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WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO - Syrian Jihadists behead Catholic priest Comments

Syrian terrorists have beheaded a Catholic priest who they accused of collaborating with the Assad regime. Those accusations have not yet been verified. Father Francois was summarily executed and the Vatican has confirmed the martyrdom. Continue Reading

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  1. Welcome To reality
    1 year ago

    So, it's been three days since I pointed out that this video is not the beheading of the Friar and yet you still keep it posted here along with a gruesome bloody knife graphic. Way to continue to stoke the fires of religious hatred with your lies Catholic Online.

    As a lapsed Christian, it is inaction such as this that will forever prevent me from joining organized religion again.

    Good work!

  2. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Hey, Josef Mikhail?
    the article claims the Vatican confirmed it was death by beheading- the crux of the story. They did not say any such thing. Fr. Murad was shot.
    The article claims this video shows Syrian rebels beheading Fr. Murad.
    It shows nothing of the kind. In fact-
    *It's not Fr. Murad or even a Christian... the two victims are Muslims.
    *The killers aren't Syrian at all. They're Chechen. Killing Muslims.
    *The video is not even of the Middle East. It was shot in Europe.
    *They're not "Jihadists." They're Chechen rebels.
    *According to Jabhat al Nusra members, who supposedly are the REAL killers of Fr. Murad, he was NOT assassinated because he was Christian, but because he'd repeatedly spoken out in SUPPORT of the Assad regime.

    So all in all, the ONLY "fact" that this article got right is that Fr. Murad is dead.

    There is nothing "idiotic" or "Anti-Vatican" about expecting the TRUTH from a Catholic source, Josef. And "Well, it happens in other places" is nothing but an EXCUSE.
    Catholic Online SHOULD and MUST be held to a high moral standard, even if you happen to think the untrue things being said support your views.
    Distortion of truth is NOT an acceptable way for Christ's Church to behave.
    Nor is stirring up hate and anger based on falsehood.
    Nor is lamely excusing it by attacking the people who object to being lied to.

  3. Gunther Holman
    1 year ago

    That's just great. Another prominent Christian is murdered by Islamists. These Islamists fight alongside the Rebels in Syria--the very same group the bleeding hearts of America say we should arm. Then once the Islamists take over they'll kill more of our Ambassadors.

  4. Josef Mikhail
    1 year ago

    Yes because being shot several times and killed by Islamists is somehow "different" than being beheaded? The difference being dead and being... dead?! Or is that too much for the anti-Vatican movement who troll around here?

    Some idiotic comments here, the Vatican confirmed that he was murdered, just not beheaded.

    Christians are being targeted but this is hardly news, no one cares about Christians being killed, especially that moron who is President of the United States.

  5. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    So, this whole story is basically a lie.
    Fr. Murad was shot. He wasn't beheaded. The guys in this video aren't Priests. The killers in this video aren't Syrian... they barely even speak Arabic, and some speak RUSSIAN. That's right. They're Europeans.
    So. What do we learn from a lie? What do we learn from this blatant dishonor of the REAL death of the Priest?
    What it shows me is that there are people so religiously and/or politically motivated to hate that they'd take a Priest's genuine martyrdom and turn it into a lie, with the sole aim of generating more hate and calling for violence.
    Over a lie.
    So... how, exactly does that make us different from the Jihadists?

  6. Nicholas Malloran
    1 year ago

    God's word is to tell the truth. This article is not truth. It is a repeat of a blatant lie started by the assad government. The people beheaded in the video were Muslims, who were beheaded by Chechens. The Vatican has denied this story repeatedly. The authors and this website should be ashamed of themselves. This is sin. This is purposeful deception. This is not what God wants of his children.

  7. DLL
    1 year ago

    Steve Rossi:" blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"! Your comment is a pure in heart comment. Those who do evil to others are doing evil to themselves. Jesus or His followers cannot be mocked. I saw a Sacred Heart of Jesus statue that had been decapitated then placed in a public area for all to see,as it was a walkway in a beautiful marsh area where I walk my dog,as well as many other dog walkers. The person that thought that was amusing did more damage to themselves and their own soul,than what any other individual could do to try to damage them. God will not be mocked. By faith we know that all can be forgiven their sins. "God's mercy is greater than the worst sin of the world",St. Faustina writes this in her diary. If we mock or try to mock God by killing his most faithful servants we mock ourselves. Jesus says "we are dead in our sins"! However rejoice and repent of of all sin as God is merciful and "sin on more". Jesus came into the world not to condemn but to"save one from their sins". That is the Gospel,"The Good News". "Those without sin can cast the first stone" to kill the sinner. With the adulteress in the time of Jesus,they all walked away for there was no one without sin. Jesus commanded the adulteress "to sin no more". If those sinners could not condemn her because they knew they were sinners,the pure and "Sacred Heart of our Saviour" Jesus Christ,would not condemn her either. The laws of men are such that murder is a capital punishment offense,those who do murder take a risk of being executed,they essentially risk their own lives through their own wickedness,so they hurt themselves and become dead through their own sins. A murderer knows they themselves can be executed for their offense. Jesus did not come to necessarily end capital punishment either. Still the murderer can repent of their sins before capital punishment is executed upon them. That is Mercy and proof that God loves a sinner that is willing to "REPENT of their Sins". We must all also forgive each other of their trespasses against us and as repentant sinners ourselves,we must turn away from all sin to go and to sin no more. We can not forget murder or the victims of the murderer,but because God is merciful and forgives all sin,we must forgive the murderer also. Mercy is the key to love and peace of mind,body and soul. The merciful those who forgive are the pure of heart. It is hard to forgive. God knows this is a hard test for the followers of His only begotten son,Jesus Christ.

  8. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    So... Fr. Murad was SHOT, not beheaded. this is NOT a video of his execution. The video in question is NOT even from Syria, and the Vatican confirmed nothing this article states...
    Are we going to see an honest retraction and apology from Catholic Online?
    you know... since we ARE Catholic and all?

  9. jeanfor
    1 year ago

    Christians are being killed in Syria, and even if Father Murad was not beheaded, this is probably the killing of Christians anyway. Besides, Father Murad was still kiled by those Muslim extremists and is still a martyr. We also know that other Christians have been beheaded in the same manner in Muslim countries. It is time for Christians in the Westerrn countries to wake up and see what is going on and that on Brothers and Sisters in the faith are being killed in the middle east.

  10. Thomas Dee
    1 year ago

    Catholic Online now knows that this article is horribly incorrect. The video is not of Fr. Murod or any other catholic priest. Catholic Online should remove this propaganda video out of respect for the memory of Fr. Morad.

    The important thing in reporting is relating facts. Please find the true story at:

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