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Marriage Loses: US Supreme Court Holds Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional, Dismisses Prop 8 Comments

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, the United States Supreme Court, in a 5-4 opinion, struck down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional.In addition to the ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, the Court held that the parties who brought the Proposition 8 Case, Hollingsworth v. Perry, had no legal standing to be heard and therefore the Court had no jurisdiction.For  anyone who had any doubt, today's Supreme Court decision ... Continue Reading

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  1. To answer the asker?
    1 year ago

    Asker it is an interesting question. If one wants to be a "sexually active bisexual" than they can marry someone the like to live with possibly,than after that they simply have sex with anyone they would like to have sex with who will accommodate them. Commitment need not be a part of the relationship of the so called "married person" anymore. Does that help to clarify the issue for you?

  2. DLL
    1 year ago

    Marriage Loses? No! America loses when it loses the true meaning of the word marriage.

  3. Thomas
    1 year ago

    The courts have become the court of feelings, not law. In my lifetime we have seen the court side with the killing of the most innocent, because there is no need for personel responsiblity, it's to hard, so kill the baby.

    We have seen where individual rights, protected by our Constitution have been stamped out. Where a man with the most money has more voting power and access to our elected officials than us. Where corporation have rights equal too or greater than the people. The courts have all codified these positions.

    Marriage has no bases in Natural Law, if it feels good have sex with whom ever you like, marry whom or what ever you like, and call it love.

    I have no hope in this court for us keeping our religious freedoms, our right to conscience, not with this court who does what feels good. Where our the Lincolns, Washingtons, and Jeffetrson's of our time, we have Obama,Pelosie, Biden, Selala, MCain, and the news Washington sell-out of the Poor, Rubino. pray for this country.

  4. Asker
    1 year ago

    Do bisexuals have an equal right to marriage?

  5. Jessica L
    1 year ago

    These are people you're talking about. Real people who live and love just like you do. They are not some kind of alien species that came to destroy your closed minded version of marriage. They are people who just want to love and be treated with the same respect as everyone else. You people are what's wrong with Christianity. I would much rather have 'His judgement' on me than ever be like any of you. Marriage hasn't lost and if any of your marriages have been cheapened by the world being accepting of a more real equality, then I suppose they weren't very quality marriages to begin with.

  6. JimmyChonga
    1 year ago

    Another (giant) step closer to The Chastisement that Our Lady has been warning us about.

  7. Manuel
    1 year ago

    Marriage is not about emotional or sexual fulfillment. It is -and has been for centuries- about the natural family. It is about procreation and the continuation of the human species. It is about the recognition, exaltation and satisfaction of the complementary biological fact that God created them male and female. Of course if there is no God there is no normalcy, no order , no morals. So we must conclude that the re-engeneering of our new progressive society is based on lay, freudian and atheists principles. Way to go Judges! Your nomination to this high office is for life but this does not necessarily mean you are immortals (in a temporary way of speaking this would be an oxymoron statement). All these insanity is but the logical evolution of the CULTURE OF DEATH.

  8. Rob
    1 year ago

    Well there was no response when the divorce rate approached 50%. That crisis just became the norm. Sadly this disfunction probably will too. I think we are merely reaping what we have sewn for years.

  9. Terri H
    1 year ago

    No, Catholics cannot treat homosexuals or lesbians with disrespect. We are all God's children. We need to listen to our God and do what He wants from us. Marriage is a sacrament for our santification. I only encourage those who are homosexuals and lesbians to turn to our Blessed Mother Mary and she will help and lead you to do God's will in your lives. She is a Mother waiting for all her children to come to her and to help us all to truly be loyal and loving to her Son, Jesus Christ. Take her hand and walk with her. Love one another as He loves us is His Commandment. Where there is Love, truth will lead the way to happiness.

  10. A humble servent
    1 year ago

    Our Creator Father Almightly; creator of Heaven and Earth God of the universe and the world]
    created Man and Woman: ADAM and EVE

    Damnation falls to those who agree and approve the same-gender Marraige.
    For this the US will suffer and with it all the nations in the world will have to suffer.

    My Lord My God Father Almightly and Jesus Christ my saviour and Holy Sprit and Mother Mary, please save the righteous, for they are not part of this Evil.

    Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy

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