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The 'execution' of Paula Deen shows how badly we have misplaced our outrage Comments

Celebrity chef Paula Deen is being pilloried in the public media for telling the 'truth'. When asked under oath, during a legal deposition, Paula Deen admitted to having used the word "nigger," a racial epithet, in the distant past. Since that admission, she has lost sponsors and public support. However, supporters are coming to her defense saying that her use of a racial term was not particularly unusual or rare for her or others. Continue Reading

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  1. Stephanie
    1 year ago

    Poor Paula. I will continue to support her when I can. I don't think it's fair to punish someone for something they said (or did) many years ago and are sorry for. People grow and change. Paula was once too afraid to leave her own house. She is a different person than she was back when she said the racist word. We are all different that we were even one year ago. This was in the distant past I'm sure.

    I think this lack of forgiveness is a very not only un-Christian but anti-Christian attitude. People who defend her or forgive her are called names on Facebook. What is this world coming to?

    And for the record, it is not racist to have black people wear uniforms to work. IMO they look nice (even on white people) and they give a certain Southern feel to a restaurant when nice themed uniforms are worn. Look at Disneyland... they have their Cast Members wear all sorts of different uniforms to match the lands, rides, and restaurants they work in. And Paula herself said she didn't mean it in a mean way. Although she should have chosen a different word than the "n" word, she is sorry for it.

  2. Joselyn
    1 year ago

    I love Paula Deen and I think it's just sick how the media and her sponsors are treating her. She is sorry whatever happened to people making mistakes and apologizing and being forgiven? Not in America anymore I guess. And yet Chris Rock and other Hollowood actors can make evil comments about white people all the time and don't have to apologize, and they go on to make millions in movies. What hypocrisy! I support Paula Deen.

  3. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    As a black Caribbean woman, I really dislike "seeming honesty" when it comes to racial issues. I don't think we are solving the issues or reconciling ourselves at all. And as Christians, we ought not to be afraid.
    For those who sympathize with Mrs. Deen lauding her for her honesty, let me say only God knows the whole truth. She may not have told the whole truth as well as she may have. And who knows where the heart of the Network is...??? Only God knows.
    Just because it sounds like the Truth does not mean that it is the Truth.
    I do think that dialogue is necessary otherwise issues become driven by faceless policies and we don't derive the Truth.
    For us onlookers, may we look at our hearts with painful honesty and always treat the OTHER, no matter who the other be, with love. It is not all...daily struggles...daily stumbles...
    May Mrs. Deen, her family, and the Network reconcile themselves with each other, their communities, and their Maker. And to us ... the same.
    And may we pray for each other.
    And to all...whoever has not sinned, cast the first stone!!! (I will watch while slowly walking off as Jesus my Saviour writes in the dirt)

  4. Brad
    1 year ago

    My ancestors were German farmers in Texas and Iowa. My grandparents hired many black workers, and usually sent them home with some food. My grandparents refered to them as N--g-rs. But there was never any contempt in their voices or in their treatment of black people. Probably, back in Germany, they never saw a black person. So what would they call black people in this country? What everyone else did.

    BTW, I would like to start a news rag that has one purpose: to dig into the past lives of all news journalists. They throw rocks from a position of safety which helps make theirs a dishonorable profession.

  5. mickey
    1 year ago

    In an earlier comment someone wrote, what's the fuss was all about. The fuss is that it can happen to anyone, not just celebrities. And it does. So each of us should care. This women's reputation is being dragged through the mud unjustly. It's taking a physical toll on her.

    Someone repeated something I said last week and took it out of context in their translation just last week. So I understand how Ms. Deen feels. I was furious when I heard that it had even been repeated. Yes, perhaps I should have chosen my words more carefully, and maybe I shouldn't have said it all, but two wrongs don't make a right. My statement was to protect someone who was also being accused of something they hadn't done.

    And as usual this all boils down to MONEY ! ! ! It's no secret that Ms. Deen has made a sizeable profit for herself and others. Through hard work and dedication. But she is also charitable, and a good human being. She remembers were she came from, and honestly earned every penny. If she is being sued, remember no good can come of money gained in this manner.

