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Fr. Frank Pavone, Nancy Pelosi, a Deformed Conscience and Causing Scandal Comments

Fr Frank Pavone was not acting hysterically, he was acting pastorally. Nancy Pelosi is wrong about the teaching of the Catholic Church. Fr. Frank Pavone was acting to help Ms. Pelosi - and to prevent her from causing further scandal to the Church which she purports to represent when she makes such reprehensible comments to the public. We must educate our consciences in order to ensure that they conform to the truth as revealed in the ... Continue Reading

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  1. Mike Ruzza
    1 year ago

    Do the right thing: excommunicate this apostate, and throw Joe Biden in there with her. ALL of these equivocating Democrats, liberals and others who try to mealy-mouth the murder of children in the womb need to go. Grow a pair of cajones and show us--the rank and file of the church--that being decent and proper morally starts at the TOP and rolls down too. The U.S. Bishops need to act and not pass the buck to Pope Francis. I'm tired of hearing the word "Catholic" attached to everything Pelosi and BIden spit out of their evil maws when it suits them best for votes or money. Let them NOT 'give to Caesar' what clearly 'belongs to God.' Amen and God bless us all from these human monsters.

  2. Bettijo
    1 year ago

    Speaking of "conscience," my father used to tell me that my conscience was like a sharp triangle in my heart. Each time I did something "wrong," the triangle would turn slightly, cutting and hurting. After so long a time, the triangle would have created a grove in which to turn and would no longer hurt when I sinned. I believe this is where Nancy Pelosi is today. She has sinned so much that her conscience no longer hurts her when it turns.

  3. E
    1 year ago

    My question is this, if a politician callls abortion sacred ground does not killing become sacred? What fear does the church have in expelling a person who calls killing sacred? Ms. Pelosi shows no public humility or love for the church. I believe she would wear it as a badge of honor to be excommunicated. Why not give her that "honor" it would benifit her coffers . Would it not show that The Holy Catholic Church would rather stand humbily next to Christ than willing allow a person of influence to spill blood for her own benifit? We can only talk for so long. She has clearly leaped away from church teachings. We should pray for her and other like her. These times call for stonger hands, stronger hearts and bravery.
    My God, we are so sorry. We are so weak. We are so lost.
    O Holy Spirit blow on our dying embers.

  4. shirley ney
    1 year ago

    I don't understand why the US Conf on Bishops will not speak out. I believe they are afraid they will not be liked and they will send existing Catholics running to the doors. I don't think that is the case. I believe fallen Catholics would return to the Church if the leaders of the church would speak out. Right now everyone knows that the US Conf of Bishops won't speak out forthrightly on anything because they are hiding behind their skirts due to the cleric scandal. We need to move on or the church in this country will be lost. The likes of Pelosi and Biden and maybe even Kerry and the gov of New YOrk should all be put on notice that they change their public views on the church and their behavior or they are out the door. We, the sheep are waiting for such a decision. They are also so afraid to speak out because they think it will be taken as political and the church would lose its non taxable status. Jesus must be appalled with these Bishops.

  5. robert
    1 year ago

    ms nancy Pelosi should stick to defending life and stop acting like a theologian, how dear she play one way and act the other she is acting like she is still living in the 1960s as a pro life person I will defend life and one day roe v wad will be over turned. I stand by fr. frank pavone all the way she should judge her self befor calling fr. pavone midevil. I pray for her to have a chang on heart one day.

  6. john t
    1 year ago

    God always gives the people what they say they want. America says it wants the "progressive", almost entirely secular government currently in place. It's true that almost half of it's citizens don't want these leaders and their "progressive" ideals, but the majority rules; except when the minority screams discrimination.

    According to God's plan, it rains on the good and the bad, the just and the unjust and considering the course being led by our "progressive" political leaders, we can expect to get dumped on in a major way.

    This nation will need to be brought to it's literal knees before any meaningful repentance will take place. God have mercy on all of our souls.

  7. Paul-Emile Leray
    1 year ago

    Good riddance when the baby boomers, a pile of opining emoting feel good narcisstic me, myself, and I generation hippies turned whatever suits their cult-ural relative smorg approach to self-styled so called morality are what? Dead. I thank God everyone dies, that he put a what on the milk carton? Expiry date. When the boomers are all inside care homes plugged up and living off intravenous tubes, society might advance in ways other than simply technological.

    Certainly not politically correct, but I prefer Americans from the older schools of thought. My image of an American came from those I met who are now in the 75 plus age generation. The rest of them? Crying, emoting, irrational, opining, feel good whatever floats your boat securalized overly media sensationalized Hollywood (HollyCRAP) influenced wimps. An embarrassment to to your flag! No character. Only personality cult-like popularity politically correct baffoons.

    I like America more than most Americans and I'm not even American. Why do I like it? Where is the proof? I am not indifferent. Plus, I often criticize. When indifference and an intolerant attitude towards any form of objective truth or analytical criticism based on facts is present, how can society flourish?

