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Fr. Frank Pavone, Nancy Pelosi, a Deformed Conscience and Causing Scandal Comments

Fr Frank Pavone was not acting hysterically, he was acting pastorally. Nancy Pelosi is wrong about the teaching of the Catholic Church. Fr. Frank Pavone was acting to help Ms. Pelosi - and to prevent her from causing further scandal to the Church which she purports to represent when she makes such reprehensible comments to the public. We must educate our consciences in order to ensure that they conform to the truth as revealed in the ... Continue Reading

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  1. Larry
    1 year ago

    Fr. Frank Pavone may be a hero but let's hear the voices of many of the other Church leaders around the country calling out Ms. Pelosi, the Kennedys and others who not only lie about their faith and the Catholic Church. After decades politicing for abortion and other 'social justice issues' Teddy (never lliked him) supposedly confessed at the end - don't know what went down or where he ended up - heaven or hell - but no Church leaders effectiely challenged him for all the misleading he did in his lifetime. Like opening a pillow with goose feathers being ripped open on top of a hill on a windy day, he's responsible for all the lies he spread and the people he affected and children that were killed because of him, as far as I'm concerned. Until many Church leaders start speaking up beyond the health care issues, too many Catholics and others will believe what these political and Hollywood types say.

  2. Michael
    1 year ago

    Where is Pelosi's archbishop on this matter?

  3. DLL
    1 year ago

    It is evident to me whenever I hear Ms. Pelosi speak that the "party line of the Democratic Party" is her emotional,intellectual stand and moral conscience. The Catholic Church must conform to the Democratic Party line as she has or they are " hysterical"! She really doesn't have to think much as she is a rubber stamp for the party line automatically. Warren and Markey the recently elected Senators from Massachusetts are as well. Liberals are not Catholic or Protestant they are liberals. The liberals do not hold much esteem to a Catholic Conscience or to their Catechism. Liberals have become the secular religion with their own conscience and catechism. The President is the liberals Pope and what he decrees must not be disagreed with by anyone. This is my opinion. I do not understand with my living in Massachusetts why it is that an Irish/Italian population of Catholics will elect a liberal pro abortion candidate every time with every election. I will not vote anymore as the whole thing is corrupted by big money,agenda driven politics,and a forced liberal agenda. I feel filthy by voting for the currant brand of a politician that always promises one thing and does the opposite. Voting in Massachusetts is a waste of gas going to the polls as the outcome is all too predictable each and every time. There is no hope when voting in Massachusetts as every Democrat politician here has the same conscience as Nancy Pelosi.

  4. Jerry
    1 year ago

    "Yet she persists". It makes no difference who or what the Church tells this woman. I wonder how she will defend her position when she crosses the threshold of eternity. I wonder if she'll use the same argument. I could only imagine the look on God's face...

  5. Joe
    1 year ago

    Fr. Pavone has the Holy Spirit with him. He should be supported by his church leaders. Nancy Pelosi should be told that her views do not represent our beliefs. She and her leader represent the culture of death and that should be told at every church. She and those with same views are putting their souls at risk. She will have to answer to God, we know where He stands.

  6. jh
    1 year ago

    We all need correction when doing something wrong. That's how we improve. Public figures have greater responsibility to act correctly because their errors lead others astray. Over the years I have seen Catholic politicians doing things that confused me. Your explanations here, Deacon, confirm the importance of educating our conscience properly and reinforce the necessity of receiving sound moral teaching in the Catholic faith.

  7. Bill
    1 year ago

    I sent this message to Ms. Pelosi, no response yet.

    1. Do unborn children have ANY human rights? If no, why not? If yes, what are they and when do they begin?

    2. When did Jesus' right to life begin?

    More info available at priestsforlife dot org

  8. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago


    Canon 915 of the 1983 edition of the Code of Canon Law says, “Those … obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.” Among those who have automatically incurred this penalty, are those politicians who are publicly in “formal cooperation” with “the grave sin of abortion or euthanasia” by “consistently campaigning and voting for permissive abortion and euthanasia laws.”

  9. abey
    1 year ago

    The Catholic church, in general the Church is to the salvation, she cannot afford to have anything to do with the rebellion of the first Eve, today reflected by the likes of Pelosi's & Hillary's with Pelosi echoing the anti Catholic sentiments against its very beliefs even as a so- called Catholic, prevalent all over especially through the fallen Churches, for they have fallen through the Jezebel spirit off the ancient, mentioned by Christ unto the Church of Thyatira - even the Catholic Church, but the Church has everything to do with the second Eve, in her Humbleness before God. Where the former is to the horror, the latter is to the delight. In this case dust off thy feet & move ahead & go not a whoring after these, who have not the Spirit of truth in them but that of the rebellion, come off the ancient. Beware of freemasonry & its initiations by witchcraft to the 'Sorcery" prophesied, a clear revelation from Him, as a testimony.

  10. Joseph Riani
    1 year ago

    She'll get the message when she's excommunicated!

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