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Gender is Gift: The Dangers of the Gender Identity Movement Must Be Exposed Comments

The Gender Identity Movement insists upon the recognition in the positive law of a newfound right to somehow choose one's gender. They insist upon laws which accommodate, fund, and enforce this newfound right. Those involved in the activist wing of the movement want to compel the rest of society to recognize their vision of a brave new world or face the Police Power of the State. In a culture where freedom is redefined as a right to choose ... Continue Reading

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  1. Arthur
    1 year ago

    If I am not mistaken, the presence of a Y chromosome identifies those who are genetically males.

    The problem with androgen insensitivity syndrome is that the cells of genetically male individuals do not respond to androgens (hormones promoting "male characteristics"). Some of those with congential adrenal hyperplasia are genetically female individuals who produce more androgens than normal, and thus develop masculine physical characteristics.

    I am not certain how the Church deals with these cases, but it is clear that these involve some physical abnormality. Now, what applies to an abnormal case cannot be said to be the rule for normal cases. To use a different case in order to argue for the abolishing of gender for those with normal physical make-up would be unreasonable.

    Much more, to use an observation from other species of the animal (or plant, bacteria etc.) kingdom in order to determine what human nature is would be fallacious. We cannot also suppose that animal behavior should dictate what human behavior should be, as many other animal behaviors (ex. polygamy, cannibalism etc) are definitely not moral for humans to do.

  2. steviant
    1 year ago

    So my penis is a gift from God, and refusing God's gifts is wrong? If I'm reading this right, then there's no such thing as rape, because I'm just using my gift for it's intended purpose, and refusing a gift from God is morally wrong, apparently.

    Any of you good Catholics willing to share their daughter's address? I have a gift from God for them...

  3. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    Soon, we will not be allowed to disclose the gender of our newborns in case they later decide to change their God-given gift of being a girl or a boy.
    The world is going mad, mad, mad! We all know that all this speculation and demand for gender change is the work of the Master of all Lies, the Satan himself, to confuse us, drive us mad and then, manipulate us to his liking - after we have lost not only all common sense but any ability to reason as human beings. Animals must be having a lot of fun with this!

    People, PLEASE, come to your senses, wake up, enjoy the God-given gifts of being Moms and Dads.
    I cannot even imagine what the Lord is thinking about all of this

  4. Journey of Faith
    1 year ago

    Charity and respect for the truth should dictate the response to a request for comments to this artilce. Since scandal can be provoked by opinion it may be best to refer to wiser counsel on this matter.

    I that case, the topic of hermaphrodism (a/k/a intersex and most currently described as "disorders of sex differentiation") is well covered by Thomas J. O'Donnell, SJ, consultant to the U.S. Catholic Conference Committee for Continuing Directives for Catholic Health Facilities and the Judicial Council of the American Medical Association in his book "Medicine and Christian Morality", published with the Imprimi Potest of the Maryland Province.

    According to Fr. O'Donnell, an estimated 1 in 1000 births with hermaphrodism (a/k/a intersex and most recently "disorders of sex differentiation" there is some question of sex identification.

    Most charitably I share Fr. O'Donnell's thoughts on the moral aspects (pp 225):

    "4. Moral Aspects: This almost schematic presentation of the elements of equivocal sex determination is presented only as an indication fo the vastness and intricacy of the problem and as a background for the following moral considerations:

    (a) Everyone has the right to be a member of one sex or the other. The human race has received its pattern of sexual distinction ultimately from the Author of Nature. When anomalies occur which render accurate identification of sex problematical, the tendency has been to refer to the individuals in terms of "intersexuality" or "bisexuality," and these notions find their way into the non-medical vocabulary as "half-man half-woman" or "freak".

    The moral implication here is that this type of thinking leaves the individual open to the serious danger of sexual abuse and morbid curiosity. Recent medical literature reflects a much truer and healthier approach to the problem by referring to it in terms of unfinished sexual development. This can be extremely helpful for both the individual in question and for the family. The ultimate question of which sex is properly identifiable in a given case is for the medical specialist to answer, as best he can, in the light of present medical knowledge of the relative significance of the variables.

