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Texas Bill SB-1 Threatens to Make Casual Sex Harder to Come By Comments

SB-1 is the bill that seeks to ban abortions after 20 weeks and require abortion clinics to uphold medical standards of safety. It passed the Texas House and is now on to the Texas Senate. Enter Ben Sherman and his sexual panic. His admission proves what the Church has been saying for decades now, that abortion, contraception, and all this sexual "freedom" has turned more and more men into pigs and more and more women into objects to be used, ... Continue Reading

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  1. Joseph Riani
    1 year ago

    @Jennifer: Thank you for the link! It confirms what I said. Guys DO care and it seems they aren't happy staying quiet. I am sure those guys are taking quite a bit of heat and I am sure they would appreciate a kind-hearted woman telling them they aren't misogynists for defending life and women. I hate that word.....

    @Emma: Thank you for you story! I certainly understand where you are coming from. On the other side of the spectrum I know many guys who unfortunately had a mother that thought her career was more important than her kids. She was present in body but rarely in heart. I have nothing against working mothers except when they relegate parental responsibilities to other people. Dads certainly can step up but the workplace is much less tolerant to men saying "I have to leave early to take care of the kids" than it is for women. When you look at who takes parental leave for instance, very rarely does the man take appreciable amounts of time off. He is expected (maybe even by his wife) to show up to work and make his job the number one priority. Too often I see households where dad does earn good money live off of and mom works just to get out of the house. Men never saw work as a vacation from chores / parenting. We always saw it as a responsibility to nourish our family with food, shelter, and the basics. Our new way of life does not fit with the old economic model sadly.

  2. Jennifer Hartline
    1 year ago

    Hey Joseph, check this out! Fantastic!

  3. Emma
    1 year ago

    Joseph....I was one of those women. By the time I was 14 I'd had five "fathers ", at least as far as I remember. Then, because of some horrible events, placed in foster care, emancipated at 16. The definition of father, as demonstrated to me, was nothing more than whoever my mother was hooking up with at the time. I suspect quite a number of young women of my generation were taught the same. Fast forward to college where I made friends with a fellow student. My thought, "Too bad he's Christian. What a waste! " But, he was a great conversationalist. Funny and kind. He would stop by and invite me to tag along when he and friends were doing things that he thought I'd be interested in. A meteor shower, sea kayaking, concerts etc. I DID finally ask him if he was gay. I could not understand why else he would not have his hands on me! Seriously. His response had nothing to do with religion. His response was "I respect you." It wasn't until I heard those words from someone that I liked and admired that I ever even thought that I deserved respect. It wasn't until then that I began to respect myself. I imagine there are many young women out there who could benefit from a friendship like that. Who need to hear those words, more than they need to hear the overly used, " God loves you." BTW ..we just celebrated our second wedding anniversary. He's definitely not gay or misogynistic. He is a great husband and father. And now, that our friends are seeing our marriage growing, more of my friends are starting to express a desire to find someone "like him ", if you're single, do I ever know some women who are looking for guys like YOU!!

  4. Jennifer Hartline
    1 year ago

    Joseph, thank you for being a gentlemen. I appreciate it very much. Thank you for enduring the name-calling and insults, and the personal attacks on your sexuality and character for the sake of what's right. I promise I'm trying with everything I've got to raise my daughters to admire men who are gentlemen and not give the other guys the time of day. Their father is also doing everything he can to teach them how a man treats a woman, and what makes a man a real man. In the meantime, please know that you are not alone, just as I know that there are other women like me who eschew abortion, contraception, casual sex, etc.

    The fact is, contraception and abortion HAVE made it much easier for jerks to objectify and use women. And women have cooperated with their own degradation and even celebrated it with their foolish, misguided ideas of freedom and progress. Now women even cry Victory at being able to kill their own children. God help us, what a mess. There's plenty of blame to go around.

