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Ten Reasons I cannot cheer for my country this 4th of July Comments

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. As a patriot, I greatly enjoy celebrating my country's birthday. My ancestors came to this nation to escape religious persecution, fought in the American Revolution, the Civil War, and have been loyal, happy citizens for centuries. This has always been a great source of pride. Unfortunately, for the first time, I am greatly disappointed in my country and I worry for its future. Continue Reading

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  1. Sumanth Soundararajan
    1 year ago

    Ruth :

    Just what do you mean by "blanket hatred of business"?

    Please tell me, just how one is supposed to love *any* business ahead and above one's faith ?
    For a real Christian, it will be faith first, and in that line of faith, business should come at the end of the rope. Not the other way around.
    The tail of business (big banky) has been wagging the Head (Christians) for too long and in too many ways, it's very high time for a spiritual payback.

    "Fair in business" or "fair Christian business" has been a myth in real life.
    You might be a real good person, good hearted and doing some business, that in no way excuses the businesses out there that have together made "greed" and "hoarding" a driving force in society itself.

    Yours sincerely

  2. Lyn
    1 year ago

    I'm with you brother, one-hundred percent. For the third year in a row I'm not flying my flag on the fourth, or if I do it will be upside down again. The best we can do is be good witnesses to the Gospel and live Gospel values, no matter where that takes us. I'm afraid that our country is slowly headed down the road of Christian martyrdom. My only consolation is that Christ is closest to those who need him and call his name. God bless.

  3. james in colorado
    1 year ago

    I am a Vietnam veteran who was drafted and went to war thinking that I owed my service to a country who had been so good to me and my family. Since 1970 I have witnessed an in increasing loss of moral sensibility and personal freedom in this country and it saddens me to know that few people care enough to want to change this situation. I truly believe that it will take an Act of Almighty God to wake us up and free us from this lethargic state that were engulfed in. As Christians and God Loving people, we need to collectively repent of our sins (esp. abortion) and truly change our wicked ways. I'm Afraid that we have gotten the government that we deserve and it will only get worse until we fall on our face before our Creator and ask for His mercy and protection.

  4. Rob
    1 year ago

    I think this article does a great job telling us just how far our country has fallen. We've so many idols on the right and left and it's destroying the country, but more importantly, this worship of money, sex and power is creating a class of slavery that the world has never seen.

    I would propose that our failure to discuss all evil and all those things contrary to the gospel is the reason we keep slipping further into the abyss. Our failure to recognize corporate evil and really discern what exactly has become an idol in this country has allowed evil in many forms to be ignored or embraced.

    Picking and choosing which evils we fight creates the hypocrisy that is driving so many away from the church and christianity. We are either "ALL IN" or nothing.....

  5. DLL
    1 year ago

    God made us in His Image and Likeness. God Blessed all,as He had made a Man and a Woman,to be fruitful and multiply. This is a perpetual blessing for humankind forever. Life is that perpetual blessing. Humankind is meant to care for one another and the good earth under his feet. Human kind is blessed with the trust to be self governing. God trusts that we will find Him in all creation,as He created all,he is in all. To Love God is to love one another. This is the formula for happy living. Love is to be given and received. Life is precious. It all seems so simple. Our Country was founded upon hope and in that hope all could experience freedom,as well as peace. Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence is a principle upon which a New Nation was to to be founded,a moral one,as One Nation under God. Evangelisation is the motive upon which America was really founded initially. Eventually in time it became a Nation where all were welcome to find hope and a new life,hopefully prosperous. So many people from so many different countries came to form a new Republic,all under one new and American Flag. We are not as Americans the policemen of the world. Fact is that in those that live in these other countries,we see our old countries,that our ancestors originally came from,so we see our selves in others,from those different nations as well. America must help itself but by its very nature of its very own existence it can't help but to assist and help other countries. The principal of being is America and to be really free is share in the joy of a freedom that makes all one with one another and our God. The Christian Soldier is like every American a universal soldier of a peace,with out weapons of destruction,their only weapon is meant to be a helping hand that is extended to all others to help to establish and to maintain true peace in the world. The greatest affective weapon in the world,is the one word and action that make all lethal weapons obsolete and that is love. America is established on love of a country that is a melting pot for those of other nations to come to to find their opportunity to prosper as one
    Nation,Indivisible,with Liberty and Justice for all. Beyond secularism,materialism,totalitarianism and a host of many other isms including me-isms, we are really an idealistic nation that has always been seeking to establish a country of truth and justice,a fine Moral Nation of very high Moral principles. This is what is worth dying for. Because there are so many citizens that form our country from so many different nations of other countries,we must be the best of the best as Americans because with such great diversity among us,we have to be the best country in the World. All people can join together in hope,as all become one nation,that nation that we call the United States of America. Happy July 4th as our independence is our dependence on God and each other,for the sake of each other. Unity is the perpetual universal blessing from God as Thy Kingdom come,Thine will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

