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Opponents of the Right to Life Use Judge in Wisconsin to Stop Legal Protection of Children and Women - Texas is Next Comments

Though the opponents of the Right to life used a Federal Judge in Wisconsin to strip legal protection from children and women temporarily, and even if Texas is next, they simply will not prevail. God is the defender of these children, and the protector of the mothers who know not what they do. The fundamental Human Right to life cannot be stripped away by any Court or any legislature. Our cause is just. The Right to Life will prevail. Continue Reading

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  1. Mike L
    1 year ago

    Regarding Starzec's comments:
    1. It is a typical mistake to assume that children would rather die than face things like poverty. For one thing, poverty is relative. We define poverty in the U.S. in terms of an income level, which would be considered wealthy in central Africa or southeast Asia. And I have been to southeast Asia, where families along the coasts of Thailand still live in tents after the last tsunami. If you had the temerity to ask them if they wished their children, some of whom were gratefully saved from from that natural disaster a few years back, had never been born, I'm sure they would strike you in the face if they were not such a polite people. Assuming children would rather die than go though difficulties is not only illogical (you can't ask them, so you are actually assuming something absolutely impossible to prove), but incredibly offensive and is borne of a pusillanimous attitude.
    2. The real motive behind the seeming humane claim that we ought to murder people to save them from difficulties we assume they will encounter is probably pure selfishness. Babies are a lot of work, and require a lot of love. It is simply easier to murder someone than reorganize your life and take care of them. This gets back to pusillanimous attitude mentioned earlier, which is an attitude that seeks a "life of ease" while at the same time avoids all difficulties, challenges, or "drama."

  2. SaraPalen
    1 year ago

    rock on Deacon- stand with God for the "crushed and bleeding slave" stand with humanity

    I will, in the name of humanity, which is outraged, in the name of liberty which is fettered, in the name of the Constitution and the Bible which are disregarded and trampled upon, dare to call in question, and to denounce with all the emphasis I can command, everything which serves to perpetuate slavery-the great sin and shame of America. I will not equivocate, I will use the severest language I can command. And yet not one word shall escape me, that any man not blinded by prejudice, shall not confess to be right and just.

    the amnesiacs of this generation cannot make the connection to the haunting words of the past. they see not the connections of the bonds in human nature that tie us together. That is why they can look at an ultrasound, as they did a slave in the past and not see the humanity. Even some Catholics dismiss these natural precepts, promoting a twisted an illogical justice, which is no law at all.

    It is true John Paul said the decision to have an abortion is often tragic and painful for the mother, but her reasons however serious and tragic can never justify the deliberate killing of innocent human life. No circumstances, no purpose, no law whatsoever can ever make licit an act which is intrinsically illicit, since it is contrary to the law of God, which is written in every human heart, knowable by reason itself, and proclaimed by the Church. This proclamation is compassion. It is where justice and mercy meet in the flesh.

    no either or, it is compassion for all of human life, but when one is being explicitly denied by the positive law it is our duty to be faithful citizens. It is not our faith to be silent on this. This is a lie. Was Blessed Mother Teresa using political rhetoric when she talked of these things? Did not Pope John Paul II, soon to be a saint not have a great love for women, yet he spoke this truth with love.

    thank you Deacon Keith for not being the moderate white that MLK mentioned. God bless!

    the unborn is a child of Christ too.

  3. Emma
    1 year ago

    "How about actually taking care of children after they're born? "...Starzec, you're kidding, right? You've *got* to be! Two food banks, a crisis nursery, a large shelter that provides medical services, schooling for homeless children, safe houses for women and children escaping a violent environment, suicide prevention services, parenting classes, adoption services, free medical care, housing for over 100 orphans, multiple foster parents, scholarships from K of C, music ministry for at risk youth and probably more that I know nothing about, all within the Sacramento City Limits, all CATHOLIC! How about speaking the truth? LifeNews recently ran a piece on a young woman who was considering abortion because her baby was diagnosed with Downes Syndrome. Over 100 people stepped up to adopt this child! Then, the pro aborts denounced them for offering their help. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. But how anyone can say that Catholics are not caring for children is beyond me. Only someone blinded by bigotry would make that assertion! Look around the entire globe and you will see men and women of faith (not only Catholic) reaching out to those in need. Being prolife doesn't stop when a child is born, being prolife begins at that time!

