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The 'execution' of Paula Deen shows how badly we have misplaced our outrage Comments

Celebrity chef Paula Deen is being pilloried in the public media for telling the 'truth'. When asked under oath, during a legal deposition, Paula Deen admitted to having used the word "nigger," a racial epithet, in the distant past. Since that admission, she has lost sponsors and public support. However, supporters are coming to her defense saying that her use of a racial term was not particularly unusual or rare for her or others. Continue Reading

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  1. Miguel Vega
    1 year ago

    It is not that Ms Deen just used the "N" word, it is also about the alleged idea she proposed of dressing up blacks as slaves for a wedding party. There in lies the true outrage! Even in fun or in jest, to suggest such a thing without regard to the numerous people it would offend and hurt...she gave no thought. While I may not entirely agree with the outcome of her using the "n" word, the two cannot be disconnected. In spite of her very public apology, in her heart she may be a racist and is being rightly admonished for her past and present behavior. We should all know by now...that through God nothing stays hidden and what He gives, so can He take away. Her actions behind the camera is the result of her falling from His grace. If Job, whom God so loved as a most righteous man..let him much more can He do for us who sin day in and day out. Instead of defending her actions, pray instead for her, so that she may find solace...and seek redemption.. so that she may be deserving, and as He did for Job who did nothing wrong...elevate her to her previous station.

  2. Brad
    1 year ago

    Paula Deen, this is America, an utterly rediculous culture. Remember Vinessa Williams? Her career took off after she lost the Miss America title due to her poses in Penthouse magazine. Remember Minica Lewinsky? She hit the big time after having sexual encounters with the president of the United States - in the White House.
    Paula, in this country you can build a career on sleeze. But the forces of polical correctness will lynch you over a single word you used long ago.

  3. JoAnn
    1 year ago

    This woman supported and campaigned for this man in the WH. Why isn't he calling off his dogs? God bless.

  4. marie peragine
    1 year ago

    Much worse things have been said and done than Ms. Paula Deen using the N word . Let's
    try to remember we all make the mistake of using our words wrongly in times of annoyance or frustration. Let's forgive and forget her mistake and correct our own mistakes. The News Media should focus all their attention on Washington and be so harsh that the government will have to correct their mistakes, like, Fast And Furious, The IRS Scandal, and the APS News Scandal.

    Thank you
    Marie Peragine

  5. Sum Nemo
    1 year ago

    At this risk of sounding cynical, I tend to be skeptical of public apologies. As with politicians who apologize for their wrongdoings, I cannot help but wonder if Paula Deen is sorry for what she said or is she sorry that it is costing her? I am reminded of a thief on his way to jail. He is not sorry for stealing, but he is really sorry he is going to jail.

    But I cannot help but wonder at all of the posting going on in this forum. With sweat shops on American soil, human trafficking present in our cities, corrupt government, among others, how does Paula Deen rate so much attention and energy? I did not even know she existed until this.

  6. Wow
    1 year ago

    Wow, we get so upset that she was reprimanded for saying a word that has so much HATE behind its meaning, basically saying its okay to hate. However, when a law that is pass that gives consenting adults people the right to benefits and the right to LOVE, we get angry!

  7. Jeffrey Caperton
    1 year ago

    Growing up in the "heartland", I spent seven of those years in the south and I have numerous relatives throughout the south. The reality is that the "n" word is still in general use in the south and the Midwest (Not to mention here in Los Angeles) more than anybody in this forum appears willing to concede. I chastise members of my own family to this day for using that word.

    I am a bit dismayed at some of the responses I see in this forum as many seem to think it is no big deal. Never mind the fact that many people, black and white, victims of violence or were jailed in their attempts to emphasize that we need to change our attitudes and purge that word from the national vocabulary. For those of us who are white, that word does not dredge up a darker period, so we can shrug it off as "no big deal", but for those who are non-white, it is a reminder of a place where they would rather not return.

    I neither chastise nor defend Ms. Deen, but it IS a big deal. That word does need to be purged from our vocabulary. Despite what many believe (Including many in this forum), free speech is not a license to be rude, insensitive or just plain hateful.

  8. kathy
    1 year ago

    Another case of hyper sensitivity. The media that is scrutinizing Ms Deen, is the liberal left. Most people do not realize that the liberal left in the 60's condemned civil rights. It was the Republicans who pushed civil rights through. When Hillary and Obama were going at it in the 2008 elections, Bill clinton made a comment about Obama..."a few years back and he would have been my houseboy" Where was the outrage about can't get more demeaning than calling someone a "houseboy" We live in the world of hypocrites!

  9. K C Thomas
    1 year ago

    When the offender expresses regret, is further persecution moral ? It is very moral to continue harassing and persecuting and even murdering according to Al queda type people which the Americans do not want. Then why Paula dean is ill treated ?

  10. Ann Peyton
    1 year ago

    I am glad that Paula was honest under oath. It would have been easy to dismiss the truth, because it occurred many years ago. I don't agree with what she did, but I believe God has called us to forgive. I would also like to point out that the media is very biased. Does anyone remember a couple of years ago when Serena Williams chased the Asian line judge while threatening her with a tennis racket and shouting racial slurs at her. NOTHING happened. The media was momentarily appalled, but that quickly passed.

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