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What Catholics Can Learn From Paula Deen Comments

Though religious persecution can certainly come from the secular liberal State, one must not forget that equally vicious religious persecution can come from intermediate private or quasi-public institutions with secular liberal bias such as the media, TV talk shows, big business, advertisers, publishers and the like.  We might call these the secular liberal establishment. Continue Reading

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  1. Andrew M. Greenwell
    1 year ago

    @Jake: In no way should the article be understood as an apology or defense of Deen. The treatment of Deen, whether deserved or not, is not important to the article. I specifically said: "Now, this article is not intended as an apology for Deen. Rather, it is intended to warn Catholics of what they might learn from what has happened to Deen." What I'm suggesting is that, in defending traditional marriage and opposing same-sex "marriage," Catholics will be considered as having as invidious and vicious and inexcusable an attitude as the most racist member of the KKK in Alabama did against the innocent African-American.

  2. Jake
    1 year ago

    I would like to stress that this is not supposed to be offensive or seen as an attack on the author, I was just slightly confused by this article. One thing Catholicism is meant to teach is patience and contemplation, but in this day and age it can become hectic and hard to do all the research possible. I believe the author might not have had time to fully review the charges against Deen, but it was not a word used twenty or thirty years ago (if that was the case, I believe quite a few famous persons would be in trouble), but rather a series of comments AND actions over the course of those years that directly violated basic civil rights. This involved segregated restrooms and only allowing black employees to only use the back entrance. I think this information does in fact change the situation a bit, and it was not just a liberal media tilting the story. I do think Catholics are meant to stand up for those who have trouble protecting themselves.

  3. Paul-Emile Leray
    1 year ago

    Great article! The secular liberal governments and establishment, especially those functionning in democracies, need the majority on their side. They do what is good for perceived political or business so-called advantage. A former Canadian PM once said "it would be political suicide", while referring to challenging some of these issues. There's the proof right there. It is the nature of truth that it often (probably, usually) separates itself from the crowd. Yet, how to reconcile this, as I have often written, with the other fact and reality that in democracies majority opinion (and emotions) has so much influence? A Jesuit wrote some brilliant words regarding Christianity and democracies, and about how democracies sometimes are falsely assumed to be Christian. Democracies can also bring to power dictators, as we have seen. Democracies, when the cult-ure is lost, can vote with a majority laws that are senseless. The secular liberal governments and establishment? In writing: qu'ils mangent la merde! (may they eat manure) They influence my quality of life negatively. They irritate me. Their policies and agendas bother me. And if they have a problem with it, so be it. Why? I have a right to exist on this planet, as much as anyone else. (as do all Catholics) And if some pink secular liberal lunatic wishes to take me on, prove to me you are God and therefore possess absolute undeniable objective reality and truth first; then, I will listen. If you are simply a mere human like the rest of us? Your OPINIONS and EMOTIONS are just that: opinions and emotions. Bark all you want. As they say in Spain, (or Portugal, I seem to have forgotten which of those 2 countries) if you listen to all the dogs bark on the way to the grocery store you will never end up making it. Result? Starvation. Death. I invite Catholics to be proud of their Church. Stop apologizing for it. There are writers, with some of their top flight fan-base being Jewish, who coherently show the great influences that the Catholic Church has had on humanity over the past 2000 years. Here's one: the liberal secular overly sensationalized lunatic emoters and opiners wouldn't be able to do just that; opine and emote so openly; were it not for the Catholic Church. It is what? True. And of course, they have taken their freedoms too far and now have ended up as slaves as a result of abuse on freedoms. On the subject of positive manmade laws? Tony de Mello (SJ): the law is an ass.
    It would therefore seem, logically speaking using that last statement as a premise, that those adhering to laws to the point of making the power of the state supreme would then be asses. Right? Right. And these people are progressive? A few thousand years of his-story hasn't taught them that when the state is made to be supreme it means that the people have lost critical thinking, are filled with fear to conform, are indifferent, asleep, or simply have governments who are too oppressive and therefore coercion (even if implicit and subtle) is taking place? America, you are better than that. At least, you once were. Freedom does not mean people can do whatever they wish, without any form of responsibility or consequence. In any case, the secular liberals (whether in politics, business, or elsewhere) do not control the planet. Natural laws. Absolute reality controls the planet. Prevent earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and meteorites falling from the sky if you, the secular liberal establishment, have so much control. And good control almost NOTHING. Period. Your illusions have enslaved you. They won't enslave me. Enjoy your corporate cubicles. A monkey in a zoo is there against his own will. You guys? You put on a suit and willingly encage yourselves, decorating your cubicle walls with certificates, under the illusion you are free. Free? Slaves. You bow to your boss, you need to show numbers to your shareholders, you need to keep your employees quiet and happy, you are subject to secular laws that further enslave you with your own tax money, and you are free? Just because you live in a democracy it does not follow, by necessity, that you are free. Most people are systemized, roboticized, structured to the point of being rigid, and what is worse it is often with their own tax money. Paying to be enslaved, by your governments. That is freedom? What, then, is slavery? I would hate to see what slavery looks like, then, if false notions and definitions of freedom are considered freedom by the majority.
    Paul-Emile Leray

  4. anne
    1 year ago

    i agree with you completely. this country has to turn itsself around and come back to god. Paula deen didn't deseve to be treated that way

  5. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    Your responses to your readers indicate your concern for Truth. It is to be commended. Thank you.