    It was best said "Ye without sin cast the first stone." This includes those who chose to do the "right" thing by dismissing Ms. Deen. RIDICULOUS ! We are all sinners. No one is without sin, and skeletons in the closets. Acting so high, mighty, and righteous. REALLY ! ! !

    When she was making big money for these people, they didn't condemn her. Now they can't stand behind her. They should take a peak into their past, and really soul search. I'm sure they'd find some things they wouldn't be so proud of. Not to mention a few times they may have been in the hot seat themselves.

    Remember each of us will have to go before the Lord, with our sins. I'd love to see how they'll face the Supreme Judge in the end. "Judge not lest thee be judged." Just a thought.

    God bless Paula Deen. She'll come out the winner in the end, because she did and continues to do the right thing.

  6. Larry
    1 year ago

    This is just another example of liberal outrage that is not only misplaced but they don't care who they destroy and whose lives suffer (not only Paula but all who work with and for her). There is no forgiveness in their hearts, just righteousness even within the realm of Social Justice which they have taken over.

    Think of this - she has not said the word "nigger' for decades and when she used it, it was a different age and time - BUT - how about all the blacks who use the word today and though there are some apologies by some blacks and white liberals, its sheepish and excusing - and this is about blacks who used the word yesterday. This is one reason I have little respect for liberals, most of whom are democrats.

    Her apology was lame and not done well, but she did apologize for something she said decades ago, not yesterday or recently. Another life destroyed by liberals with no justification to it - but they'll gladly let anyone kill a child that is unborn, and some even just after they are born. Some may say its not right or good but where's the outrage about even those issues - no where to be found so that's why I doun't believe their word or intent or sentiments. They are like feathers in the wind - blow wherever today's wind blows them, with no core to their beliefs or lives.

  7. DLL
    1 year ago

    The term "n-gg-r" is and always has been an insult. The word "negro" is not! The term "black" may be "politically correct" but it really is not accurate because as John Howard Griffin proved in his book "Black Like Me" that discrimination was evident among those of the same race because some were blacker than others. The lighter the color the better,less discrimination. John Howard Griffin pigmented his skin and was accepted as black when researching discrimination in the south during the late 1950's and early 60's,a fascinating book,a must read for everyone.

  8. Jerry
    1 year ago

    I believe I heard Paul apologize. What more can the woman do? If someone offers their apology aren't they to be forgiven? I think this country has lost it's sense of compassion and mercy....

  9. Vance
    1 year ago

    I have emailed Food Network to let them know that I will not longer watch their channel. Further more, I emphasized that any companies who drop her as a sponsor will no longer have my business. I encourage all to do the same. This whole affair is insane. I am sick and tired of this hypocrite political correctness garbage. I don't condone the use of the "N" word the same as I don't condone the use of the "F" bomb. For a racist lady, she poured out a heck of a lot of money into the Black community and supported Obama for president.

  10. Banditqueen
    1 year ago

    The use of the N word is unacceptable, but it was a long time ago and as Catholics we are meant to forgive. If someone repents of something or says they regret it then they put that thing behind them. To repent means to turn about. If the word is repented and it was in the long distant past then what is the fuss about? Many people have done and said stupid things when they were younger or even more recently. People get upset and angry and say and do the wrong things. We should allow people to repent and things from the past to remain in the past.

    Paula Dean is just speaking the truth and the hypocrites out there have a go at her. Go and take the logs out of your own eyes so as you can see to remove the speck from your neighbour's eye. That means take a look at your own lives and your own selves in the mirror before howling for the blood of other people or condemning them for something that they did long ago. The media are hypocrites and the public are like sheep: with no minds of their own. They howl for blood and do not look at their own foul mouths or stupid mistakes.

    Condemned for telling the truth: what do you expect her to do under oath: lie and commit perjury? It happened a long time ago and she says that she regretted it. Get over it hypocritical world public and move on.

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