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Christ Is Present In More Than the Eucharist! Comments

Real Presence is NOT limited to the Eucharist.  There are "four modes" of Real Presence: Christ is present not only in the Liturgy of the Eucharist but also in the Liturgy of the Word, the priest who celebrates, and in the people gathered together during the Mass. In pointing to these other modes of Real Presence, I am neither trying to pit the contemplative against the communal, nor create a dichotomy where one does not exist, nor deny the ... Continue Reading

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  1. Msgr. Charles M. Mangan
    1 year ago


    I appreciate Dr. Hudson's emphasis that while there are these four modes of presence during the Holy Mass, Christ is really present, according to Venerable Paul VI, "par excellence," that is in a most exalted way, in the Most Blessed Sacrament. What also helps me is to recall that the Council of Trent taught that the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Son of God and Son of Mary are really, truly and substantially present under the appearances of bread and wine. There is much work to be done in conveying this Truth to our brothers and sisters.

  2. youba
    1 year ago

    creating or referring to some specific conditions or parameters to frame Christ presence within is not from GOD.

    Trinity is unsplittable and talking about A presence as "Real" as if Other Presences are not is doubtable.

    His words are very clear: He is among us and with us in all times and circumstances.

    I am sorry, despite my beliefs in His Presence in the Eucahrist, I cannot accept that His presence, elsewhere, is governed by such materialistic conditions. the percetion of this presence is a personnal issue guided by each one's faith.

  3. SaraPalen
    1 year ago

    Just sayin-in order for my priest to be more focused on the person of Christ at Mass, he, every day, since he has been a priest has spent at least an hour before the Eucharist. (Fulton Sheen had a big impact on him). I believe this has a direct bearing on his homilies and helps him to offer his parishioners more "Eucharistic coherence", though we stil harden our hearts at times. Yes, some may be more naturally inclined to contemplate His presence in the Eucharist, but all need to at least recognise that He exists there.

    How many Joe pew-sitting Catholics actually believe in the presence of Christ in the Eucharist? Yes, that is a big issue. More of us would have penitent and humble hearts,and experience the beauty of reconcilliation, a gift from God- a cleansing that helps to open our eyes and hearts more fully to love of God and neighbor-true communion with God AND the ones sittng next to us in the pews. Yes, I too think a sense of community is very important.

    The words of two recent popes-"logos, logos, logos", and "cor, cor, cor"
    we need to listen and participate at Mass with our minds and our hearts and be attitude. and then go and serve the Lord
    if we love God in the Eucharist, we will more easily see God, the flesh of Christ, Word, in our priests, and in each other, The Word, no longer a dead letter, lives in the body of Christ, the Church and its people. He sets the world on fire. He sets priests on fire. The Mass is alive with prayer from the heart of his people, with worship and thanksgiving.

    Pray the Holy Spirit guide us during our Masses, and recognise Christ in all the parts of the Mass. It's a very practical thing to do.

    and noticing the gifts we as the church have to offer are different but of the same body.
    not this either or stuff. but and and both. contempative and action work toward the same end.

    Is this what you are getting at, Mr. Hudson?

    Does contemplation bring about action in community, or action bring about contemplation?

  4. Fred
    1 year ago


    I think that Janine was simply making the point that only the Eucharist IS the "Real Presence" of God (Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity). The Eucharist IS God. We Christians, on the other hand, belong to the Body of Christ in that we are baptized into God's body. We carry God to others, but we are not God.

  5. mike
    1 year ago

    Hey, Janine! great idea! Maybe we should start doing that! Mother Teresa taught us to see each person as Christ, and treat them that way.
    Hey, Mr. Hudson, please comment on my idea for Lay Evangelization incorporations of the Ourter Court of the New evangelization...ty,

  6. Trinbagonian
    1 year ago

    In Church we ought to focus on the Mass, prayer, and growing in intimacy with God. Focus on LOVE.
    Jesus, God, walked the earth amongst ordinary men. That should help to build our humility and love for all sinners and stem our pride. If Jesus could do it, who are we? Can you imagine how it must have been for Jesus listening to us?
    How do we encourage each other to grow in our relationship with Christ? By example. Not by calling out our faults in our faces. No one likes that. It's not loving.
    Note, there were differences amongst Jesus' disciples too e.g. Judas betrayed Jesus; John was the one whom He loved tenderly; and there was doubting Thomas. Why would we think it would be different today? Don't we believe in the reality of the Biblical Word? YES, It IS too. What about the Centurion: "God I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof ..." Oh so humble that he did not feel himself fit to be in His presence. What faith and humility he showed. We should pray for the like.
    Also, this notion of the Eucharist for contemplative and to those who are social the presence of God in the people can be discussed further. I believe the presence of God (whether It be in the Host, the Word or people or nature or life or pain etc.) is generally recognized according to our spiritual level attained. I believe the ultimate is to recognize God in the Eucharist for to get to this is to accept the presence of God in All things and belong to Christ's Body in the Church. Saints love the Eucharist.

