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Not Guilty: Zimmerman Jury says it was Self Defense. How Will the Nation Respond? Comments

What was a local story, gained national significance because of the narrative in which it was framed by many in the main stream media. The return of a unanimous verdict of acquittal by the Jury, in a trial broadcast on every major network, will not end the controversies which the entire matter has brought to the surface. Everyone who cares about this Nation, whether you agree with the decision of the Jury in Florida or not, should pray ... Continue Reading

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  1. Vance
    1 year ago

    I was happy to see the jury get it right as opposed to the Casey Anthony case where she got away with murdering her two year old child. This was a clear Self Defense case that should not have gone to trial. Trayvon Martin 'attacked' Zimmerman and pinned him to the ground while punching his head against the cement. Zimmerman couldn't shake him off. Since no one came to his rescue when he yelled for help, he did what was necessary to save his own life. If Trayvon Martin kept walking, he would be alive today. Trayvon Martin was the perpetrator and the thug who attacked his victim. Zimmerman is the 'Victim' not Martin.

  2. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    In memory of Chris Newson & Shannon Christian Knoxville Jan. 2007, in hopes, justice will triumph.

  3. Sum Nemo
    1 year ago

    "Like it or not, our system of justice worked". This is inaccurate. The more accurate statemetn is that our system of law was observed. But law and justice are not one and the same; that what happens in a court of law is about law. If justice is served, that is incidental to the law.

  4. Rob
    1 year ago

    Starzec, your comments are spot on. The moment Zimmerman disobeyed the dispatcher and took things into his own hands, that is the moment things forever changed for the both of them. I too think he and his family will be ruined civily, but at least they are breathing.

    A young kid died because someone wanted to play cop, got his rear kicked and used a gun to get out of it. I guess only George gets to stand his ground? I guess we'd get the Treyvon's perspective if he was still here.

    Sad, sad situation that was completely avoidable.

  5. John
    1 year ago

    The Media took advantage of this case. They hammered on it daily for about six weeks. If the verdict brought riots and disappointments, NO one is to blame but The Media. People are being murdered every day, but most if not all go forgotten by the Media. Why this case was blown up by the Media is beyond me .THEY are irrisponsible .

  6. Catherine
    1 year ago

    Ta-152-H Wrote:
    Bob Carey .President Obama's mom was Irish why not call him Irish American?

    No matter who your parentage is, once there is 00000.00001% of black blood in you, you are black and part of the outsider. Personally, I believe that unless we look back at slavery, accept that it happened, reconcile ourselves to its many impacts, some of which is still felt today, this country is doomed! We call ourselves a Christian nation, yet we continue to reveals should hatred of people we consider 'other.' Shame on ALL of us! Am still awaiting for the Catholic Bishops in America to give a clear and precise thought on race relations....still waiting....

  7. Dennis Brown
    1 year ago

    The real issue is why are most people afraid or suspicious of young black males. George Zimmerman wasn't the first man to feel uneasy around a young black male. Here is a quote from Jessie Jackson

    "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.... After all we have been through. Just to think we can't walk down our own streets, how humiliating.

  8. Dennis Brown
    1 year ago

    When will the Church stop Father Phleger from preaching his hate and trying to divide America? I am sick of this man and he makes me feel less like I want to be Catholic

  9. Starzec
    1 year ago

    Like it or not, our system of justice worked. A person was arrested, tried by his peers, and found not guilty of a crime. Whether or not a person believes it was the correct verdict is immaterial. This very case demonstrates that our Constitutional rights are very much intact.
    Now, I will say I do not agree the use of deadly force was appropriate. Yes we all have a right to self defense but that right does not mean use of deadly force unless met with deadly force. In fact nearly all self defense courses instruct to act in self defense then elude and escape to safety. Mr Zimmerman disobeyed instruction and engaged Mr Martin. Promise you, if he was not armed, he would not have gone looking for trouble. How do I know that? I have dealt with cowards like Mr Zimmerman before. He thought he was going to flash his firearm and Mr Martin would have taken off home.
    This wasn't murder as it wasn't premeditated. It was Mr Zimmerman's negligence. He was instructed to stay away and when he ignored that instruction, someone ended up dying. I smell a civil case much like OJ.

  10. Ta-152-H
    1 year ago

    Bob Carey .President Obama's mom was Irish why not call him Irish American?

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