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WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO - Syrian Jihadists behead Catholic priest Comments

Syrian terrorists have beheaded a Catholic priest who they accused of collaborating with the Assad regime. Those accusations have not yet been verified. Father Francois was summarily executed and the Vatican has confirmed the martyrdom. Continue Reading

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  1. Christine
    1 year ago

    Why do you say that the Vatican confirmed that Father Murad was killed by beheading? The Vatican press release does not specify beheading. It is horrible enough without falsifying information. Don't you understand that any failure in credibility undermines everything you are trying to accomplish?

  2. Jagon
    1 year ago

    So many people here have no idea about what is happening in Syria, blaming Obama etc. McCain (ie the Republicans) have been the ones demanding the US send the rebels weapons. And the Syrian govt just got a free army, from Hezbollah, the group hell-bent on the destruction of Israel. Assad has killed over 50,000 people already, using chemical weapons and tanks to destroy entire villages. There are terrorists on BOTH sides. This isn't good vs evil, if you can't understand that, I don't know what to say.

  3. Bernard Ross
    1 year ago

    what does the pope, bush and obama have to say now about the religion of peace.

  4. Jefe
    1 year ago

    Yes, this is a deplorable act. Yet you Christians seem to forget the acts of your people a scant 60 years ago against Native American populations. To which, many of your missionaries continue to pervert our sovereign cultures to this day. It seems a bit trite to condem this act, while continuing to perpetuate your philosophy of capitulate or burn in hell, on another group of people. I hope you take time to pray on this fact.

  5. Rich
    1 year ago

    The people of the World must realize that these radicals think in their religion that by beheading, they are denying the person a place in paradise or heaven. Many free world soldiers are beheading the radicals after killing them to make a return statement that THEIR soldiers aren't going to be in paradise either. Love it! All is fair in love and war!

  6. Lina
    1 year ago

    I find not only the article but also the comments interesting. You claim persecution, and how horrible it is that these people died because of their faith. Do you not remember that your OWN faith does the same thing? How many millions were killed due to one crusade or another? Repent and convert, give up your entire culture, or die was how they were conducted. And it was holy and just in your eyes because you were driving out those that did not believe as you did. Now that it is being done to you, you want someone in government to step in and intercede. Oh, how the tables change when it's not you doing the beheading. Look inside yourselves for the pain and anguish you have caused others, and when you deal with that, and truly follow your Lord and his Commandments, this tragedy will cease.

  7. sean
    1 year ago

    I haven't been this angry in years!! when will we as catholic's and Christian's be called to end this..
    They have made it very very clear that this is about religion.. I cannot see another priest die unanswered..
    The Pope needs to address this with the wrath of god behind him.. He has more then enough son's across the globe willing to protect our faith and homes..
    May the HolyCross stand tall and rid the world of this madness..

  8. Karl Anthony
    1 year ago

    I am angered by this murder of a man of God. As a Catholic I am finding it hard not to take this act personally. I know that the bible teaches us to forgive but how can such an act be forgiven? Why does our Father Pope Francis not protect Catholics in the Middle East. This is not an isolated incident I know of crimes against Christians in Egypt and Iran etc. Because we are a minority in these lands nobody seems to care. My prayers are with father Murad, he died a Martyr indeed he did not beg the infidels for his life and for that I am proud. But in my opinion the Vatican should arrange protection for our people in the Middle East. Remember these Christians live under the yolk of oppression and even though Islam has forced many to convert they have remained true to the belief in Christ.
    Amen to all my Brothers and Sisters living in fear in the Middle East. God be with all of you.

  9. Jake
    1 year ago

    Allah is the fallen angel creating havoc in the world
    This form of sharia/world order is why God threw satan out
    In the first place, do not be fooled by them.
    The majority of Muslims believe there religion is from God, but
    It's from Allah who in the quaran has 100 names.
    It is written the bible of the false religion that will rise.
    There are two houses of the Muslim faith Islam and war
    If you are not in one you will be deemed to be in the other

    Anyway read king james 4th bible and be enlightened
    God bless

  10. Peter Bouckaert
    1 year ago

    This story is not accurate. Father Francois was killed in a shooting, but the beheading video is from a separate incident which took place in April 2013, long before Father Francois was killed (look at the greenery and the clothing worn by the people at the scene. The video is from a village called Mashdad Ruhin, more than 100km north of Ghassaniyeh. None of the people in the video refer to priests, despite the title. They mention 'collaborators' and 'shabiha'. The Vatican has not confirmed that Father Francois was beheaded. They said: "The circumstances of the death are not fully understood. According to local sources, the monastery where Fr. Murad was staying was attacked by militants linked to the jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusra." The crime in the video is absolutely despicable and horrific, but it does not show the beheading of Father Francois. This incident was reported in the Arabic press in April:

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