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Obama tells Northern Ireland its Catholic and Protestant insitutions are divisive Comments

Comparing religious schools to segregation in the American South, Obama told the Irish they should not have separate schools for Catholics and Protestants in the historically divided region. Continue Reading

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  1. Theresa H
    1 year ago

    No surprises anymore from this President who is proving himself to be a "totalitarian dictator." I know those words are very strong, but we are seeing/hearing things being said by this President that are totally contrary to everything this nation has stood for since it's Founding! "What next"--one wonders these days? Recently, I read a call for impeachment; I never thought I would ever see, and agree to such a thing in the USA, but I think there is good reason for such action at this point. May God save our Nation whose previous leaders have always acknowledged Him and respected the Rule of Law of the People, by the People, and for the People. Obama has no respect for the USA and the Rule of Law--except his Rule of Law!

  2. Vance
    1 year ago

    I don't know what else or what more Obama can say or do to convince Catholics that he is our adversary. Perhaps when he orders the Catholic Church to perform Homosexual Marriages, maybe Catholics will wake up and smell the coffee. Who knows??

  3. robert matzinger
    1 year ago

    If Obama had any care or concern about the people of Northern Ireland, both Catholics and Protestants willingness to get along together, it would be for him not to comment on things he has no knowledge of, as he only attempts to divide the people there!

    Both Protestents and Catholics in Northern Ireland can and have worked out many of their differences over the past years to make a better Northern Ireland for all - and without losing their individual identities!

  4. Jeffrey Pickett
    1 year ago

    "Divisive"...Obama talking to "students"(again) about something he is definitely an expert on in his usual hypocritical manner, knowing we will never hear this same speech(teleprompter) to the Shiite and Sunni Muslim "students".

  5. DLL
    1 year ago

    John -- a wonderful comment thank you for your insight! I completely agee!

  6. John
    1 year ago

    The important thing to remember and what Obama apparently doesn't know is that it was NEVER the official policy of the Catholic (and to be fair Anglican) Church to do terrorist bombing campaigns like the IRA and the Orange-men have done. The strife in Northern Ireland is and always has been a nationalistic political problem disguising itself as a religious dispute. I, for one, can't see Jesus applauding blowing up innocent people whether they are Protestant or Catholic or for that matter Jews or Hindus.

  7. jack hamilon
    1 year ago

    President Obama was referring to the historical divisions and segregation of Catholics and protestants in Northern Ireland. Why is this website making out that Obama is the enemy of Catholics, 51% of Catholics voted for Obama! Obamacare brings health care to those who would be unable to receive it otherwise, and so what if it supplies contraception, the majority of Catholics use it anyway. Why cant you give chance Obama to help this country and Northern Ireland as well, the message about segregation is as important today as it was in the 1960s.

  8. john
    1 year ago

    Well, as a Nigerian, i believe that action is controlled and motivated by intention. the big question is "what is president Obama's intention when he spoke?" this question could be answered by studying his antecedents where Christianity is concerned. How has been his policies and what effect do they have on the Christian faith, and especially Catholics? And if you ask me i would say that Obama has been against the church and so i believe that whatever statement he makes about the church has a negative intention. If he so "love" the church as he makes us believe now, why has all his policies been against the church? I smell foul.

  9. robert matzinger
    1 year ago

    Another speech of Obamas where he hasn't a clue what he's taking abiut. He speaks as if he is some kind of expert on Nothern Ireland's history, and he knows nothing of it at all!

    Obama looks at the Catholic Church and any of it's institutions and Catholics in general as his main opponents! Even though the teaching of the Catholic Church relative to the responsibility of taking care of the poor is similar to Obamas position, as our position on abortion, conception, and marriage is directly opposite his, and we're not afarid to say he's wrong, he views us Catholics as his enemies to his agendas. And he will at any chance attempt to discredit us and divide us in any manner he can think of!

    The Catholic Church and it's teachings and Catholics who believe in the Churchs teachings, are a thorn in Obamas side! And he'll do whatever he can to get rid of us!

  10. J. Dickinson
    1 year ago

    Here it comes...if you have the audacity to criticize and analyze Mr. Obama's remarks, then you must be part of a vast conspiracy of hate. If you subscribe to this lunacy, then your only motivation is to marginalize and silence deserved criticism and analysis of Mr. Obama's remarks and actions. These same old and tired conspiracy of hate arguments are so much childish nonsense. Projecting guilt and accusations of hate on those you disagree with is what we would expect from a spoiled and petulant teenager who has just been disciplined. Only here we have spoiled and petulant adults.I hope that if Mr. Obama considers addressing Catholic and Christian education again with his own prejudices, he will just preach to his fans and not embarrass us again.

    I note that other comments about Mr. Obama's remarks have asked, "Would Mr. Obama make the same statements to a Muslim audience by saying that a Muslim Madrassah would promote disunity ?" (Not a chance.)

    If questions about Mr. Obama's remarks ever come up at Jay Carney's press briefings, I can't wait to see him dance around the question(s) with his usual non-answer(s). (The possibilities are mind-boggling.)

    This not the first time an American politician has addressed an overseas audience and completely embarrassed the United States. (No wonder South American governments were hopping mad when John Kerry said they were part of our "backyard." Brilliant...just brilliant.)

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