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Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati Loses. Artificially Inseminated Lesbian Teacher Christa Dias Awarded $170,000 Comments

The Catholic Church was just fined by a civil jury for insisting that an employee at a Catholic School abide by the moral teaching of the Catholic Church. In the wake of the growing hostility toward the Church and the increasing violations against the Free Exercise of Religion in the United States, this verdict is a metaphorical warning shot across the bow.  Continue Reading

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  1. George Pieczonka
    1 year ago

    It is imperative to realize there are other Federal Laws involved in this case.

    Employment Division v. Smith: A. Scalia wrote the majority opinion. Religious practices cannot veto general laws of the land, That is to say, religious practices are not superior to general laws of the land. Scalia's chief concern was "anarchy" not infringements on religious liberty.

    Religious practices are not superior to general laws of the land. If so, then the church is above the law of the land which would create anarchy.Christa Dias has rights given to her by the State and Federal laws of the land that cannot be vetoed by religious practice. The church in Cincinnati tried to present its religious practice as superior to general laws of the land. Employment Division v. Smith prevents this tactic as "anarchy."

  2. Emma
    1 year ago

    So, where does a practicing Catholic who follows church teaching go if they are willing and eager to abide by their employment contract? There are teacher lay offs on a wide scale. I know a couple who would love to not have to teach any longer in public schools where they're forced to hide their faith. Why not do as the mission societies do and require that all employees show proof of their active participation in their parishes with at least one of their references being that of clergy? As a Catholic Parent, I would expect Catholics to be teaching my children who are enrolled in a Catholic School. I too see grounds for an appeal, but also a need to review hiring guidelines in the future.

  3. Angel
    1 year ago

    "No Hypocrisy": Are you aware that there is a difference between struggling with sin and with deliberate, open defiance. Who knows exactly which employees are contracepting and who knows of those that are, which ones are ambivalent and may be open changing their ways? Church leaders instinctively try to give people the benefit of the doubt and also are not inclined to pry to begin with--this includes the lives of school employees. Would you have it another way? This lesbian's immoral actions were evident in a public way so that even the most lenient administrator who was the least bit responsible had to act. Additionally, due to inaction and paralysis in Church leadership in the 60s and 70s, the contraceptive mentality became "normal" in our society. You should be praising Church leaders today for not making the same mistake again. Besides, when does falling down on the job twice improve upon or correct for falling down on the job once? This part is just a guess: Is it not rather the truth that you are a dissenter on both sets of issues and therefore underqualified to protest? Definitely true: You are judgmental & antagonistic toward the Church God has given you to love & support. Repent, and honor the God who wishes to save you from both sin and error.

  4. Staszec
    1 year ago

    What did she teach? If she was the religious ed teacher then I can see where the church has a case. If she taught math, then the church does not.
    If the church needs every doctrine followed by its employees, then it will need to hire Catholics only. Even then they are not going to find perfection. They may not be the best teachers but at least they will uphold the doctrine and live Catholic lives. So there may be a trade off- not so good math teachers for those who follow the rhythm method and fasts on Fridays during Lent.

  5. Greg
    1 year ago

    @No Hypocrisy "So I assume that in your view all schoolteachers in the archdiocese who use contraception should be fired, right?" Yes, you are right. Those, who *openly* are against the agreement are openly breaking it. In case of the school they should be warned, and then let go. Even if there is 90 or 99% of them. The same as in case of boy scouts. If a boy scout is "openly" unchaste (no matter gay or not) he should be let go. In both cases, however, we see "unreason" in recent times.

  6. Gillian
    1 year ago

    This is very sad. I believe if you work in any organization, especially a religious one, you should respect the teachings of the religious organization. Just like any place has it's laws and regulations that you need to abide by. That was gross disrespect and disregard, what the teacher has done and she clearly believes in herself and not God. Thats purely imposing your belief on a church that helped you civily, employing you and paying you for the work that you have done. I say nothing on earth, nothing at all lasts forever but the word of the Lord. I shall pray for her and others through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and not all teachers use contraceptive, many people think that because they cannot control themselves and others are human like them, that others are like them, but those with Christ and udnerstand morals and sacrifice and truly believe in him are on the right path.

  7. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago

    This is wrong on so many levels, but especially with the freedom of religion.

    You can't force a religious institution to accept immoral behavior.

    Liberal progressive judges know this, but they go ahead and rule unconstitutionally in the hopes that when it's appealed to a higher court, they will make it the law of the land, like abortion.

  8. Yasha Renner
    1 year ago

    Sad. What a selfish woman.

  9. susan
    1 year ago

    I too would like to send a donation to fight this case. Let us know. We need to fight back.

  10. Arthur
    1 year ago

    This does not surprise me the church has not been vocal. The Jewish and Christian religions have to do something. History has taught us what happens when they do nothing.

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