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Why Catholics Have Failed Our Culture: The Bottom Line Comments

I've had this discussion with Catholic lay leaders and clergy many times in different parts of the country.  Never have I encountered more than a mild protest -- most of the time there is general agreement with the need for parish life to undergo a change in kind, not in degree. In other words, a fundamental conversion that will involve the bishop, chancery staff, clergy, religious, and most of all, the laity.  Continue Reading

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  1. Eric Johnson
    1 year ago

    I feel that publishing an article like this a bad decistion.

    I think we should welcome this type of discussion, but this piece comes across as just sour grapes - posing a problem without offering a solution.

    I agree with the points made, in part - but to state that "Catholics have FAILED our culture" is a vast overreach. It is accusatory, incorrect and unfortunate.

    The article would have been MUCH better if Catholc Online had waited until Mr. Hudson added his "suggestions for a way forward" along WITH the content of this article. There are ways forward - including some of the content of 4 Signs of a Dynamic Catholic - a book by Matthew Kelly whom Mr. Hudson mentions.

    Hope you have read my ramblings this far! Happy to engage in further conversation on this - thanks!

  2. Denis Grady OFS
    1 year ago

    This is actually refreshing because it is so honest. It is wake up call, time to dig quote St. Francis, "let's start to do good because up to now.."
    Thank you.

  3. Cesar Fernandez-Stoll
    1 year ago

    We have to be conscientious on what we try to use for the cause of evangelizing and propagating the faith that through the Catholic church we share.
    Trying to 'play' reverse advertisement we might find, will backfire as many out there will look elsewhere for the truth we know is at grasp from the guidance of our community in the church, which is what we are part of, not just a country club where we expect everything to work for us while ignoring the reality about what God expects from us.
    It is a couple of days already that articles proposing negativity about Catholics is presented through this venue. No, I am not suggesting to hide anything and I am not proposing to ignore anything which is or might be wrong with the ways some people 'practise' their own flavour of Catholicism. But as there are people in the world, it is from our own individuality that we present ourselves to God.
    There are many Catholic of convenience who will claim to be catholic when the winds blow in the direction they like and will act diametrically opposite when they are not.
    It is not about us, it is about the will of God and the culmination of history Christ brought to the world to beat it and its sinful ways.
    The church never is there to impose but to propose, because our freedom must is what defines our own relationship with God, not just our God, but the only God there is, the only living God, the only possible One in His Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    I prefer we focus on how to propose answers and solutions the Catholic way, through humility and forgiveness, rather than to go on 'qualifying' behaviours and condemning attitudes as we somehow and indirectly, become a fake face of perfection to others.
    We are all sinners and the way is to show a life towards the perfection of Jesus as opposed to our own false image of rectitude.
    Being free means not being shy or scared of expressing the truth of the gospel and the whole bible as well as living a life of confession with faith, hope and charity.

  4. Debbie
    1 year ago

    The problems with the, "Culture", of the Catholic Church are no different than society in general-Those seeking to serve ones own best interest out numbers those that want to serve God.

  5. Roseann Graham
    1 year ago

    I just read this in a few spare moments before going to class. My experience, as a life-long Catholic, has brought me to the same place in terms of "parish life" that you outline in the above article. I don't have a solution. I find our association with other Catholics in many ways very disappointing. I feel too, that "Catholics make it hard to be Catholic." I love Mr. Kelly's writing. Our pastor gave everyone in our parish one of his books for Christmas. However, I don't know how to implement some of what he suggests, except in my own spiritual life. Twenty-first-century Catholics are a hard lot.

  6. Anthony Coffey
    1 year ago

    I have been a Catholic all my life 74 years. I have been a member of the Charismatic renewal now almost defunct in Ireland. The experience includes the complete loss of reverence to no sense of sin, few go to confession, all receive communion.

    Parish life will change when the Bishops wake up !

  7. Ryan
    1 year ago

    Maybe my parish is the exception, but I find it extraordinarily welcoming. I've also formed friendships with many parishioners that have been supportive during trying times for me and my family.

    Could it simply be traced back to the pastor or the preparation of priests to lead parishes? Or is a failure on the part of the parishioners at parishes that are failing their fellow man?

  8. CQ
    1 year ago

    I could not agree with you and your wife more. Our faith as beautiful as it is does lack that "loving" feeling in a lot of ways. I sit every week after the final blessing, sometimes sooner, and watch people fly out of the pews as if they had some where to be much more important. I refer to it as leaving some one’s home immediately after the meal without saying thank you or good bye. Being a cradle Catholic, I am in contact with a lot of older generation Catholics, who just don't even bother going church at all, or have no idea why they even attend, each week. "It's an obligation", is what they say. No idea of the readings that are being said, let alone of what was said in the homily. Two brothers with children that grew up just as I did, that feel church is not necessary, how do you share the importance of Jesus Christ to children whose parents feel nothing towards him? I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and others. God’s Peace to you and yours, and I will continue to pray for our falling Catholics to come home again and hope we have something good to offer them.

  9. Frances M. Holmes
    1 year ago

    Catholics will be better directed and evangilization more successful once our bishops, priests and religious remove the sinner from the congregations as St. Paul advised--love the sinner, hate the sin. When the head of the USCCB, Cardinal Dolan refuses to call sin "sin" the entire Church is affected. Adrew Cuomo has authorized homosexual marriage and promotes abortion at any time during the pregancie, shacks up with his girlfriend, and yet the good bishop of New York as does the bishop Albany honor him and uphold him as a "Catholic in good standing" and a model of "peace and justice." What's wrong with this picture????? We need better shepherding from our priests and bishops than that!!!!

  10. Kirk
    1 year ago


    Folks have to hear about joy in living the Faith and see it and experience it in substantial ways regularly or they will never get out of the rut that you are talking about, so it seems to me anyway John 10:10 is piercing and not to be ignored. Orthodox doctrine, sound morals, edifying liturgies, lectio divina, social living, etc. all are integral realities, but joy is an expression of thanksgiving to God for these and all good things He gives.

    How to make this happen? Be daring in approaching people and try to find something to say to raise their spirits, make them laugh, encourage them, ask them a question, show interest somehow, some way.

    Sure, this may sound small and quaint, but I would venture to say that joyful people positively change the world for the better constantly and the greatest joy comes from those most powerfully living the Catholic Faith in its fullness. They seem hard to find.

    As a closing point, how may of us think of St. Joseph or the Blessed Mother or any Fathers of the Church as joyful? Perhaps we need some art that is not silly but which provides some entry into their joy. Take a look at the St. Joseph and Christ Child statue at Mary, Queen of the Universe parish in Orlando.

    Pax et bonum,


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