our children to stay away from.

    It is stunning how opposite you people are from the Lord I know and how I practice my faith. Might I suggest a book to you: the Bible.

  5. Sky
    1 year ago

    As a catholic website, I am appalled by this article. One of the ten commandments says 'do not kill", Jesus preached that we love our enemy and turn the other cheek to those who hurt us! Giving robberies and safety for the neighbourhood as excuses for the death of the child do not come close to what Jesus taught us. There was a death, and a child at that and that should be condemned. Regardless of the child's moral record, this death should't have happened. I also wonder why Zimmerman's track record with the law enforcement wasn't mentioned. Also, there is a glaring omission in this article- 911 clearly advised zimmerman to stay away, but he didn't. Even if Trayvon initiated the brawl, Zimmerman could've 1) fled the area 2) retaliated on the same level as Trayvon instead of using a weapon in self defense. This article embarasses me as a catholic.

  6. KarlVDH
    1 year ago


    racism is the assertion of superiority of one race over another in my dictionary.

    ...that's not what it is in a real dictionary, Sara.

  7. Jim
    1 year ago

    Wow. . . I never thought that being Catholic had anything to do with the hateful, racist speech being spouted on this website. You certainly don't speak for me, and I'm guessing you don't speak for MOST Catholics. You need to stop this hateful nonsense, it's offensive and hurtful.

  8. SaraPalen
    1 year ago

    racism is the assertion of superiority of one race over another in my dictionary.

    yes, this part about people in power may be true SOMETIMES, but blacks can also be racist, even if not part of the political power structure.I have been told by a black man himself that he is racist. Oh no, he got it wrong- the inteligencia says he did, as he admittedly spoke with no shame over it.

    in my hood there are natives and blacks fighting from time to time. a street form of "standing your ground". nothing to do with imminent "self defense" in the rule of law.

    within power structures, there are other power structures. the previous definition of racism on this thread is much too broad. Even if one is not in power one can think he is better by his race.

    and where is the racism if it is a hispanic and black as is this case?

    What about the power structure in the gang culture that many young blacks are drawn into? The gangs in America and our neighbors to the south are extremely racist. This controls a lot of the criminal activity and seems to be especially what a lot of black youth are drawn to.

    Perhaps a healthier way to deal with identity of manhood, which I think needs to be part of the discussion, is in one's own family, which is unfortunately in a shambles for many.

    Why are so many blacks dying at the hands of other blacks? Is it "whoop ass" justice?

    Perhaps Ted Nugent is not politically correct in his statements, but there may be some truth in some of those ideas. I would guess Teddy wouldn't mind having some young people of any race come and shoot some arrows with him, and hunt some deer.

    how about a deer summit, Mr. Nugent?

  9. Vance
    1 year ago

    Ted Nugent got it right. Trayvon Martin was a Bad student who was a discipline problem and getting kicked out of school. He was just a punk kid with a hateful attitude. No, he was NOT a nice kid.

  10. AA Cunningham
    1 year ago

    " a dead kid with no record" karlVDH

    Martin didn't have a record only because the Miami-Dade School Police Department never reported his criminal activity to the Miami-Dade Police Department. If MDSPD Chief Charles Hurley; who should have been prosecuted for sexual harassment himself, hadn't been cooking the books and not reporting the crimes of people like Martin, it's likely that the thug wannabe gang banger would still be alive today, albeit in jail.

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