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Supreme Court Decisions on Marriage: Tragic Day for Marriage and our Nation, State U.S. Bishops Comments

Our culture has taken for granted for far too long what human nature, experience, common sense, and God's wise design all confirm: the difference between a man and a woman matters, and the difference between a mom and a dad matters. While the culture has failed in many ways to be marriage-strengthening, this is no reason to give up. Now is the time to strengthen marriage, not redefine it. (Cardinal Dolan) Continue Reading

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    1 year ago

    Stop throwing stones at the bishops and cardinals. As America continues to evolve into a secular, lawless, hellbound people, this was bound to happen regardless of what was or wasn't done. Holy Matrimony will continue in the church, and it will continue to be exclusive to one man and one woman. The government can't tax us, shut our church buildings down, and whatever... but in the end, the Church (the people) will survive... and our sacrament will remain holy.

  2. Joseph
    1 year ago

    The liberal-modernist invasion of the Church in the 60s is bringing forth the poisoned fruit that all Popes prior to 1962 predicted would be the inevitable result of such Godless 'theology'. Cardinal Dolan, and so many like him in the Church, have spent the last 40 years pandering to the secular atheist elites in our society instead of staunchly fighting the good fight for Christ and Christ's truth. They have led us - and our families - into the jaws of hell and over the coming 2-3 years those jaws are going to clamp shut on us, persecution, for us, our children, and our grandchildren, is about to start in earnest. Cardinal Dolan should be ashamed of himself, of his arrogance and hubris before God. And to God he, like all the rest of us, will have to answer on the Last Day.

  3. mgm.
    1 year ago

    To hear this out of the mouth of a man that give up the company of women for life does not help the Church's argument for marriage.The thing I notice and realized when it comes to married clergy of other Christian Faiths is that they come across and impress as more mature men .That Priest cannot marry places our Church at a disadvantage when it comes to the issues like this and leaves it to a smaller and smaller pool of men willing to became Priest and preach the teaching's of Christ on anything let alone marriage.

  4. John Mainhart
    1 year ago

    I see this as the result of some preeminent Catholic colleges in the United States deciding at the Land of Lakes conference in 1968 to make educational elitists the magisterium of the Churchy rather than the Cardinals and the pope. They did this so they could teach their "enlightened" view on contraception and other aspects of the purpose of sex. The fact that our bishops did not challenge those colleges as three or four Pope's recommended. in encyclicals added to the confusion.
    Now you Bishops have they very difficult task of teaching the truth, changing our colleges, and convincing all those Catholics that think they can pick and choose what they as individuals want to believe rather than seeking the truth with God's love is following error. The fact that the Holy Spirit informs the ,Faith of individuals is not at issue here but we are not free to declare something to be true just because it serves what we as individuals want.
    In addition you have the unpleasant task of asking all those Catholics that they will have to suffer much, maybe give up their lives or go to jail to change this culture. You might start by catechizing those souls who are already Catholic through prayer and sacrifice.

  5. Bill Sr.
    1 year ago

    This is only the beginning, the worst is yet to come.
    The Beast is far from satisfied by the generous portions of blasphemy and sacrilege offered it by Carter's remarks and the liberal justices on the high court. The L&G activists have only increased the appetite of the Creature in the Culture of Corruption. You will now see the tears of joy they expressed yesterday wash away fears in the hollow hearts of the members of their cult who desire all the benefits which legitimate marriage affords a moral society. Because their own appetites will call upon these same perverted minds to extend the new rights they have achieved to include not only adoption privileges but their own children as well. How? They will use the same cries for freedom from discrimination using statistics to show lesbian's instincts for motherhood and gays instincts for fatherhood must be allowed the ability to perpetuate within the new normal for matrimony. This means gay marriages must be able to include a wife capable of bearing children for them and lesbian marriages likewise the benefit of a husband necessary for impregnation. Legalizing polygamy can and will easily accomplish this for the sick society which the Beast Obama and his court has proudly unleashed upon us has in its sights.

  6. Vance
    1 year ago

    Well, the wolf has finally arrived at the front door. All parish priests better get ready for the two men or two women who will walk into the parish office and demand that they be married in the church. If the priest says "NO", then Obama and the Communist Democrat Party will impose a very large fine on the parish or the dioceses. Can't pay the fine??? Then the church gets closed and priests go to jail. This is already in the plan book. I'll bet my ranch and yours that the run of the mill priest and Bishop will say "NOTHING" this Sunday at Mass. Court ruling??? What court ruling???

  7. sandra benavides
    1 year ago

    please forgive us, for we not know what we do...

  8. Robert
    1 year ago

    Dear Cardinal Dolan,

    You sat and you watched them put straw under the barn for years and said nothing. You watched them pour gasoline on the straw for years and said nothing. You watched them light the match and said nothing and today the barn burned down and you speak about how sad a day it is????????

    You are the leader of the Catholic Church in America and over 50% of American Catholics voted for a man who stacked the Supreme Court, blesses Planned Parenthood, rails against my family's religious freedom, arms the Muslim brotherhood and TODAY you call it a sad day????

    Where have you been?

    Either you need to wake up or you need to wake up the Catholic Church in America.

    The formation of consciences across this once great nation was placed in your care or both.

    May God Bless you that you may better lead the souls intrusted to your care,

    A humble sinner.


  9. K C Thomas
    1 year ago

    The enemies of the Church always find new ways of persecution. Yes the practicing catholics will be suffering in future. This is the time we should show the shine , the value of marriage and the resultant peace and prosperity.

  10. Eric W. Estes
    1 year ago

    To the foundation of creation satan strikes. Prayer, Prayer!!!

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