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Special Report: Africa In The Redefined World. An African Catholic Woman Challenges President Obama Comments

Dear President Obama,I ask you sir, with all due respect to your highly esteemed office, what if our African values and religious believes teach us to elevate the highest good of the family above sexual gratification ? What if the African society has been naturally wired to value the awesome wonder of natural conception and birth of children within the loving embrace of marriage? What if the greatest consolation of the African child is the ... Continue Reading

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  1. Dorothy Forsac
    1 year ago

    Thanks for the great article my dear. If I may recall the worries of my priest the day France celebrated officially its gay wedding " I wish I could be alive in the next 200 years to see who will be in control of this world. The Koran gives Muslims the right to marry up to four wives. Christianity is one man, one woman. If one woman can give birth to 10 children then 4 women can give birth to 40. Now Christians have gone to gay and lesbian marriages which means no children. What will happen to the christian population in the next 200 years and what will happen to the Muslim population? Who will be in control of the world looking at the trend of events these days. Worrisome I must say"

  2. Marydzedah
    1 year ago

    Well i have to say Africa is indeed fighting alot of other things and by the Grace of God we shall overcome, Casey please understand the Letter we are fighting so much as a continent including those shrewed leaders and oh trying to get those guns out of the continent especially away from kids we are trying,..n that's why we don't want more wars on our hands we especially would not be for the idea of Same sex marriages tht's just plain wrong when God created Adam he went on to create Eve and then made them procreate why didn't God create a JOHN for ADAM or a JANE for EVE,...Come on people let's fight this evil of Same sex n end the war before the return of Christ because who would wanna see their brothers n sisters in everlasting torment because Same sex rlnships is SIN

  3. casey
    1 year ago

    well come on now, its not like africa is a beacon of righteousness. isn't this the same continent that gives weapons to 8 year old children? africa is home to some of the most evil dictators and murderers on earth. they mutilate women and their corrupt governments cant even provide the most basic infrastructure for its citizens. i agree that gay marriage isn't right, but africa has a host of other issues they should be working on solving. acting like africa is some sort of moral beacon for "evil" westerners is utterly laughable. the whole world is becoming morally bankrupt, and africa is not exempt.

  4. Simon AD
    1 year ago

    Bravo! Obianuju,the Lord who choose you will be your strength.
    As for POTUS and his gang,whether they believe in God or not they will be judge according to whatever believes/ideas they are propogating. By the way, why is he still married to Michelle and the rest of them their spouses. If POTUS and his cohorts want us to believe them,let them put up their children for adoption to the LGBT. They should let AFRICA be because we will not follow them.

  5. Iwenofu Obinabo
    1 year ago

    This whole drama is still evolving. How many of us will stand till the end?

    The evil one will always use carrot and stick approach and strategy to win souls to himself. Before Jesus Christ started His ministry the devil was around . He deployed the same approach and strategy to tempt Him in order to stop Jesus from doing the work of the Father. Africa and all good christians of other continents must use the answers given to the evil one by Our Lord to respond to POTUS, DAVID of England, French Parliament and many who are today the evil ones. The POTUS has not won all the States in his country to his Sodomic gospel yet he wants to bully Africa to submission. By the the way, who says he is an African when he was not brought up by any African Father or Mother. Why did he marry a Michelle and not a Michael?

    After Europe and America taught Africa occultism, they are pushing for same sex marriage to complete the total annihilation of humanity and remove God's position in creation, success, family institution and human family tree evolution. They have forgotten the the child has rights also. Rights to know his/her biological father and mother. In same sex marriage, the child sees 2 men or 2 women. How can the child reconcile the fact that a man is a mum or a woman a dad opposite of what was learnt in school and what he/she sees in friend's homes. Why pretend to protect the rights of lost and peverted adults while the rights of innocent and virgin children are taken away from. They have continued to stop these innocent ones from arriving this world through abortion, now they want to destroy, annihilate and disorient the ones who escaped their slaughter tables and murderous pills.

    Those who reject God's laws, teachings and injunctions must not adopt children who are beautiful gifts to those who obey and accept the Most High God's way of procreation. To protect these beautiful gifts, same sex couples must find their own ways of procreating their own biological children if they ever can.

    Humans are beginning to be below animals which God made masters over them. Have they ever seen a gay or lesbian dog, goat, lion or any other animal? Excessive unmerited wealth has warped their brains to engage in same excessive over indulgence. They now decide what is good for humanity as if they are not humans or own it. They have risen above God in wisdom, love, compassion and kindness. Good luck to all LGBTs and their rich and powerful official advocates and politicians

    All good christians should embark on serious fasting and prayers for God's anger to abate. While we pray for their repentance we also pray that they don't win more souls for the evil one.

    1 year ago

    In this trying times, Obianeju, it is only people like you have the guts to said the truth to the world of evil, where people think of nothing but destroying the natural way of life that God has design. God Bless you.

  7. Vera Anyiam
    1 year ago

    Obianuju, well done for standing up to the ungodly decision of same sex marriage that is being forced down on us Africans by the west. If it is the way they chose to live their lives, we say good for them. Africans have deep rooted culture that no one and no western power will lobby or coerce us into going that route. On same sex marriage, the Bible made us to know that in the beginning God created man. Realizing that it was not good for man to be alone, He provided him with a partner, a woman whom He created using a rib from him (the man). He called them man and wife stating that both of them are one. In Leviticus chapter 20 verse 13, God said that "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, they have committed an abomination; the two of them shall be put to death; their bloodguilt is upon them." I am not advocating for them to be put to death, I am not judging them. It is left to them and God. What I am saying is that the elite should not force same sex marriage down our throats as we are not forcing heterosexual marriage down theirs. Everyone is entitled to their own belief and preference which is accountable before God. A news article on the website, states that British PM David Cameron is to persuade Jonathan to give equal rights to gays and lesbians in Nigeria. He was on a BBC program and when asked if UK foreign aid should be docked from Nigeria, the prime minister said: “We will have to have some conversations with them, as I said nothing is off the table," He was reacting to a legislation passed by the National Assembly on same sex marriage which stipulates years of imprisonment. David Cameron should not use his country's aid to Nigeria as a bet. Leave us alone. We will not be morally bankrupt. Obianuju bravo and more kudos to you.

  8. Marie Drozdzik
    1 year ago

    Great article!! Europe has fallen years ago, and now the USA with it"s culture of death, deception and evil. God bless Africa and her people--I truly feel that you will lead the world out of this evil redefinition! Stay strong.

  9. allain
    1 year ago

    Thank you so much Madame for this true, great and inspiring article. The world needs you more than Africa alone. We need priceless people like you to speak the truth unlike the print and broadcast media of america and other nations that are PAID FOR to speak the crooks and lies. That instead of telling what is correct they become propagandists of evils and demoniacs in exchange of money in the name of business and popularity . May God bless you.

  10. cherian p m
    1 year ago

    Timely article having good moral and sense. God bless you.

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