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Not Guilty: Zimmerman Jury says it was Self Defense. How Will the Nation Respond? Comments

What was a local story, gained national significance because of the narrative in which it was framed by many in the main stream media. The return of a unanimous verdict of acquittal by the Jury, in a trial broadcast on every major network, will not end the controversies which the entire matter has brought to the surface. Everyone who cares about this Nation, whether you agree with the decision of the Jury in Florida or not, should pray ... Continue Reading

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  1. Joe
    1 year ago

    I wish George and his wife well. This country has turned it's back on the four men at Benghazi and now wants blood from George Zimmerman. This President and Holder have forgotten about self defense. I have stopped the local paper, they didn't print a word about Benghazi. Now the media wants to brain wash us into thinking this was a criminal act. If my son was involved in something like this, I would want him to save his life. The jury made the right decision. This was not about race, it was about a battle for survival.

  2. Emma
    1 year ago

    How can the doj now investigate this objectively? After Barry shot off his mouth prior to having any evidence before him? The doj itself has disqualified itself. The moment that they sent their "people " to Fla. to instigate and infiltrate community demonstrations, they tainted any future investigation. We are a nation filled with hate and fear. If not, all could walk the streets without being either feared or in fear. Hispanics are all "illegals ", blacks are all "gangsters ", young people are all only interested in themselves, yada, yada, yada. It took two men, neither of them had the good sense to remove himself from the situation. If the NAACP was truly concerned with young black men they would be screaming from the rooftops over black on black killings. But, the mouthpieces from that organization are stuck in the glory days of their youth, when what they stood for was relevant and would like to keep them alive. We are all stereotyped by someone. There is no special class of victims ...unless we choose to hold onto that status. Then, we cripple ourselves. Then, we kill each other.

  3. Catherine
    1 year ago

    Harold Olsen, you have just proven that racism is alive in this country and its people like you that keep hate alive. A child is going home from the store, he is killed by a man with a gun... suddenly he has a drug and criminal history that was written in the sky over his head - visible for Zimmerman to see and do the world of favor and killed him. So, "God's will is done: as Zimmerman said on Fox. After all blacks all have drug habits and are criminals. Whites, oh those innocent drug problem, no criminal records! You are such a hateful, hypocritical, Satanic minded person! A mother is weeping for the lost of her child - oh, but I forgot blacks, even, their children are not human, so they feel no pain and deserve death. This kind of comments you made would not even be allowed on a satanic website, but image, its here on a Catholic site. Whiles you continue to spread your hate, you shouls ask yourself this question....when I hate who do I serve?
    And yes, am a black..proud Black Catholic, who believes in the commandments including thou shall not kill. No matter what race. Just so you know, whenever I hear a violent death of a child, I cry and pray for their family...and Harold, that includes all race, ethnic.... we as Catholics are suppose to be prolife, even pro black children life.

  4. Catherine
    1 year ago

    Sometimes I have go research this site to be reminded that this is a Catholic site and hopefully some of the people here are Christians? But again we regard slave owners as Christians, so the SATANIC statements that are posted should not surprise me a bit. We are so deeply rooted in race that we don't see God. This weekend's homily spoke of loving our neighbors: Here's a reminder
    Matthew 22: 34-40.
    34But the Pharisees, when they heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, gathered themselves together. 35And one of them, a lawyer, asked him a question, trying him: 36Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law? 37And he said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38This is the great and first commandment. 39And a second like unto it is this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. 40On these two commandments the whole law hangeth, and the prophets.

    Guess many of us will miss the roll call, cause we will be too busy hating..
    'God, help our hard hearts, give us hearts to love, Father..we are so weak, but we give our weaknesses to you knowing that you never fail us no matter how many times we fail you and each othrer. Lord, teach us to love. Amen

  5. Duane
    1 year ago

    The mainstream media made this a bigger story than it should have been. They twisted the facts and labeled it as a race issue. Who's racist here? The media, who is more prejudice (against Christians, Whites and people that have money, People with values) than the majority of Americans. They are to blame for the divisiveness in the country today. They are also the cause of the violent protest resulting from them misrepresenting the truth. We should demand the truth!

