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The Truth About Syria: Persecution of Syrian Christians Cries Out For Prayer and Action Comments

Christians preceded Muslims in calling Syria their home. They must not be forced to leave this ancient and holy land. We are living in a new missionary age. Whether in the West, where the memory of Christian influence fades under increasing persecution inflicted by rabid secularism and godless materialism and nihilism, or in the East, which bleeds under the overt persecution from Jihadists and despots, the challenge we face grows daily and ... Continue Reading

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  1. Holly
    1 year ago

    OK Once again I saw a "get Obama" pop up in the comments. Our gov't and those who run it - i.e. big business have supported dictators all over the World as long as they were "our SOBs" There was never any concern about how Christians or any other group were treated as long as these little Hitlers danced to our fiddle. Has anyone ever condemned Turkey for their treatment of the Armenians? Turkey has always threatened to break diplomatic relations with any country that raises this issue. We all "need" Turkey - ergo we keep our mouths shut. We need to do all we can to help persecuted minorities in every country - Christian or not. Here in Germany in our area, there are groups of Christians - Syrian Orthodox - who call themselves Aramaeans; they speak the Aramäic language and the majority of their people live in the "Diaspora" a term used mostly to describe the Jews outside Israel. We also have Alawites here - Kurds - another group dumped on in these Moslem countries( mostly Turkey ). Might add that the Kurds were our helpmates in Iraq - what have we done for them? At any rate we need to pray for and help all the folks in Syria and other war torn areas - without regard to race, creed, color, nationality, etc. I'll go along with what Gandhi said about Christ and Christians.

  2. sheena ruth
    1 year ago

    All the christians must realise what is going on.All the churches must come together to save our brothers and sisters in other countries..electing obama again is has to know what the Bible says,to rule.we all need to join hands against the govt activities n further help the christian fellowship services all over.n lets pray for the syrian christians.

  3. robert matzinger
    1 year ago

    There once was a time when Christains may have had some influence in the White House to at least support our persecuted and murdered Christain brothers and sisters in Syria and demand they be stopped.. But not with the current administration.

    Obama only has the desire to apologize to the Arab world and Arabs for any transgressions they beileve we put upon them - but he has no desire to demand that the Arab world and Arabs stop persecuting and murdering Christains! He simply doesn't care!

  4. Jorge
    1 year ago

    Thanks for this article. It highlights what mainstream media is hiding from the world's public attention thanks to the sickening curruption and political correctness our clueless western governments are doing.They are traitors,terrorist enablers and are again helping jihaidists to carry on with the genocide of christianity altogether from their ancestral lands in syria, turkey, iraq..even from nigeria, kenya, and elsewere. saudi oil and political curruption, bribes and PURE evil are running this world. Jesus will not be defeated by jihadists or their currupt western enablers like Obama, Cameron, Hollande and other traitors.

  5. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    Living like this is very hard. It shows the fruits of mistrust, greed, wickedness, hatred ... disunity. And under the guise of what is good for the country and religion.
    Truth be told, Christian countries have to work harder to convince non-Christians that being Christian is a good life.
    Remember what the Hindu Gandhi of India told the English in his fight for independence - he likes their Christ but not their Christianity.
    We must love in our space. We must love all. We must never think we are better than any other. We truly are not. I think love means understanding the other and wanting the other to strive in his space. Love is assisting the other not controlling the other. Love is acceptance of God's way. Love is be-ing always in thanksgiving to God. Love is pledging to love better each day and admitting when you have wronged the other. Love is attending to the least in one's space and in each other. Love is Church and Church is love.
    What can we do in our space to promote trust between different factions? What can we do to uplift the Christ in the other? What should we do in our everyday existence that is grounded in Christian love? What are we doing that is against the Church? There is no small sin.
    May all Catholics understand where living against Christ's Church can lead and take the leadership of the Church in all the aspects of their living. May we all accept how our sin is destroying and conform to the love of God...that all may know indeed that He is the Lord, our God.

  6. mgm.
    1 year ago

    Ross.I voted for President Obama and I sleep great at night and have no plans to visit what remains of Syria .Just how long were the little Hitlers that ran these ersatz states and Kingdoms created by the long gone European Empires with frontiers and boundaries that took no account of ethnicity ,tribe or religion and run like private fiefdoms by their rulers for life going to last ? It's a wonder Tyrant Assad and family that Lorded over Syria lasted as long as they did.I bet Ross that the people that didn't want the U.S. to get involved early on with picking sides was long time Allies Turkey,Jordan and Israel all which worked with the jerk Assad and didn't want to see him go and we all know that Israel has no influence on America's actions in the Middle-Mess right !

  7. Joe
    1 year ago

    This is such an important article. It seems as if Jesus Christ is asking us for help. Here in Syria, the Gov't is protecting the Christians, nothing is being reported in the news. Think about Libya, Egypt, Iraq and even Chechnya, Christians are worst off now after our involvement. Please write more of these articles and show how Christians are being harmed because of our Government's involvement.

  8. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago


    Brilliant observation!

  9. Michael Flynn
    1 year ago

    The reason things are going do bad is the fact that God is being thrown out of our society and sinful acts are being supported by our governments. Do you think the crusades will come back?

  10. Ross
    1 year ago

    If you supported Obama by voting for him in the last election, you should be looking in the mirror of someone who has supported the persecution of Christians in Syria.
    The rebels are loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood and they hate Christians and Jews.
    The Rebels are also loyal to Al Qaeda too.
    This is the forces that the CIA is supporting.
    You should now go to Syria and ask for forgiveness.
    The fact that we have no idea what is happening to Jews and we only know a little bit about what's going on with Christians in Syria make me think of when the Allies had no idea Hitler had concentration camps.
    Is this what we will find when the smoke clears?
    So don't forget that if you voted for Obama, you helped Islamic Terrorists kill people of the Christian faith community.

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