  5. Joseph Riani
    1 year ago

    Jennifer, plenty of gentlemen exist but they don't have big mouths like the loud one you are quoting. There are guys like me that get shot down and called "misogynists" for being against abortion / contraception. Do you know what it feels like to be charged with hating the one creation you are programmed by God to protect? Well, welcome to my world. I've had many women fling the accusation that I'm a "misogynist Christian Taliban" because I believe abortion and contraception are wrong. Guys like me also get harassed about "secretly being gay" because that is "the only reason a man doesn't have sex with a woman to whom he is not married." The list of insults go on and many of the nastier ones like "men should just shut up about the issues because until they can carry babies they don't get it." Or what about the cliche "if men could get pregnant abortion would be a sacrament." Most of the nastier comments I heard directed at me came from women! Then I read the above article and learn that women are objectified (hapless victims) by men (pigs) are the perpetrators. Honestly, I have never read an article on this site or any other by a woman that expresses even a drop of gratitude for guys like me, but plenty of attention for the handful of guys like the one you quoted above. Once in awhile it would be nice to hear men being honored for something non-materialistic or something that does not involve the taking a figurative bullet for that poor damsel in distress. It would also be nice to hear a little affirmation more often that we are not "misogynists" or gay because we respect women. If you don't take time to celebrate what is right in the world you allow evil to monopolize the news giving a very skewed image.

  6. Jennifer Hartline
    1 year ago

    Joseph, please believe me, I hear you. And I have no fear of hurting women's feelings. I have written many, many times in the past about the deplorable conduct of women in today's society and how women are the ones who must raise the bar again if we ever hope to have gentlemen again. However, the article I was responding to was written by a male, and it was his attitudes, his remarks, his views, his expectations that I found so horribly piggish, sexist, and demeaning. He is certainly not alone in his thinking, either, and that presents a real problem for future generations. Men are getting harder and harder to come by, and ladies are equally hard to find. I'm trying to raise four daughters to be young ladies, so trust me, I know exactly what the landscape looks like.

  7. Joseph Riani
    1 year ago

    Dear Ms. Hartline and others,
    I would like to share some statistics with you as well. In the 2012 election, 45% of men voted for Obama compared to 55% of women. More women voted for the most pro-abortion president in history than men. This same president is also responsible for the egregious HHS mandate that Catholic social services will now have to fund birth control purchases. You can beat on men all you want but I think the numbers (facts) speak for themselves. I suspect if 99% of men voted against Obama you would still lay a disproportionate blame on men to avoid hurting women's feelings. This is the result of a hyper-feminized society in that feelings take precedent over logic.

  8. Ruth
    1 year ago

    Joseph and Emma are right in that the disrespect for women comes not just from men. The contraceptive mentality fueling the sexual revolution and the feminist movement have worked hard to teach women to hate being mothers. When we women hate something that is intrinsically part of us, nothing good will result. We don't have respect for men (they too are used as sex objects), we don't have respect for our children (abortion) and we see our elders as burdens not gifts (euthanasia.) We women are gifted as co-creators and can do things that men can never do. Motherhood requires sacrifice and so many only see the world as how it benefits them and reject all form of sacrifice for another. We have forgotten that true love (agape) is always based on the opposite of selfishness--self-giving. So we no longer seek to love and substitute sex in its place--and our world dies from lack of love.

  9. Vance
    1 year ago

    Jennifer, another great article. It's a criminal shame that what you said here is not said at the pulpit. I'm not hearing it.

  10. Emma
    1 year ago

    i have to agree with Joseph. Maybe in the 50's and 60's women waited for men to make the first move, but that's no longer true. Women are as much the aggressors as the men, maybe even moreso. They will fight over guys, physically, as if they were property. It's no longer only the men. Young men who choose to remain chaste are frequently bullied(by both sexes) . I have no idea where this began as it's the culture that I was born into, but I would say that each objectifies their own self. Until we teach young men and women to respect themselves, they cannot respect others. Then, children learn what they live. If I was this young man's mother, I would be taking a long hard look in the mirror. I would be asking myself, " Is this the example that my husband and I set for him? Did we teach him in some way that women are to be disrespected, that he should so disrespect himself that he believes his sexual gratification is more valuable than the life of his own child? " Same for a daughter. How "bad " a role model would I have been to raise such a selfish young man? or woman?

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