  6. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    The only things the results of this trial are apt to produce are more racial tension and division just like the ill fated decision to have the trial in the first place. That decision was forced upon the governor by the well organized and financed hard core racist activists supported by the ruling class in Washington which will never cease to bow to the wishes of those who falsely demand control of the majority of black Americans in order to maintain their status of sons of and heirs to the legitimate chair of Martin Luther King.
    Of course the death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. A confrontation we all wish had never happened. But it did. Both men had the right and some need to be there that night but recent events of crime in the area and the absence of adequate law enforcement provoked a need for neighborhood watch and that lead to the encounter. Exactly what happened will never be known but evidence and sworn testimony lead the police investigation to conclude George Zimmerman acted in self defense. Normally, and especially if this had happened in Chicago, that would have ended the story but since Zimmerman was (able to be designated) a “white” wantabe cop and Martin was (able to be designated) an innocent teenaged black the media, so sensitive to the will of the black racist agenda, this episode qualified as a monumental civil rights violation and an opportunity to assemble and orchestrate a political parade for the sake of sons of eternal societal segregation based on race. The administration which has always been eager to advance their cause and cater to the needs of his adoring base wasted no time entering at the head of a national protest verbally and figuratively inserting himself into the Trayvon Martin family with his customary false compassion. That was the signal to begin beating the drums of division, something deemed necessary to keep the followers of Sharpton and Jackson on the plantation for the democrats in congress and turn our attention to our race problems and away for the corruption in Washington and especially the White House.
    One could easily see that had Zimmerman not been able to resist the advances of Martin that night the authorities in Sanford Florida might even now still have an unsolved murder on their hands.

  7. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago


    Scallywag??? must be a limey???

    These are your words..."it's all the media fault that junior G-Man Zimmerman decided he didn't like the look of somebody's walking stride and dress then that person ends up dead."

    No, it's TM's fault for trying to take GZ's gun and kill him with it.

    GZ was just defending his life.


  8. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    How did you gather evidence to conclude that the media played such a large role in the Martin Zimmerman case? I wonder if we do not sometimes come to such a conclusion only because it fits our own agenda.

    I did not follow the Martin Zimmerman case in the media. I do not watch TV and listen to little radio. I learn about events in the world from multiple and diverse political perspectives presented in the media sources available on the internet. I concluded that racism was a part of the case. No doubt the media has powerful influence on public opinion, as it should. However, to say that the response is driven by the media is a stretch.

    I come to the conclusion that race is involved in this case because of my 25 years of experience as a white man living and ministering in the Catholic Church in a predominately black community. My family is now facing a decision that results from a shooting in the neighborhood. Regretfully racism plays a role because persons involved are of different races. It should not be this way, but it is.

    From my perspective one must conclude that race was involved in the confrontation between Martin and Zimmerman. Take a look at the story about the African American woman from Florida "sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot at her allegedly abusive husband. Claiming self-defense, just as George Zimmerman did in the Trayvon Martin shooting trial, a jury convicted Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon." I do not know the facts in the case, but I assure you this is another case that presents to my community a symbol of injustice. Put yourself in the shoes of black people with little power to defend themselves in a court of law, then draw a conclusion.

    Catholics take symbols very seriously. The Martin Zimmerman case is a symbol of the deep rooted racism in the culture of the United States, especially in the justice system. As a symbol of a reality, it has the power to stir emotions. Your conclusion of calling readers to "pray that the discussion and examination of conscience which this trial has engendered is not only peaceful but productive" is the work of a disciple of Jesus Christ. For that work to be authentic disciples must first admit, then work to eliminate and repent of the racism deeply rooted in self, culture, and church community.

  9. Harold Olsen
    1 year ago

    I was shocked when I heard the verdict. Shocked but pleased. Zimmerman should never have been put on trial in the first place. The prosecution caved to pressure from blacks to charge Zimmerman with murder. Had the rolls been reversed, Zimmerman being black guy and killing Martin the white guy, blacks would have cheered Zimmerman as a hero. Martin's family and the brain dead media tried to paint Martin as a clean cut all-America boy who never used drugs and had no criminal history. The truth was,, he did have a criminal history and was a drug user. He had gang tattoos and was a hoodlum. The prosecution did not have a case and they knew it. They were in competent and the judge was biased. I actually thought the judge would overrule the jury's verdict if they found him not guilty and declare him guilty. Now, Obama and Holder are planning on putting him on trial again for violating Martin's civil right. They want Zimmerman and they want him bad. He's innocent but they want him found guilty.

  10. abey
    1 year ago

    In the same way like the reasoning of Irma the all woman jury came to its conclusion, except that Martin was the weaker one & unarmed at that. In short the justice meted to the case seems to be on the basis of that old Darwinian theory all the way, the hollywood way Things indeed are looking "backward".

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