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Ten Reasons I cannot cheer for my country this 4th of July Comments

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. As a patriot, I greatly enjoy celebrating my country's birthday. My ancestors came to this nation to escape religious persecution, fought in the American Revolution, the Civil War, and have been loyal, happy citizens for centuries. This has always been a great source of pride. Unfortunately, for the first time, I am greatly disappointed in my country and I worry for its future. Continue Reading

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  1. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Mike, with respect... "The travails of Eric Snowden?"
    Come on man... the guy sold us out and called it "whistleblowing." He then accepted help from Assange and is trying to go to whatever anti-US Communist or socialist country will take him in.
    The guy's guilty of espionage, Mike, and a strong case could be made for treason as well. Especially now.

  2. Rob
    1 year ago

    It's all about discipleship. The sooner we are willing to live as disciples in all areas of our life, the sooner we turn the tide. The public just isn't buying all the duplicity. And that is exactly what occurs when we latch ourselves onto the major political parties. Their goals and goals of Christ are not the same...both try to make them so, but they are not.

    We are just unwilling to let go of the labels.....

  3. Kathleen Wagner
    1 year ago

    Man, it is ALL about money to you, isn't it? How about the fact that our country allows babies to be killed up to the moment of birth, and there is an effort being made to extend that license after birth as well? Some Catholic you are.

  4. TESS
    1 year ago

    Governments will only have power to do the things they want to do only if we have given them the power to do it. A life of low morale, giving in to every desire we have. we have been far too self absorbed, self idolizing, we so called people of faith. The very so called people of faith do not live as Jesus has called us to live, a life of humility and humbleness. Parents are busying making money to buy big homes, big cars. Have dreams and ambitions for their children to become the worlds greatest economist, scientist, doctors, lawyers, did they take the time to teach their children to pray, did they read the bible together or have dreams for their children to join a religious life.. we are very busy people, we have not time to pray and read the bible together. God was given the second class treatment by the very so called faithful servants. Even now the so called faithful are not willing to let go of their ego and pride of wanting to to be the greatest with more wealth, more power, more fame. The so called everyday church going people are using God's given grace to pursue their own selfish interest instead of preaching God Good News.

    Its very disappointing, Even God has given up on us. Yes in His time, He will bring down his mighty arm on the wicket.

  5. Vance
    1 year ago

    Marshall, your points are spot on with the exception of #7. The Media is controlled by Marxists straight up and down, forwards and backwards, and side to side. Give the GOP some credit. Speaker Beohner passed 47 Bills to 'Over Turn' Obamacare and the HHS Mandate. Harry Reid and the Communist Democrats in the Senate blocked the Bills. Marshall, I would add a number #11. In addition to all the ills of our country, we are saddled with the majority of Bishops and priests who "Say Nothing" and "Do Nothing" to address these national ills.

  6. Paul R
    1 year ago

    As a liberal, I can say "Amen" to most of these points, which I guess it means that there are LOT of things independents, conservatives and liberals can agree on. Actually, that video is an excellent defense of liberalism, as a TRUE patriot works to improve there country, NOT thump there chest and say "We're the best! We're the best! USA! USA!"

    Points 3, 6,7,8, and 10, I completely agree with.

    Points 1 and 4 to be fair and balanced should point out other times the US has been out of step with who we armed, and who we fought with: Iran Contra, misguided war in Iraq, Vietnam...the list goes on...

    #2 is just misguided because it assumes that the current model for health care actually works. Maybe for the rich and insured, but what about everyone else? Many reasons why capitalism is an AWESOME wealth generator, but horrible for health care: Points to ponder, to save money we shouldn't insure pre-existing conditions, or the elderly, so IF we do insure them Health insurance companies make this onerously expensive. Capitalism at work for ya, but not exactly beneficial to the HUMAN condition. When your laying in a hospital bed you aren't price comparing every little procedure that is being done are you...Once again, an example of a MONOPOLY which means that the hospital can pretty much make any charge that they can legally get away with, not what there actual cost of care is. Of course you can always take the "hurry up and die health" plan offered by Republicans I heard it's cheap...

  7. mike
    1 year ago

    the travails of Edward Joseph Snowden should make us all realize that there is no where to go to get away from this mess we find ourselves in. IT'S TIME TO STAND AND FIGHT with all the tools at our disposal - fight for the Truth.

  8. Erika
    1 year ago

    Several good points are made, but I wonder over the wisdom of taxing businesses. My microeconomics teacher explained in very simple and effective terms the reasons why this isn't such a good thing for the economy: taxing businesses causes the prices of their products to rise and the wages and benefits of their workers to decrease. The business itself won't absorb the costs of higher taxes. That's just the way people operate. You can't tax a business/organization, you can only tax individuals. A business isn't a person (the whole corporate personhood thing is stupid), and so it shouldn't be treated like one. My teacher was Dr. Thomas Carl Rustici. He's a phenomenal teacher who taught me why minimum wage hurts the poorest classes and why price controls in general hurt the economy. Look him up.

    I also think reasons to bemoan the country are the same-sex marriage agenda taking over our legal and educational systems and the current threat to religious liberty in the military.

  9. Riki
    1 year ago

    A quote from Josef Stalin from the 1930's:

    "America's ... resistance is three fold: its patriotism, morality and spiritual life.

    If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."

    Come on Americans it's never too late to turn the page, don't give that communist bastard that victory.

    Stand up for our principles !!!!!! Rita Biesemans

  10. Robert Burford
    1 year ago

    Thomas Moore said at his execution. I am the Kings good servant but am the servant of God first. Our real home is in heaven. Today, the Fourth of July I honor our country but as you said we have a laundry list of unrepentant offenses. However, we are citizens of Heaven first and with prayer and action we will be called God's good and patriotic servants

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