  4. Jerzy Gawor
    1 year ago

    'The ACLU does not recognize the civil liberties of children in the womb.' Oh really?

    Interesting statement from the ACLU. So tell me, the child inside the womb is in some way not human and has no right to life? And the child outside the womb has these rights????

    Where is the difference people?! Each and every human person has at some point in their life spent 9 months or so in their mother's womb - EVERY SINGLE ONE WITHOUT FAIL! Now what the ACLU are saying is that each one of us had no rights while we were in the womb yet we all grew and developed into human beings. Each one of us was an embryo, then a developing foetus at the very earliest point in our lives and guess what we ALL grew into humans - not frogs, not turnips nor cabbages or guinea-pigs!

    Every human being in their mother's womb has the right to life! TO murder that baby in the womb is the gravest sin of all against the most defenceless of all.


  5. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago


    Yes, our government is a republic, but it's a DEMOCRATIC republic.

    And it is the duty of the american people to change it (voting) if it does not represent their wishes.

    Clearly here the corrupt judges have decided to impose their liberal agenda against the wishes of the american people. And the american people are justified to make changes in the constitution in order to prevent those abuses in the future if the american people want it.

    Oh, and voting IS a right, it's under our bill of rights.

  6. Irma
    1 year ago

    Why should we the Tax payers pay for all the abortions that take place all year long, year after year after year.

  7. Starzec
    1 year ago

    Tom M, take it a step further. How actually taking care of the humans after they are born? How about Catholics actually do that!! That would be a huge positive step. But they get wrapped up in the illogical and very Anti Christian/ Anti Catholic belief that someone children are responsible for their situation. Want to blame the adults for having kids when they cannot afford to take care of them? Great. But why punish the kids? That is exactly what's happening.
    Here's the deal, either accept abortion or pay for the children's well being. Pick one. There is no option C. I am all for anti abortion laws until someone stands up and says "I'm tired of my tax money going to freeloaders". I find it easier to pay my taxes than to go a family's home, feed and clothe the children, then leave.
    Rafaelmarie, the United States is a Democratic Republic NOT a true democracy. We elect people to represent us. While sometimes it seems that it has a tendency toward oligarchy, it only becomes that when we, as citizens, do not perform our DUTY (it is not a right) to vote. And since we vote for humans, we have to accept that they sometimes make mistakes. If the mistake is especially egregious, then vote against the person. That is how you prevent an oligarchy.
    Lastly, it is not only the current sitting president who owns this problem. Nixon was president when Roe was decided. Reagan had great support and did little for abortion. Bush the first had less support than Reagan but did less. There was a veto proof Republican Congress during the Clinton years and nothing. Bush the second had a Republican House and Senate for 5 of his 8 years and DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT ABORTION. Now you lament about President Obama at least trying to help the poor with the AHA. How about instead of trying to overturn the AHA, how about the Republican controlled House actually pass a bill to do something about abortion?? I'm waiting..

  8. ManassasGrandma
    1 year ago

    We have an imperial judiciary. What is rule by judge? Judiciacrazy? Or just crazy?

  9. David E.
    1 year ago

    Please provide a citation for your claim that the ACLU is taxpayer funded. Other than a Rush Limbaugh rant, if you would.

  10. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    You said: "No-one with even a scintilla of credibility can fail to see the absolute contradiction which is revealed when we allow them to be killed at will for any reason and what we now routinely witness in every 3D or 4D ultrasound."

    Yes there are people with a scintilla of credibility who do fail to see the absolute contradiction. It is Christian duty to model the truth of what "respect for all human life" means. Engaging in hot and angry political rhetoric does not build credibility. What if we all took a step back and reflected on compassion for those who would choose to have an abortion or to help one have an abortion? What if we were to attempt to stand in the shoes of those in society who have no hope? How can we be a witness and a hope for those who do not share our vision of life?

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