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No-one Can Change the Truth About Fatherhood. Love Your Father. Be a Good Father Comments

Do Fathers really matter? Do mothers really matter? Does marriage really matter? Does a child have a right to a Father and a mother? Of course! Our Nation is rushing headlong into moral collapse as we jettison the unique gift and role of fathers and mothers for some profane counterfeit of two mommies or two daddies, in a social experiment which is dangerous for our children, destructive of family and devastating to the common good of the social ... Continue Reading

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  1. Kofi
    1 year ago

    God is love and for that matter he has shown as love and others feel they know more than God let them cont. For they will account for their deeds, for fathership is devinely given.

  2. Erika
    1 year ago

    Wow, I'm surprised by the number of people who support (or at least seem to support) gay marriage browsing this site. I'm surprised at the people saying that this article is hateful or promotes hate. There is language firmly but not harshly denouncing same-sex relationships and the gay marriage agenda. There is no language of hate, no language of intolerance, no more so than a priest saying, "Kids, you shouldn't steal from the snack machine even if you really have a craving for those Pop Tarts. No, there's no exception if you have an eating disorder that compels you to put on weight and you're out of quarters."

    Some--no, a lot of people--will be offended, but that is no reason to stop telling the truth.

    There is no definite proof that children raised by same-sex parents do as well as those raised by heterosexual parents with all other factors accounted for. Most same-sex households with children have a history of divorce. The studies that have tested those that are "pure" same-sex households without histories of divorce have faulty population samples that are not random and not, from a professional objective standpoint, able to represent the overall gay population. Many of the popular research studies used in court rulings have drawn from the biased research of a limited pool of pro-gay advocates.

    There cannot be the same love in a same-sex relationship as in a heterosexual relationship, because the object of their "sexual intercourse" (two men or two women can't really be said to be able to have true sex) is not to give of themselves with the possibility of bringing forth new life but to gain pleasure for themselves. They cater to each other's desires, but they do not love each other enough to say, "You know what, I have an STD, and I don't want to give it to you, so let's be celibate from now on." They don't love each other enough to say "Hey, I don't want to do this with you because it is likely to lead to infections and perforations, and I don't want to hurt you." The practicing gay population has a ridiculous rate of STDs and STIs. It is also becoming increasingly obvious that, especially for men with same-sex attractions, monogamy is not necessary or expected in gay culture. Gay marriages are often not monogamous but "monogamish." They are "emotionally faithful" to each other but have sexual exploits with others, as well, with each other's permission. This is practiced because they believe that at least men are "not made to be monogamous." But, while this may give them more "variety," it also drastically increases the chances of contracting STDs and STIs. This is not so much love as lust. If these people cannot restrain themselves with knowledge of the extreme risks to their health, then there is something wrong with them, just like people with eating disorders. It does not mean that they should be ashamed of their struggles, but it should be addressed as a problem that needs to be fixed, not promoted.

    People want to make this unhealthy lifestyle a part of "normal marriage"? People want children to be raised in these families and grow up to be AIDS orphans? That is not love.

    No Catholic organization wants to lose tax-exempt status, but if that is the alternative to being forced to promote something so sinful and unhealthy, then we will gladly accept this whip of persecution. This is for the sake of our God and Savior, and for the sake of the people who suffer from same-sex attraction and are deluded into harming themselves spiritually and bodily. Rome, a nation that promoted same-sex relationships, fell, leaving only the Church. The same will happen again as moral problems like these naturally eat away at the legal and economic structure of our society.

  3. Emma
    1 year ago

    Thank you for standing in solidarity with family and most particularly fatherhood! As I stated on another post, quite a few in my generation are taking these teachings to heart and learning from them, encouraged by them. Far too many have not had the wonderful father that you've had. Most of us who have been raised by the cultural norms of same sex or single parents are searching for a better way. We already have experienced what doesn't work and want more for ourselves and our own children. If not for men such as yourself, we would have nothing to go on but the shouts of your opponents. Keep on teaching. Keep on leading .. We're listening .. Show us the way. A father to the fatherless. That's what I see in you. God Bless you and all the men out there who choose to lead us out of the confusion of our times.