    Innocent men/women have been jailed because of the racial divide. Afro-American Youth continue to die because of racism. Indeed, a remnant of racist slavery is that many non-whites throughout the world continue to live in deprived conditions. Yes, many blacks (the majority) understand clearly being targeted by the system. One is alone, afraid and penniless. It is more than a sore point for many, the cause for many blacks to leave the Church which they associate with the oppressive system (whether liberal or conservative or ...).

    I think there is merit in the Church forging greater links with "minority" (in my country, blacks predominantly of East Indian and African ancestry are the majority) groups on this Civil Rights issue. Distinctions about civil rights / LGBT movement can come from minority organizations and the Church as a united force. There was a little rumbling from some minority organizations and Christian churches some time back...not sure what's happening now. It's quiet.

    Many died for these rights and others are shamefully piggy-backing on them. I don't think this was the dream that Martin Luther King Jr. had. And so I think it's time for the foolishness to stop.
    (Forgive me ... sorry for calling you Alan in my first comment. It was not name-calling or slander, but an error ... LOL :-)

  6. Bob Dee
    1 year ago

    Dean reported used the current-day pejorative after being held at gun point during a robbery. Like Jesus at the stoning of the woman, how man of the organizations now in a huff about what she said decades ago can stand in front of the Almighty and say they never have uttered similar perjoratives against a wide range of ethnic groups? Especially after having someone threaten their life at gun point.

  7. John Gonser
    1 year ago

    This whole situation hurts me to the heart. I can't understand for the life of me how and why the social secularists have taken the side of every immoral act as their own and have been championing it for so long without significant opposition. It is long, long past time to see and hear our clergy, especially our pastors, speak out clearly on these issues. If nominal Catholics can't stand to hear this then it is too bad for them. It still needs to be said and to be said publicly and with authority. Secular liberalism is the font of evil in America today.

    We Catholics are not entirely unblemished either. Look at our slow response to the pedophile scandal, both by the congregation at large and by the Church officials. Disgraceful! We wanted to sweep ti under the nearest rug instead of facing it directly. Now we find ourselves in similar distress. Catholics have long been the backbone of social liberalism in America, and now we find ourselves at odds with the mainstream of this movement. It is a spade: call it one! This is a fight we must not shy away from.

    As for the Deen case, I have already written to FoodTV telling them that I shall no longer view their offerings. Letters to WalMart, Smithfield, and others are in process now. We are under serious assault; God help us.

  8. Edward Q Guerrerio
    1 year ago

    That the secular liberal movement objectives are certainly something we as God's Creations should not fear that eventually Our Lord, Jesus Christ, will be put in a box. Those that conspire of such a 'no place' fantasy environment should reconsider if they continue beyond plans. Continuation of these plans will certainly raise the ire of God, He imposing a recall of those who head a movement that would hurt His Church. The same God that created you and I, in his image, has also created those that want to undermine his existence. Upon conception we all received a the most wonderful gift that no one else can give - an innate intelligent brain. The gift we received, the one that miraculously fashioned our bodies in our mother's womb is the conduit for Him to ID those who would want to impede His ultimate plans for mankind. As a Christian my firm belief and trust that our Creator's plan supersedes man's antics!

    Utopia: coined by Sir Thomas More in 1516 as the title of his book that described an imaginary island representing the perfect society. literally: no place, from Greek ou not + topos a place] -

  9. Andrew M. Greenwell
    1 year ago

    @Tiffany Williams. I'm sorry you took offense; however, I never suggested Catholics engage in "derogatory name calling." Stating Catholic doctrine, stating a moral truth is not "derogatory name calling." My point was that simply believing or even stating that homosexuality is an objective disorder and homosexual sex gravely immoral will--without resorting to name calling or epithets--itself be considered sufficiently offensive for the secular liberal establishment to destroy any Catholic celebrity's public persona

    @Trinbagonian: You make a good point. I think it rather plain that racial issues and issues regarding homosexuality and homosexual activity are world's apart. Discriminating by race is irrational, because race has nothing to do with the moral worth of an individual. Race is an non-moral quality. However, homosexual activity is not a non-moral quality: it is a social and moral evil.

    The LGBT movement has unfortunately latched itself to the moral capital attached to the civil rights movement that fought so successfully and well against racism. In doing so, the LGBT movement has been, and will increasingly be able to transfer the moral opprobrium that properly rests on racism artificially (and wrongfully) upon those who insist homosexual activity is sinful and homosexual "marriage" against the public good and destructive of authentic marriage.

    This, of course, is topsy turvy. Racism is a moral evil, discrimination on the grounds of race is invidious, and fighting against it is politically and morally virtuous. The normalization of homosexual activity and homosexual "marriage," however, is a moral evil, and fighting against should be politically and morally virtuous and not "invidious discrimination." Unfortunately, the LGBT movement has made it seem like fighting against the normalization of homosexual activity and homosexual "marriage" is akin to being a racist and so is advocating "invidious discrimination." Hence the parallel between what happened to Deen and what is sure to happen to a faithful Catholic that is in the public eye.

  10. Tom
    1 year ago

    Vance I agree with you 100% I will be sending emails to these companies this week and urging my friends to do the same. If big business will not follow the lord then we should not support them.

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