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Obama tells Northern Ireland its Catholic and Protestant insitutions are divisive Comments

Comparing religious schools to segregation in the American South, Obama told the Irish they should not have separate schools for Catholics and Protestants in the historically divided region. Continue Reading

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  1. Jorge
    1 year ago

    Obama just being the obamination that he is and a tyrant caliph he aspires to surprises here. This is the most deceptive, manipulative, dishonest , ruthless, president EVER.I am shocked America has felled into his deceptions and voted on a tyrant who spies on you to fight and prevent the crimes cummited only by the jihadists he allied himself with, betraying America.He is the most suicidal destructive presidente ever, the lowest of the low.

  2. Emma
    1 year ago

    @Enja...your loyalties are misplaced. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, Bradley Manning tortured during his confinement, secret courts, promotion of the slaughter of the unborn, drones in our airspace, secret blanket wire tapping of citizens, sealed criminal indictments against whistleblowers, arming the enemy much evidence do you need?? What has this man done while in office except promote an agenda that turns the people of the US into enemies of the state? Intimidate journalists ..forgot that one. Increased our national debt by trillions? Maybe I don't want to pay for his family's jaunts to Africa when so many in my own country are unemployed or under employed. Maybe rather than spending billions to slaughter innocents abroad, we should repair our bridges and infrastructure that is crumbling, or keep our schools open? Thought he was all for educating our inner city youth? Thought he was going to close Gitmo? Our faith does not say that we are required to remain silent while our freedoms are taken from us. Our faith arms us with the necessary tools to discern right action during those times when difficult moral judgements are called for and then strengthen us to stand together against tyranny, especially when the tyrant is the head of our own government! To truly follow Christ, one must not be lukewarm! If you believe that, you have a distorted view of Christianity. So, please, tell me what has this man accomplished since taking office, except systematically dismantle our Constitution and prosecute and intimidate any who speak out against him? Please, don't resort to ridicule. I have given concrete examples of how he has acted against the citizenry of our country. Please do the same. Provide examples of one or two, even one, beneficial act that he has performed. Empty, "ridicule " won't work.

  3. abey
    1 year ago

    Unfortunately it is his call for unity that is divisive, simply put, against the Biblical truth like unto the gathering at Babel that was scattered, like unto the words of Daniel 12.7 in the Prophecy, where it is vowed to scatter the power of the Holy people(even a holy ones), fulfilled by Jesus on the Cross to His declaration by the words "It is finished" in the fulfillment of the said Prophecy to the final scattering(for that which is accomplished in the Spirit invariable is bound to manifest in the Physical in its time) which indicates against a gathering, like at Babel echoing the words of God " & this they begin to do" clearly exhibited by Obama, his people & others by their call & works even in the deceit, against Christ & against Christianity, for the only unity that can take place is in Christ Jesus appointed off God, for in Him is the Peace only, which the world by the likes of Obama deny, thus chasing a delusion, all to the Prophecy.

  4. Edju
    1 year ago

    This article represents a new low in this ugly, pseudo-Christian website's hate campaign against President Obama.

  5. Irma
    1 year ago

    Like the movie Braveheart , America time to yell FREDOM like Mel Gibson

  6. Emma
    1 year ago

    Let's keep our heads. It is not anyone but the president who has divided our own country!! Spying on citizens, singling out voices of dissent for prosecution for espionage while he himself performs an act of treason by providing arms to the enemy! Let's not let this divide us. Now is the time for all to unite while we can still call ourselves free .. The very people who behead dissidents in the public square, who shoot little girls who only want an education, he is arming! Where is the OUTRAGE over this? Where are OUR REPRESENTATIVES?? A quote, guess who said it. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It's hard to counterattack ridicule. It infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage. " If you guessed "Barry " you're correct. Well, I'm the opposition and I AM infuriated! Infuriated that our representatives are not drawing up articles of impeachment against this traitor! All those supporting him behind women's rights had better wake up and smell the coffee. You will be stripped of your rights, barred from the public square and wearing a burqa! So much for your "rights "! How dare he? I have a family member serving in Afghanistan and he is arming Al Quadea! All the while promoting women's rights? And for our gay brothers and sisters many rights do you think that you will retain under this desired system of government? You'll be the first to go! People are so blind!

  7. ccs
    1 year ago

    The Catholic League gets it right in discussing Obama's speech in Northern Ireland:

    Obama is not criticizing Catholic schools or institutions. He is criticizing the historical Catholic-Protestant segregation of Northern Irish society - a segregation that has historically put Catholics on the losing end and led to a tremendous amount of bloodshed. No Catholic who knows the history of Northern Ireland could rationally criticize someone for drawing a parallel between the Catholic-Protestant divisions of Northern Ireland and the history of segregation in the United States.

    As Donohue points out in his analysis, there is plenty to criticize about Obama's policies. This speech is not one of those things. Please learn your history and pay attention to context before pointing the finger.

  8. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    No great surprise here. Pres. Obama holds champion standing when it comes to being divisive.

  9. J. Dickinson
    1 year ago

    I would direct your attention to the "Scottish Catholic Observer" site ( for an appropriate reaction to Mr. Obama's comments about Catholic Schools in Northern Ireland.

  10. J. Dickinson
    1 year ago

    Well said ! Absolutely on the mark ! As Catholics, we should ask ourselves who would bring us all together ? Why the government, of course. Along with our Protestant brethren, we should engage secular society only as necessary and separate ourselves from it whenever and wherever possible. The Catholic Church, unlike Mr. Obama's America, is inclusive and diverse at the same time. I sincerely hope that his audience let his remarks go in one ear and out the other, along with a mental notation to give his advice the inattention it deserves.

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