  4. Riki
    1 year ago


    Father from whom my life did sprout
    very proudly from the rooftops I shout
    what an exceptional father "thou art"
    our Heavenly Father did set you apart
    to fulfill a strenuous multitask
    raising 9 kids, what more could you ask.
    you forgot about yourself completely
    you lived your life very discreetly
    it was all about us, your kids
    never about you, Heaven forbids
    father, thru all the years of hard labor
    you never acted as a ferocious dictator
    you loved us with all your might
    having you as our dad was a delight
    everybody could always count on you
    you never said no even if you wanted to
    father, the one we always relied on
    except now that you are gone
    to join our mommie your beloved wife
    for ever together now in the afterlife
    telling you "I love you" the pain does soften
    I wish I would have told you this more often.

    Rita Biesemans, Father's Day 2013

    dedicated to my father who died on the same date as my mother November 1st but 12 years later.

  5. Rob
    1 year ago

    Reply to Megan: it is not loving to young children, especially boys, to set up a situation where they have no father.

  6. Elias T.D. Voujung
    1 year ago

    I was going into my fourth year in college in 1978 when I lost my father. From then a vacuum had been created in my life. When I contrast this with some modern African children who would not care a dime whether their father lived or not I tend to wonder the future of fatherhood. This is more so when most of the western world celebrating and clamoring for gay marriages (and indeed this is growing by the day in the developing nations). How will these set of people give birth to children that will call them either father or mother? Despite this I still think God has wonderful plans for his creatures and so human fatherhood and motherhood will blossom to the full glory of God through Jesus our Lord.

  7. vance
    1 year ago

    Thank for another honest article. The Liberal Leftists and Homosexuals that HATE what you articulate in this article HATE what Jesus Christ says in the Gospel. This goes back to what Christ said in the Gospel, "They will HATE you for serving me". Truth be told Liberals and Homosexuals HATE God, Jesus Christ, and Christianity. Why?? Because God does not tolerate their perverse behavior and they know it. God LOVES all of us sinners and wants us to be reconciled with him. It's a choice. Do we accept God's Love or be ruled by our carnal desires.

  8. jh
    1 year ago

    I appreciate your personal reflections, Deacon. May God bless you and continue to guide you as a loving father and grandfather.

  9. George Ronald Adkisson
    1 year ago

    Hebrew 2
    "[1] Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.[2] For if the word spoken by angels was stedfast, and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompence of reward;[3] How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him"
    Fathers are troubled today by a reduction in standards outside the family ... that reduction is not from a new type human...coins do not have piety for women and children .It's great to become a Father... and to do so at times without any concern for the current events or anyone's economic state.
    Father's Day does have a companion...Mother's day. There are children mind you, that need not be troubled with who indentured them to whom first...then next...and next. They are satisfied with just being present...and so should we then.
    Happy Father's Day...

  10. Eugene
    1 year ago

    How sad are the times we live in. We all know what a natural family is, we all came from one,no matter how fragmented.
    As the article states eloquently, we are influenced by our families.

    How is that children will not be influenced to become gay by their "family" of 2 men, or 2 women?
    I think children deserve our protection, for they are the future. I read in the San Diego union
    newspaper about a boy taken from his mother for being unfit. The judge gave custody to 2 gay men, who not only sexually abused him, but sold him to their gay friends. How can 2 gay men not have sexual feelings towards a young man they have custody of? They could condition the child to accepting sex with their 2 fathers in the that " family unit! Why would people want to make it lawful that gays have an absolute right to adopt children by supporting gay marriage? Words have meaning, and signify rights at times, so don't call a union between 2 same sex persons a marriage.

    I will draw the furious hate of many social experimenters upon me for saying so, but I don't believe the country will have much strength if sexual acts between 2 men or 2 women become a new norm forced upon us in the name of equality, to prohibit "discrimination". A "gay" gene that forces people to be homosexual is not a proven fact. Its mentioned by gays to justify their type of sexual behaviors, which they must be ashamed of inwardly.
    Gay marriage is just an invention to let homosexuals feel better about the type of acts they engage in which inside they know are abnormal.
    Why such hatred toward the deacon who expresses the value of fathers so well?

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