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Not Guilty: Zimmerman Jury says it was Self Defense. How Will the Nation Respond? Comments

What was a local story, gained national significance because of the narrative in which it was framed by many in the main stream media. The return of a unanimous verdict of acquittal by the Jury, in a trial broadcast on every major network, will not end the controversies which the entire matter has brought to the surface. Everyone who cares about this Nation, whether you agree with the decision of the Jury in Florida or not, should pray ... Continue Reading

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  1. Claire
    1 year ago

    George Zimmerman was a volunteer watch for the place where he lived. He was a self-appointed neighborhood watch. It is important that we be observant and report any suspicious activity, which he admirably did, but instead of stopping, staying in his vehicle as ordered by the police dispatcher, Zimmerman continued to follow Trayvon. How many men, young or old, would not confront someone who is stalking him, someone who is not a police officer or at least the condo security? Someone without any authority? When Zimmerman discovered that this young man was stronger and in better shape than he was, he pulled out his gun and shot AND killed Trayvon. If Zimmerman had obeyed the police dispatcher or not had a gun and used deadly force, Trayvon would not be dead, this case would not have happened.

    if we drink and drive or text and drive, and someone is killed, we are at least guilty of manslaughter even though we never intended to kill anyone. Why is Zimmerman not at least guilty of manslaughter?

  2. Bob Carey
    1 year ago

    After examining my conscience and considering the media treatment of George Zimmerman, I am still confused. Should I refer to Obama as a WHITE Negro or a White Black Person?

  3. Ta-152-H
    1 year ago

    Rafaelmare.Where are you coming from? If Romney was elected I as white should feel I can go out and freely commit crimes?'s all the media fault that junior G-Man Zimmerman decided he didn't like the look of somebody's walking stride and dress then that person ends up dead.

  4. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    How will the nation respond?
    With anger, and fury, if we're a nation that has any interest in justice.
    Trayvon Martin was a kid walking home with iced tea and skittles, in a place no one but George Zimmerman thought he shouldn't be.
    He's dead now... because George Zimmerman decided to ignore the police and follow him anyway.
    Given the evidence and testimony the jury was able to see, it was the only possible verdict... but the TRUTH is that Martin was guilty of absolutely nothing, and Zimmerman killed him for being a black kid.
    End of story.

  5. DLL
    1 year ago

    The media equals mob rule. Justice if done contrary to what the media thought should have been the out come of this case,become the outrage of disgust,a race issue,to be further persued,now by a federal court. The media is the cause of injustice because they won't shut up and let the legal system handle the situation preferably privately. Given the facts and circumstances in this case,change it to a hypothetical for a moment. Would the media even care if the conflict involved 2 Hispanics and one was shot to death as the two struggled in similar conflict. I think NOT! Race is the divisive element that the media loves to exploit. In fact the media seems to want the races to be in conflict. The Civil War in this country never ended even though the civil war was more about keeping slaves because they were a source of free hard labor. Even whites were slaves at the time of Lincoln. If you were poor you were a slave. The Civil war was about slavery more than race. Since the Civil war the conflict has been about race. No one in their right mind thinks a black man inferior to a white one these days. This used to be taught as a truth but most would agree it to be a lie today. Eugenics and having planned parenthood clinics to liberally offer abortions in black communities is racist and injustice to blacks these days,but even our President won't admit this. How many Black babies have died from abortion? Where is Reverend Jessie Jackson and the media when it comes to the many,oh so many black baby abortions? Those babies fundamental civil rights to be alive have been violated! Haven't they? President Obama! Haven't they? Where is the public outrage on black baby abortions? That leaves the open question as to who is really got any "Civil Rights"at all be they black or white. One thing is still true the poor and the unborn all have very limited civil rights.

  6. scallywag
    1 year ago

    In the end, one can agree the death of Trayvon Martin was indeed senseless but perhaps what was equally more senseless and reckless was the media’s willful smear campaigns against George Zimmerman and their insistent view that Zimmerman was a racist and that the case was about racism when in the end the shooting happened to involve two men of minority status who had an unfortunate run in and perhaps should have never been if level heads on both parts had been exercised.

  7. Irma
    1 year ago

    I think that the kid was already scared when he was being followed and he thought the man was going to hurt him I would feel the same way if some one was following me.

  8. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    How will the nation respond?

    Hopefully with less crime now that thugs will think twice about assaulting someone.

    Or those who think that because there is a black president they can commit crimes simply because they are black.

    But most of all, we should pray for peace.

  9. L
    1 year ago

    Al Sharpen, Maya Wiley Center for Social Inclusion and the NAACP, please STOP TALKING!! Trying to make this case about race 'not to fear black people' Really? This case is NOT ABOUT RACE -- STOP making it about race! Listen to your self talk... We the people fear blacks? -- Americans voted for a black US President, are you now saying Americans should fear our FREELY elected President? Our country is the best in this world, oppression is everywhere. Our Justice System has stood the time test -- STOP TRYING TO MANIPULATE to make yourself feel powerful with your own personal agenda(s). This was a trial about a shooting. Attorneys agreed on jurors (even profiled them -- 5 mothers -- a mothers love)!! The verdict was found. What I don't get is why is the media & others trying to make this case about race?!! We have younger children of. all skin colors committing crimes & being charged as adults! Nothing was blown to this magnitude! We the people need to understand/accept the facts and stop trying to manipulate our Justice Department!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY?!?! Shooter Science Maya Wiley, REALLY!!! The media needs to stop instigating -- Hate Breeds Hate -- LOVE BREEDS LOVE -- simple FACT! Engage brain prior to opening mouth!!!!!!!!! I am profoundly disappointed in this long time religion -- THE LORDS PRAYER should be reviewed!! To enter into this court verdict -- shame shame shame. May our Father and Savior forgive the hearts of this mighty yet divided country! Don't you get it -- the oldest military tactic -- divide and conquer. Is this what God and Jesus taught us?

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