    Just to be fair, is sexuality designed only for the purposes of reproduction or pleasure as well? Because, logically and consistently speaking, if it is for pleasure as well then heterosexual couples who engage in the practice knowing full well there is no possibility of reproduction; for example, by contraceptive usage and so forth; have weak moral arguments to present against homosexuality. I am simply trying to be honest.

    Personally, I am neither married nor am I homosexual. I am heterosexual. Another thing, some seem to be quite pure sexually speaking and yet these same people make war against fellow humans they neither know or understand? It's all killing and death, whether killing innocents inside the wombs or innocents on battlefields. And so, we find ourselves living in a cult-ure of death then do we not? Why?

    Why not celebrate life? Innocent children must view adults as imbeciles. Understanding sexuality is very important. I am certain we have noticed most problems commence in adolescence. The entire British Empire had its roots in lust. (Henry VIIIth, that baffoon, if one goes back far enough) As one British scholar put it, if you are the king of England then yes you can change the course of history. (for the worse; in that savage's case: Henry VIII)

    What a pile of stupid creatures, humans are. Animals, first. Some end up being true humans. And then? The more human a person is the higher the risk becomes that he or she will end up killed. Why? The truth often separates itself from the crowd. The majority is usually wrong. And therefore, if anyone wishes to pursue truth with sincerity be ready to be martyrized. Period. Read The Lives of the Saints. It is all there. And no, "it's my body" argument doesn't hold water either. If people start following that line of logic, what is stopping them from throwing themselves infront of trains or blowing themselves up in public in acts of terror? When a woman states, "it's my body", in her defense of abortion; how is that different from what a terrorist does with his or her body when they blow themselves up and take innocent lives along with them? And if people rant and hurl insults at me, for writing this, you can be even more certain I am right. Why? The truth is usually met with violent opposition. True? According to geniuses and thousands of years of history, YES.

    America STINKS these days! It's about time someone tells you and shoves it down your throats with vinegar since the honey approach doesn't seem to work. Therefore, perhaps St. Francis de Sales was wrong on some levels. A teaspoon of honey attracts flies, yes, usually so many that the honey-giver ends up drowning in manure! Jesus himself used the vinegar approach from time to time; he wasn't so polite and friendly with the Pharisees was he? Why should I be polite with politicians and Sophists who resemble the Pharisees in so many ways? Since so many seem to be filled with emotion and feelings these days, how does this post feel to you? What is the mood ring's color right now? Cry me a river, you American WIMPS! Your foreign policy stinks, your politicians are stupid, and now you further diminish your value by doing what most older cultures would NEVER consider in the first place! Men and women are different. A tree is a tree. A tulip a tulip. A horse, a horse. A boy, a boy. A girl, a girl. Where is the problem? Aha!

    When the patients have no cavities, the dental chairs remain empty. And therefore, secular Sophists and the political crowd, the lawmakers, need to maintain cavities or create them in order to keep themselves what? Employed. They don't want people to think. Why? They wouldn't be able to manipulate them if they did! And therefore, all the political sensationalism fueled by yet another pile of emoters and opiners; journalists. If there isn't a story to sell, make one up! And round and round we go, collectively, spinning around the sun like a pile of blasted idiots wrapped in various colors existing inside various manmade borders.

    Tony de Mello (SJ; d.1987) was certainly right about one thing: the law is an ass.

    Paul-Emile Leray

  8. J. Dickinson
    1 year ago

    Since Mrs. Pelosi has been corrected by her Bishop and the Holy Father, and she still insists on shining through as a cafeteria catholic, then why hasn't she been publicly excommunicated ? What is so hard about that ? I would really like to know why ? She dodges and weaves when asked a direct question about the sanctity and value of life, and she acts with feigned indignity when she is asked to explain herself. If she takes a position on an issue, then then she should be able to justify it, period. She shouldn't be embarrassed to publicly state her position. She cannot justify it through what the Church teaches, so she lectures us as though she had the unquestioned moral authority to do so. She should leave the Church and find a more "progressive" denomination that welcomes her.

    I note that her responses remind me of similar arguments I have had with several individuals on the left. I have always believed that if you take a position on an issue, you should be able to support it with indisputable facts and logic. After leaving liberals sputtering and gasping for air, they just walk off in a huff induced fit of name -calling

  9. Robert Mazzella
    1 year ago

    In the past, Catholic politicians dared not cross the Church, for fear of punishment--however, the bishops today would, it seems, rather talk than act.

  10. Joseph
    1 year ago

    Father Pavone is fighting the good fight. Ms Pelosi, on the other hand, in response to his simple and direct question, reveals herself to be what she is - an elitist, snobby, arrogant, exploitative and duplicitous individual who has nothing but contempt for the Catholic Church and its teachings. an individual who continues to parade her 'catholicity' for no other reason than to cynically garner votes. As for her jibe about Father Pavone's position being medieval, recycling the old protestant insult against Catholicism - that it is populated by 'medieval and monkish superstition' - for her information the medieval period was a glorious phase in human history, colorful, adventurous, robust, healthy and optimistic. Something all Catholics should be proud of.

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