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HHS Mandate Regulations Issued Unchanged: Peter and Paul Challenge us to Prepare for Persecution Comments

In one more example of the looming Church/State conflict we face as Christians in America, on Friday afternoon, in a typical Washington 'document dump" tactic, the Obama administration released the final regulations covering the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. There was no change. The Regime will soon require that all health-care programs for employees cover contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient drugs. Continue Reading

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  1. Kenneth Brust
    1 year ago

    Pray that the Catholic Church gives some direction to the Laity as to what we should do since we are now commanded by our Government to comply with the HHS mandate. Are we sinning if we comply with this order by the Federal Government
    when we know this is against Catholic teaching?

  2. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    Joseph: "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. "

    You may want to serve the Lord, but if you also want you and your household to be protected from the catastrophic financial burden of illness, you will still need to purchase health insurance, and if you do, you will be serving Obamacare and its intrinsic evil.

    If you decide to serve the Lord by not protecting you and your household with health insurance, then you will be paying fines that will financially support the government that forced you to endanger your family and disobey its edicts.

    If you decide to serve the Lord by not paying fines to a tyrannical government, you will be going to prison and leaving your household to attempt to serve the Lord whilst fending for itself without you. They have all the bases covered, and have no intention of allowing anyone an avenue to serve the Lord without surrendering everything they hold most dear.

  3. Joseph
    1 year ago

    As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

    Secondarily to that we will adhere to our rights granted by the constitution of this state and nation. The firsts right declared in our constitution deal with the right to believe and live our lives according to those beliefs; the right to practice your own religion is the base of our society. To interfere with those rights is no less than treason. To understand the degree of importance that our constitutional rights were held by our founders and those generations before us you only need to read USC title 18 section 242 (this applies to all forms of government officials from the lowest school custodian to the highest office and judges and needs be enforced but we don't have judges that would uphold this law anymore). This is why the second amendment was created and sadly history may prove its worth as well.

    Even if we should disagree with another's beliefs they have the right to them and in all respects we have the right for their beliefs not to interfere with us acting within our own. To order another to pay for something so disagreeable is no less than asking a pacifist to commit murder of their own child by bludgeoning hanging and then drawing and quartering them. Both are a serious affront to our national Law, and the Sovereign Law ordered by our God.

  4. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    Vance, at least in my remote neck of the rural woods both priests and Bishops spoke out in strong language about the evil of the HHS mandate. I think you are being too rough on the religious and forgetting that 99% of those 52% of "Catholics" who voted for Obamacare rarely ever darken the door of a Catholic Church, and even more rarely pay any heed whatsoever to their priests or Bishops.

  5. Fawles Rowke
    1 year ago

    Wait and see how many "Catholics" remain when the persecution begins on a large scale. Henry VIII alone turned the Catholics of a whole country into protestants.

  6. Vance
    1 year ago

    Yes, we are facing persecution. BUT this didn't need to happen because all priests and Bishops could have addressed the issue to the Laity and they could have voted Obama and the Marxists out of office. HHS would have been over turned. Mitt Romney made a pledge on national TV to over turn the HHS Mandate. BUT NO, 52% of Catholics voted for the HHS Mandate. These 52% don't feel threatened because they are Pro-Abortion and use contraceptives. They also don't believe they are doing anything wrong. After all, they don't hear anything from their local parish priests telling them any different. The persecution is now knocking on our front door.

  7. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    Ronald Reagan warned America a long time ago that government control of individual health care inevitably leads to government control of every aspect of an individual's life. The HHS mandate is just one example of this, and many, many more are coming soon unless enough Americans decide to stand up against this utopian socialist tyranny and put a stop to it. Civil disobedience may be the only avenue left for people of good conscience and love of country to oppose what is fast becoming a dictatorship controlled by the bureaucratic elite.

    There will be no government-decided relief for Christians with regard to the mandate because the main purpose of the mandate was to test the government's ability to force its perceived strongest opponents into submitting to whatever unconstitutional or morally repugnant behavior it dictates.

  8. Joseph
    1 year ago

    Persecution is indeed coming for both religious and lay in the Catholic Church but all who are faithful must recognise that in addition to those outside the Church who hate us and seek our destruction we have enemies within, again in both lay and religious - reaching up to the highest levels of the hierarchy. We must take this on board in conducting ourselves in our fight for Truth. The Church in America, but also throughout the West, has become infested over the last 40 years with Modernist Liberals who prefer to cosy up to Caesar than speak the truth of God to him. If we are to fight the coming fight effectively and sincerely as good Catholics we are going to have to throw out all the post Vatican II distortions and lies and get back to the faith of our fathers, rediscovering the strength and beauty of our Tradition, in the mass, in our devotions and in traditional moral theology. In seeking to do this we must be prepared for intense opposition from the Modernist Liberals within the Church, which means we must recognise that our fight for the Truth of God must be fought on two fronts: against BOTH the enemies without AND the enemies within - and the latter are even more insidious and treacherous that Caesar himself. We underestimate their malice towards all that is good and beautiful in the Church at our peril.

  9. JimmyChonga
    1 year ago

    It is a HATE crime for a Catholic Priest to speak out against Homosexuality in Canada. Canada.

  10. josephtran
    1 year ago

    Let's look at ourselves. we really gave the others upper hand against us by the manners we handle the issues.Defense does not mean that we have right to against the others who differ with us. but rather, we gather to gather to oppose the issues which contradict with our faith. Moreover, we really fail to educate our people on these problems. while we are noisy with recent issues, what movement we can create to lead the crowd?

    Secondly, our opponents use to claim that they do not bound to Church teaching, therefore they can make law to tight anyone under their authority. However, do you see that there is the doctrine of a party that hid under the equal right movement?

    we need to request to have a publicly statement of policies and the goal of each political party to see whether or not our Legislative system become the instrument of one of these Parties?

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