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Why Catholics Have Failed Our Culture: The Bottom Line Comments

I've had this discussion with Catholic lay leaders and clergy many times in different parts of the country.  Never have I encountered more than a mild protest -- most of the time there is general agreement with the need for parish life to undergo a change in kind, not in degree. In other words, a fundamental conversion that will involve the bishop, chancery staff, clergy, religious, and most of all, the laity.  Continue Reading

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  1. Philip
    1 year ago

    Catholic brothers/sisters, YOU have to be the change you want to see. For all those who posted about how lame their parish life ? is what are you doing about it!? If you want to see the parish life and Holy Spirit working them my suggestion is for YOU to get involved more- join a group-> Knights of Columbus/Ladies of Columbiettes, Youth Ministry, Bible study, etc... if your parish doesn't have any of these then w/ permission go start a group. These groups aren't perfect folks just sitting around making excuses about this and that, no these are people using God's awesome graces doing the spiritual/corporal works of mercy. Get involved, Evangilize through actions first and show the skeptics what Catholic is about (it's not about ourselves), then maybe they'll see and want to get involved too. Seek and find, Knock and the door will be open to you, Ask and it will be given to you -Mt 7

  2. Persevere
    1 year ago

    Also, limit your time on your laptop. If you watch television, pick good, nurturing and unbiased channels (EWTN, PBS). Drop all news and political shows, they are a complete waste of time! CHOOSE what you feed your mind, read the Word daily and listen to good spiritual media. I have to drive often so listening to Lighthouse CD’s are great, too. Watch calming, enriching shows. Get out side more often and away from your technology! Seek simplicity.

  3. Persevere
    1 year ago

    Another poignant and great article. I've always loved our beautiful religion and we must never lose sight of the golden grail, our eternal life with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, despite the efforts of satan (and those of this world) to deter us!

    We are all encountering spiritual warfare in one way or another. Given the modern age we are in and the speed at which information is coming at us, is a reason why (I believe) people have gone somewhat numb to the formality of the Mass. But it is also other things. It is the integration of technology into peoples lives that they must stay “connected” at all times or they will not being living. Nothing could be further from the truth! Our bodies were never made for this adaptation. Rome never went away and more and more questionable apps (designed for continual socialization of the population) shows, music, etc. is becoming more enticing. It keeps unwitting people focused on what is NOT important and one of the biggest lies of satan is that we all have “big time” when we don’t. When our youth are getting exposed to this, that is dangerous. I never had children, but if I did today, I don’t think I’d have a television in the home and computer time would be limited and monitored. Today, everything is about freedom and now when you see every child having a phone or Ipod, one isn't surprised as to why families don’t have sit down dinner together anymore! It requires absolute fortitude and discipline for all of us -- to stay on course with all of the distractions the culture of death are bringing out. We are in a battle for souls.

    Spiritual Warfare is definitely real and happening now heavily in our day. There are myriad ways satan uses methods for this, but I have experienced it myself for years now as a non-consensual victim of Electronic Warfare experimentation. This technology is so sophisticated that rogue elements are also researching esoteric areas (Parapsychology) which is now being integrated into this stealth technology based on Quantum Psychics. It's all about the weapons we don't see now.

    Requires prayer and the Rosary daily for me. I highly recommend reading the "Secret of the Rosary" by Louis de Montfort. Our Holy Mother is our greatest intercessor against the enemy and the Rosary is the most feared by satan! I can attest, it works!! A peace will be yours - not of this world. God specializes in the impossible. God Bless everyone.

  4. Tom McGuire
    1 year ago

    Francis, Bishop of Rome, is showing a way of being Catholic that reflects the way Jesus was with people. This requires a transformation of all that we know to be Catholic. Being Catholic for too long has been a formal following of ritual, often poorly done, and giving ascent to the rules, not understood. The Way of Jesus is so filled with compassion, people came in crowds to experience Him and hear his message. Every where he went there were those who objected that he did not follow the rules. His response was to call all to be part of the story of love. When we experience being part of the story of love, we will be enthusiastic to invite others to be part of the story with us. Community will be formed and those who see us will say "see how they love one another".

  5. Darrell Gronau
    1 year ago

    This article is so spot on. I am a convert and the one thing I really miss about my former Protestant Church was the fact that we always had a breakfast after service and the men in the church did so much together outside of church. Also our mid-week Bible study was the place that we really fellowship ed and got a chance to connect with other as we discussed and studied God's word. I think that those of us that are converts are going to have step up our game and help show cradle Catholics how to evangelize our communities.