    (b) Everyone has the right to have the inconsistencies of his or her sexual anatomy corrected by plastic surgery and pharmacological therapy. In cases where the sex variables are totally equivocal, the corrective approach may be toward either sex, depending upon the choice of the individual or, in the case of infants, the determination of the parents after consultation with the specialst."

  5. Zoe Brain
    1 year ago

    My comment was garbled somehow.

    First - chromosomes don't determine sex.

    See this Counterexample: J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Jan;93(1):182-9

    A 46,XY mother who developed as a normal woman underwent spontaneous puberty, reached menarche, menstruated regularly, experienced two unassisted pregnancies, and gave birth to a 46,XY daughter with complete gonadal dysgenesis.

  6. Zoe Brain
    1 year ago

    >>"Every single human cell contains chromosomes which identify whether we are male or female. That cannot be changed. ">Imperato-McGinley J, Guerrero L, Gautier T, Peterson RE. Steroid 5alpha-reductase deficiency in man: an inherited form of male pseudohermaphroditism. Science 1974 Dec 27; 186 (4170): 1213-5
    In an isolated village of the southwestern Dominican Republic, 2% of the live births were in the 1970's, guevedoces .... These children appeared to be girls at birth, but at puberty these 'girls' sprout muscles, testes, and a p3nis. For the rest of their lives they are men in nearly all respects. Their underlying pathology was found to be a deficiency of the enzyme, 5-alpha Reductase.> Now I am going to say something that may seem harsh but remember I am talking to you about objective reality – where the rubber meets the road. It is better to die than to offend God. It would have been better for you to have given your life to stay in obedience to God. ...
    For all you know, God may have given you peace and healed you. We can’t know that, but we can see some of the fruit of the course of action you did pursue.
    For one thing you have greater physical health — but at the cost of being an example to others that physical health is worth breaking God’s law.

  7. Henry Hall
    1 year ago

    The statement "Every single human cell contains chromosomes which identify whether we are male or female. That cannot be changed. It is a given. In fact, it is a gift"

    Well, yes it's true that it cannot be changed that every cell encodes male or female. But the cells themselves of at least non-human mammals can be changed. A mammal can be changed by means of gene therapy between female and male chromosomes. The cells still identify male or female, but now the other sex. This has been done in humans only to a very limited extent and in a context of extremely expensive bone marrow transplants to treat cancer.

    So I agree, a particular human's cells SHOULD NOT be changed from female to male or vice versa. Yes they really should not be changed. But to say they cannot be changed, or to say that it is not possible to change them over, well that is scientifically inaccurate.

  8. youkokun
    1 year ago

    I don't claim to know anything scientific about transgenders, but I can say from my own experience steeped in the LGBTQ community that I was moved by compassion to befriend those of this minority group and only when I got out of my own volition did I see how wrong, how petty and how selfish they were to demand change from the world because they were confused. Why should the majority community waste so much effort and propaganda on, as Jill Rhodes said, 1/2 of 1% of the population? Is that democratic, to be elevating their interests above those that directly affect the majority? But this article is right in pointing out that the effects are seen everywhere.

    The other thing I know about transgenders is that whenever I see a man pretending to be a woman I still don't know whether to laugh or vomit. To be so wrong in such desperation!

  9. Josephine Boone
    1 year ago

    The statement "Every single human cell contains chromosomes which identify whether we are male or female. That cannot be changed. It is a given. In fact, it is a gift" represents an extremely rigid view. Clearly the gender identity is more complex than chromosomes, It involves the the action of the chromosomes and interaction of the physiology and environment. Consider androgen insensitivity syndrome, for example. A genetic male with complete androgen insensitive has the external appearance and gender identity of a woman. Would Deacon Fournier cruelly try to force this person to behave as a male? . Clearly other cases are more complex and less well understood but very real to those afflicted. Compare the views expressed here with our attitudes towards other genetic disorders. We would not condemn a child born with cystic fibrosis, for example, to live a life in misery. Indeed, we would applaud modern science for its ability to assist this child. Why is gender identity different? Deacon Fournier says "those who suffer from Gender Identity Disorder (GID) deserve empathy", I say they deserve the medical science has to offer to allow them to live a life in the gender they know is correct for them. Rather than empathy let us offer them respect and support.