    So focus on loving God. Teach by example if you have the received the gift to teach at all. Be humble, gentle. What is a lack-lustre Liturgy? The Liturgy is Holy. Do you understand this? A good rule of thumb for humility practised by the Saints was to think they were less religious and less knowledgeable than everyone else. We all can learn from each other. This should be our attitude going into Mass. Remember what Christ said about the poor Lady who put in just a penny? Careful not to exude pride ... even on religious matters. Please curtail your ego before Almighty God in the Holy of Holies. God came for sinners. We should pray to the Holy Spirit to teach us how we have sinned against God and make attonement. Pray too to put your whole spirit into the Liturgy so that you may receive all the graces God has for you to build His Church. Please show greater reverence to the Mass and the Priest and the High Priest Jesus Himself.
    Be meek of heart. An athiest can be nice. So?
    I will pray for you.

  7. mathew Thankacheen O.Praem
    1 year ago

    may I appreciate the 'four fold Real Presence' by W.Hudson. This is the extension and 'applied theology' of the experience of the Real presence in the Eucharist. The early Christian Community experienced in the 'Breaking of the Bread' to an extent that the pagans said, " How lovely is to live like Brothers" and so they called the Christians " saints" and " people of the way". The Basic Christian Communities' ( BCC) also known as 'Small Christian Communities' is meant to go back to the early spirit of ; fellowship' of the Apostolic community. The emphasize of ' Real Presence ' in Eucharist is not limited, rather to be applied and extended. however, it is not a ' theological misfiring' of the Church that created this " isolation", rather is the fruit of the 'culture of Individualism" that I need neither God nor fellow men for my happiness which created the present situation of the eclesial community.
    Mathew Thankachen O.Praem

  8. mike
    1 year ago

    Wonderful article! So important to point this out...Where does the Eucharist go at Communion time? Into the people. Jesus exists then, literally, IN the People. St. Paul's said: 'he who does not discern the Body..etc." - The Body of Christ is IN the People. An overly clerical point of view has failed to see the Body of Christ in the People. That's where the Faith exists...not even the Pope can make a dogma that the People do not accept. And here is where I think the Church has failed the culture...and why our parish life is so lame...the Church has three parts, but we are only using TWO. We use the Sanctuary for the altar; we use the nave for prayer; but we are not using the vestibule for assembly of the Body. (I wrote a major paper on this for graduate school.) The "narthax" in Latin it's called. It is a sacred space for assembly, but in our churches it is basically vacant and overlooked. But in the Vestibule the corporal works of mercy are collected, the bulletin board is there, the literature rack is there, and conversation is supposed to be THERE where the priest meets and greets the people. It is this OUTER COURT that Pope Benedict XVI has tried to open for dialogue with the world as part of the New Evangelization (...hello Fr. Geno!). Mr. HUDSON: what I recommend (and I have some money to help you on THIS one idea) is to actually open a business of Lay Evangelization Centers, at a mall perhaps, and incorporate this OUTER COURT in an area that unites several parishes, and run it is a cafe/reading room, with a cable TV show like an Oprah program, and have a little chapel there too. These things can be franchised and spread like wildfire, it is hoped.

  9. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago



  10. Dan Brogdon
    1 year ago

    Indeed there are no two same spiritual journeys, indeed you are in His house whenever you are inside a church. Indeed we recall His sorrowful passion and mercy at every mass.

    Indeed the character and personalities of our church has changed - having people standing at the front door to greet parishioners as they enter seems to be a noble direction - or so I thought, until I learned that one of the greeters is against the church -- yes he voted for Obama - and is a staunch supporter of pro-choice, samesex marriage too.

    At about what time will the church stand up on two feet? Every homily , every mass, should be precluded with a disclaimer -- if you are for Obama, HHS etc.. please leave.

    Yes these people are on a different spiritual journey, yes these people have different personalities -- truthfully, though, these people subvert the churches teachings and are infiltrators. They want you to convert to their beliefs. What better place to espouse secular beliefs than in the Home of Christ - call it cancer, espionage, treason, infiltration or are you trying to convince me that the church is universal, accommodates everyone - we allow the disease to spread, even inside Gods home?. You can't be Episcopalian and receive communion? You cant be anti-catholic either. Call it like it is.

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