  6. James
    1 year ago

    I converted to Catholicism in 2000. The church I belonged to was St. Augustine's, which lies right next to the University of Florida. I loved the people and the priests and before I started attending with my eventual wife, I thought the new world I found in this church just didn't exist in college life. The church was exciting and filled with energy. In fact I will always remember the priests sometimes stopping mass if he felt the mostly student crowd wasn't paying attention or involved enough in what he was speaking. Since then I have been a member of 3 other Catholic churches (2 in FL, 1 in NC) and they all had a similar theme of blandness. It always seems that we lose half the crowd after communion and the sermons are mostly forgettable. The scandals of the past few years certainly haven't helped this situation at all. I feel like Mr. Hudson is speaking my exact thoughts. I am a member of a Catholic church that has over 5000 members now and I know of only 1 other family and that is only b/c I work with one of them. Something has to be done about this and Mr. Hudson seems to have made a good start to spread awareness on the subject, but how can we continue this forward?

  7. Jesse coleman
    1 year ago

    Very true, nowhere does jesus say anything about enthusiasm to be in eternal joy with him. Personally I enjoy the entire liturgy but I've also dealt with drug use and loss of love and having to fight a major internal war for the better part of seven years so no doubt I'm ready for some sincere peace. Really I have complete faith that the church will be fine, Jesus pro
    Promised just that. Whatever changes will come about naturally and gradually. The world is changing, there are so many distractions now. Maybe we will just see a mass example of the prodigal son. Born and raised Catholics may just need to go chase the fire and get burned before thief eyes are opened up to what is at their feet. I wonder, are the people pushing for change ones with little faith? Although I don't doubt the love for Christ although I've never met them and only god knows the depths of our hearts. How can we believe if we do not choose to trust and remember what is being taught to us- to die to ourselves and be in the world but not of the world but I guess that doesn't in any way mean no enthusiasm allowed. The church is without question the shining beacon of hope love and togetherness in the world when one can look past all the negative happenings due to our fallen nature. So I guess I'm content to trust but if god presents an oppurtunity may I not hesitate to take it. This reminds of a question I recently posed to a priest friend- where does gods will end and mine begin; one answer- god says may your will be done, we in turn say may your will be done, in response He says, now your will be done. I believe as long as we pursue his will earnestly things will turn out just fine and we can't forget that we each have to act like reaching out to others or showing our joy in some way rather than looking to others and do what they do.

  8. S
    1 year ago

    I agree, we have the same experience as you in our parish. In fact, the Protestant friends I have seem to be warmer, friendlier and more devout than Catholic families we know. The mess we're in, is it a result of the '60s & '70s, when the church wasn't able to somehow provide the religious formation that everyone sorely needed?

  9. Helen
    1 year ago

    My husband and I talk a lot about the Catholic Church and we always come back to birth control. We have 5 kids and are planning to have more for the love of God and to show our family and others that kids are blessings, not curses. We pray that the church is more vocal about life. We don't understand why politicians who publicly confuse other Catholics by supporting feticide (not sure why the church uses the term abortion) are still allowed to receive communion. We don't understand why the church caved on homosexuality and Boy Scouts. (those who argue for the dignity of the unborn by default grant dignity for everyone born. I sin, it is not my job to judge or find others' sins. It is my job to publicly state what behavior is sinful and not encourage it, especially in my kids.) A few years ago, I read an article where the Church was stating that we don't need a "sexual orientation" classification- looks like they've caved on that too. Everyone has inherent human dignity but it hasn't worked with the Church trying to reach out to society. Humans are weak, keep Catholics strong with strong consistently taught theology and have the world come to us because of our example. If you want to find strong Catholics, look for big families, the mom working parttime or not at all and you will see sinful people whose goal it is to make it to Heaven. Catholics don't talk after church because most are ashamed that they are receiving communion being improperly remarried, sterile or on birth control or far more interested in living well in this life rather than the next. I think unconfessed mortal sin is the major parish barrier. Be authentic and try to live according to the Church and people will find you. I applaud the consistent Catholic message from media sites and pray they do all they can to help Catholics defeat mortal sins.

  10. Tom Quiner
    1 year ago

    Deal, great piece. We could have a long conversation over this. I think there's good news and bad news in all of this.

    First, the bad news. You're right. There ARE a lot of complacent Catholics. Even worse, there are far too many Catholics who proudly and aggressively stake out anti Catholic positions, not only in the public square, but within the walls of our parishes.

    The good news: there are a whole lot of Catholics in the laity with fire in their belly for the faith. I see the passion in every single parish here in Des Moines, IA, and I have visited them all. I see it throughout the country, since we are now connected by EWTN, Catholic radio, and fantastic Catholic websites, such as this one. These passionate Catholics are doing some great evangelizing with their fellow Catholics.

    Anyway, I share your frustration that every Catholic isn't appreciative of the gold mine that awaits them at every Eucharistic Sacrifice.

    Always great to read your pieces.

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