  10. Catholic Defender
    1 year ago

    The battle lines are drawn and the effort to indoctrinate young people is in full swing.

    I recently took on an on line college course entitled "Sociology and Sexology" thinking I might be able to take the class.

    Early on the Teacher (not named) made it clear they did not want scripture or anything Christian based involved in the discussions.

    I will add that the Teacher did admit that she is an Atheist and regarded scripture too divisive.

    As the class progressed onward it is clear and plain to see why. There is no fellowship between the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans (LBGT) lifestyles and Orthodox Christianity.

    The Progressive (liberal) movement have been developing curriculums to teach (beginning with) kindergarteners all the way up into the graduate level in college. Reported on CNN Opinion, BlackinAmerica" from the article, "Same-Sex marriage will hurt families, society" it says:

    "In Massachusetts, where a ruling legalized same-sex marriage in 2004, kids in public schools are reading books depicting same-sex families. At a California charter school in 2008, kindergartners' parents objected when a school newsletter alerted them to "National Coming Out Day;" a parent told a local ABC-TV affiliate that a teacher at the school screened a film to kindergartners the previous year showing gay families."

    This is where I now find myself, I am not a teenager or young adult that can be so easily indoctrinated, but the effort imposed by Academic society is drastically complimentary to the Obama's Administration attack on faith and family. The following is the most recent engagement between the Teacher and myself:

    "This chapter is by far and away one of the most difficult for me to respond to because I cannot nor will not be able to approve of this kind of lifestyle under any circumstances. Homophobia does not apply in any sense of the word. I grew up watching the original Star Trek and I thought J. S. Cavalcante is extremely over the top. It is one thing to understand that people act out their sexuality in various way, but this does not make it right. We have moved towards the literal understanding and meaning of what hedonism is. Basically, anything goes with no responsibility. This will never be accepted in society by and large despite the attempts to indoctrinate young people away from their parents and their faith. I most certainly can have compassion for those who choose to live outside of the norm. The invention of sexual orientation is steeped in the progressive movements of the latter 18th Century. I most certainly believe that most of these studies are flawed regardless if they are trying to tie the length of a persons fingers or the width of their ear canal. None of it is proven. To discover that they are "gay" is liken to someone who believes they were born a "witch", I have spoken with both camps, it is the same rhetoric. Where ever there is a dominance of acceptance of the LGBT we see a decline of faith and family. It is a really sad state because of the impact this has on families. Suicide is at epidemic levels among those who practice unnatural sex. You have to kill the conscience. I know that some here do not like the use of scripture, but for many of us, this is really a defiance against what our faith is. Love the sinner, hate the sin has been the motto in resisting such lifestyles. For me, this is a difficult task because it really pushes the envelop to an "in your face" status."

    "Again Donald, you are not taking a sociological perspective. This is not about agreeing or disagreeing about certain 'lifestyles" as much as it is about the various types of people who live in this society. The social fact remains that there are many sexualities and ways of expressing ones self. But when you start tying in religion once again, you begin to judge others who do not follow your very narrow worldview.

    As a social scientist and a human being, I take great offense to the statement that 'in societies where there is acceptance of LGBT people that we see a decline in faith and family'. Where is your scholarly research? Where is your proof? It is your opinion.

    Not everyone in this class agrees with what they read but they are able to look beyond gut reactions and moral judgments to talk about the material at hand. Even Mr. Cole questions his understanding of the material but he is able to critically think through his confusion because he wants to learn.

    This posting shows me that you do not. Have you ever stopped to think that one of your classmates might be LGBT? Do you not have respect for your fellow classmates? Leave your judgments off of the weekly discussions.

    And yes, I think homophobia describes your approach to the topic at hand - there is hatred and fear of individuals just because they don't believe the way you do.

