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The 'execution' of Paula Deen shows how badly we have misplaced our outrage Comments

Celebrity chef Paula Deen is being pilloried in the public media for telling the 'truth'. When asked under oath, during a legal deposition, Paula Deen admitted to having used the word "nigger," a racial epithet, in the distant past. Since that admission, she has lost sponsors and public support. However, supporters are coming to her defense saying that her use of a racial term was not particularly unusual or rare for her or others. Continue Reading

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  1. Tasha Iford
    1 year ago

    I certainly don't believe Paula Deen should be applauded for the condition of her heart. Racism is sinful. She didn't not wash that away by being honest about it.

  2. Richard
    1 year ago

    If anyone remembers the movie Glory with Matthew Brodrick and Morgan Freeman the "N" word was used. Morgan Freeman used the term playing the part in the movie as a Sergant-Major disciplining a Black Private with a bad attitude.Nothing was said. Freeman is Liberal.Everyone remembers former Det. Mark Ferman from the O.J. trial? Ferman was excoriated for use of the "N" in the trial when it was found out that the term was used during the writting of a script.

  3. Emma
    1 year ago

    Meanwhile, genocide is carried out by the darling of the darling of the liberal machine, Planned Parenthood. A disproportionate number of abortions involve children of color including late term and born alive abortions. The liberal left champions the murder and dismemberment of millions of these innocents. Where's the outrage over the genocide happening in these so called "health care facilities? " It's ok to kill them, but don't use an offensive word? Why anyone takes these hypocrites seriously is beyond me. Kill your children and when anyone calls you a bad name " We'll chastise them unmercifully "! Just look the other way while we promote genocide!

  4. JKHall
    1 year ago

    It's such a shame what they did to Paula, raked her over the coals for using a word that most people have uttered in their lives. I'm sure Matt Lauer who didn't cut her any slack probably still uses it. Nobody would be working on tv if they would honestly admit to using that horrible word when asked. So, I say give Paula Deen a break folks!!!!!

  5. Holly
    1 year ago

    I brought this up in context with another article but I'll do it here a different way. First let me ask some of you executives who cancelled your sponsorship of Ms Deen, how many of you have made jokes about ethnic groups, handicapped, mentally ill and other such things? Anyone who says there is not one bit of prejudice in me is full of it. We sit around and talk about ignorant Southerners which is what a good many of my teachers did and then make some kind of comment about African Americans as well. One of my teachers, as she was doing a social studies presentation on the South state by state, made this comment about Mississippi, "Not much to say - it's hot, dirty and full of Colored People and then in the next breath turned around and bad mouthed Southerners for their treatment of Blacks. I could go on and on with examples about how us "unprejudiced" Northerners constantly made negative comments about other ethnic/racial groups. You see the speck in your brother's eye but not the beam in your own.

  6. Linda
    1 year ago

    I believe that by putting our hands on The Bible when asked,"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?",everyone will say yes,it's part of the process. If we are a God fearing individual, we will answer those questions truthfully. Lawyers are taught to take advantage of every situation while one is on the stand defending themselves.The media use whatever means they have to take advantage of everything celebrities say, especially when it is "Under oath". Paula need not have apologized for telling the truth,since the last I heard,honesty is not a crime,and neither is saying any word. When it reaches that point, then "G-Damn" should be at the very top of the list!

  7. Harold Crews
    1 year ago

    If I recall correctly she used the pejorative to refer to a man who stuck a handgun in her face during a bank robbery many years ago. Such a person is worthy of any number of demeaning accusations and many of them would likely be accurate. What we're going through today is the replacing of one set of taboos with another set. Christian taboos are being replaced with secular and even overtly anti-Christian taboos. The latter are centered primarily on the principle of equality. But even worse there is not an innate sense of forgiveness in the new taboos.

  8. John
    1 year ago

    To shun this wonderful woman for something that happened so many yrs. ago , shows how childish we have become.. I thnk that in n solidarity with Deen, we should boycot those businesses that fired her and insulted all decent people. Shall we start boycotting those busnesses that advertise Gay Marriages ???

  9. oatmeal
    1 year ago

    Rappers and comedians use the word all the time without being punished or hated, but when a chef uses it in context of humor, she is shunned and banned. Gotta love the double standards in the country.

  10. Thes
    1 year ago

    As for me I just don't like the idea that people don't have free speech. I don't like the word used by her or by rappers but why does she have to lose her right to sell a cookbook. Suddenly everyone has to ban her? Smells fishy. Where is this coming from. I decided to buy two of her earlier books just to support here. "Let him who is without sin (be in Paula or a rapper) cast the first stone."

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