  6. Jerold
    1 year ago

    "By the rivers of Babylon we sat and cried when we remembered Jerusalem" - Ps 137

    This is what everyone is saying in their comments. OK you've done your whining and complaining, what are you going to do about it? If for some reason you're thinking that someone is going to be riding up on a "white horse" and rescue the country that isn't going to happen. If you think the politicians are going to save the country that isn't going to happen. If you think the Bishops and Priests are going to save the country that isn't going to happen. The only people that can save this country is you, me, us. Because it was you, me, us that helped put our country in it's this situation. Prayer is good and we need it but sooner or later people are going to have to get off their rear ends and do something. As Paul said, "faith without works is dead". Ya gotta DO something. You can't just sit on the side of the road whining over your flat tire, waiting for someone to change the tire for you. Get it done people!

  7. Ruth
    1 year ago

    Your blanket hatred of business (big, banking etc.) is counterproductive and media driven. You should try to run one before spewing such nonsense. The same media driven hatred of 'insurance companies' is why we are being persecuted by Obamacare. When socialists wants to control an area of our lives, they have to convince us that there are bad guys there and only they can rescue us. While there are problems, the 'fix' for all these 'evil' businesses is for the government to take them over--either slowly through stifling regulations (see the new coal regulations) or by taking over them in fact (see auto industry). But first whole categories of people (ie business people) have to be vilified.

    Glaringly missing form your list is the moral decay of this country where we murder our children by the millions and glorify any sex as long as it is without its intended purpose--procreation.

    Both 'business' and moral problems can be 'cured' by people knowing Christ, Loving God and actually living their lives as Christians.

    May we all be Catholic in word and deed! May we love one another (willing the good of the other because they are other). May we all consider ourselves to be third in the list of those who are important--1) God, 2) others, 3) us. Then we can have a society of active love.

  8. kathleen
    1 year ago

    I agree completely. It saddens me to see my beloved country in this state. America the beautiful is almost a memory, I still have hope and will continue to pray for our country but what amazes me the most is the complete and utter blindness from so many.

    I know this may sound weird to some but, I really don't care, I have the same dream from time to time and I'm floating above the land, and oh it's so beautiful lush green fields, color beyond imagination, and then the picture switches to desolate dark scorched earth and a voice says" look what happened to the gift I gave you".

  9. Erika
    1 year ago

    You are not alone. Our generation has dropped the ball, now we must turn to our children to carry this heavy burden. Teach them well.

  10. mike
    1 year ago

    OK LET's start figuring out what the situation is going to be once the Obamacare regulations start to be enforced....Paint the picture for one seems to want to talk about it. There is sooo much to say, and nobody is saying it....For instance, will there have to be a Catholic UNDERGROUND of some kind, that communicates by word of mouth? Who will be going to jail? Just exactly HOW FAR are the bishops going to capitulate and do gymnastics with the Faith and with their consciences? Quit whining. I, for one, have felt the way this article describes SINCE VIET NAM! Nobody is doing anything. I want to see Lay Evangelization Centers spring up, where the people from several parishes can meet and talk, and witness to the Truth, and help each other - the flock first, outsiders next. In ca capitalist society every family paddles their own canoe, and if one canoe capsizes - everyone else paddles faster! We need to HELP each other, and figure out what LIFE in this shithole is going to be like for us.

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