    You may think that I'm crossing the line but I have every right to ask that students analyze material using a sociological perspective and remain respectful to their classmates. It's in my syllabus. Read it for yourself."

    I will give here an example of the material that we are presently covering:

    The following is taken from the textbook entitled "Sexualities in Context, A Social Perspective" and the following comes from J.S. Cavalcante, "The Word Withheld". (Ironic that "The Word Withheld" is more than symbolic)

    "They shed their cloths, leaving them where they fell, and dropped into Kirk's bunk together. Spock slid his hands around Kirk's back and down to his ________ pulling Kirk against him. He could not wait for the sensation of Kirks naked body against his; when he finally felt it, it was ecstasy. Kirk was warm in some places and cool in others, his arms and chest and thighs like sculpted marble. The pulse in his throat thrilled against Spock's lips. Spock's hands shook as he caressed the curves of Kirk's backside.

    Kirk's hands were not particularly steady, either, as he stroked Spock's chest, carding his fingers through the curling black hair. "You're beautiful," Kirk whispered, "and all of a sudden I'm as nervous as a teenager."

    This definitely casts a very different objective of Star Trek??? This Chapter was entitled "The Alphabet Soup of Sexualities", which covers the "invention of Sexual Orientation quoting Gay publications such as the "Advocate". (The Virgin Mary who is our true Advocate before the Lord is now replaced by a pro-Gay advocacy group?)

    This Chapter also covers that Christians and people like myself are homophobes. The assertion is that those who oppose homosexuality on biblical grounds are "socialized into hegemonic masculinity", inspiring "hate crimes, murders, assaults (sexual, physical, and emotional), rapes, batteries, and other forms of violence."

    This makes clear what the Teacher thinks of me when she writes, "And yes, I think homophobia describes your approach to the topic at hand - there is hatred and fear of individuals just because they don't believe the way you do."

    I have never nor would I ever advocate violence against anyone, what is most important here is the violence that the LGBT brings upon themselves. The following is from "Impact, a LGBT health and Development Program, White Paper, A healthy Chicago for LGBT youth". This is coming from a pro-Gay site, think about the balance in reality?

    Results show that Chicago LGBT youth report health disparities across all domains. In terms of mental health, LGBT youth were more likely to report depression and depressive symptoms, previous suicide attempts, and non-suicidal self-injury.
    In terms of sexual health, LGBT youth were more likely to report sex risk behaviors, a deficit in HIV education, and in female-born youth, were more likely to report pregnancy. In terms of substance use, LGBT youth were more likely to use tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana. And finally, LGBT youth were more likely to report experiences of sexual violence and victimization. Taken together, these results indicate health disparities for Chicago LGBT youth are strong and pervasive. Due to the presence of these disparities at such a young age, they are likely to influence to health and well-being of LGBT Chicagoans throughout their lifespans.

    Consider what the Teacher concludes in her response regarding another classmate "Even Mr. Cole questions his understanding of the material but he is able to critically think through his confusion because he wants to learn." The obvious thing to conclude here is that if you oppose LGBT you are confused and you need to be enlightened to the truth behind this lifestyle. There is no hell, no judgment, no right or wrong. Can't we all just get along?

    Mom and Dad, are you listening to this? This is centered on an extreme Progressive position that is out to indoctrinate your children from the earliest age down to the Academic. This is being made into a science taught with the same assurance to math, reading, and history. Even Catholic Schools must be really vented before sending your children to school.

    I took this course with the intent of testing my compassion for the sinner and humanity, but this is a clear case of pure indoctrination bent to reform America. Know that when you start seeing commercials of children playing with toys of the opposite sex, this is part of a process to change America. They want to take away the meaning of Christmas, but they want you to buy their new gospel?

    Hell bells, another entrapment set out by the enemies of God. We are being conditioned and desensitized to join them. The scriptures and the teaching of the Church is clear about this. Mother Mary reminds us that more souls go to hell because of the sins of the flesh than any other reason. Do we think that we are smarter than He, surely not!

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