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Humanae Vitae: Two Little Words Too Seldom Heard Comments

It is no coincidence that the Gospel reading of Saturdays Mass regarding children comes immediately after yesterday's Gospel reading which was about marriage. Could it be any clearer? Jesus is not revealing anything astoundingly new here but merely stating the obvious. Continue Reading

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  1. S Rajendran
    1 year ago

    I am proud of being a catholic Happy that God has placed in a right place

  2. "G.G", a Pro-life Catholic
    1 year ago

    I recall that when I was very young and becoming a teenager that the dear priests in
    our Church were not afraid to teach us self respect of our own bodies (temples). We were taught by our priests and parents moral codes...For many years now I have yet to hear a Homily guiding the young against contraception, respect for parents and themselves...The
    bishops and priests have become too accepting of "Freedom of Choice"...Is it because it
    means freedom for them also? Freedom from GOD'S church teachings?
    Thank you Fr. Irving for this wonderful informative article that should be read by all bishops,
    priests and laity...

  3. Ezekiel
    1 year ago

    All of this is part of what has been referred to as "the tyranny of relativism" -- if a secular Leftist tells you his brother 'came out' as a woman in a man's body, you'll be expected to call his brother 'she' from then on.

    Evil gets the upper-hand when men are persuaded that their decisions and perspectives create reality, when their potential is limited to describing reality. There is no such thing as a sex-change. There is no such thing as same-sex marriage. Our opinions on right and wrong do not define righteousness and sin. And our wavering willingness to accept God's existence and follow God's Word does not cause God to wink in and out of existence.

  4. jim3031
    1 year ago

    At the age of 52 I was forced by a plant closing into a career change. I chose to go back to college to get a second degree. I went to a Catholic college where a degree requirement was three courses in religion/theology/philosophy. This was the year 2000 and a situation arose where it became necessary for me to read the English translation of Humanae Vitae for a course I was taking. I remember when the encyclical was announced back when I was just out of college. All we really heard was that "contraception" was still not to be allowed. It didn't go over well with my generation. But in the year 2000, when I actually read it, I was aghast!! Paul VI had predicted everything that had happened!! It was all true. Women had been in so many cases reduced to mere playthings instead of the equal partner they were created to be. It was the start of a new self-evangelization for me. The fact that this Church to which I had paid lip service to so many times had had the REAL TRUTH all along hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks. Is it an easy teaching? No. But is it a true teaching? Yes, yes, a hundred times YES! Now I have come to regret, TRULY regret some of my past behavior, and not just as something that needed to be confessed because, well, you know. We make light of the teachings of the Church at our own eternal peril.

  5. Theresa Barber
    1 year ago

    So well said, Fr. Peter! Memorares for our country!

  6. Carolyn
    1 year ago

    It won't be long before children of today think they 'should' be gay and that being in a heterosexual marriage and having babies the way God intended will be abnormal. Then, because gay people can't have children, the population will plummet and the human race may ultimately die out. Sounds like a grand scheme of Satan to wipe out the people that God loves so dearly.

  7. DLL
    1 year ago

    To believe what is written here is to believe in God. God is wisdom as revealed in Christ. Without God humankind is deluded,simply put,social morons who justify themselves in all of their sins. Sin equals delusion. Our governmental and legal system have become a game show now. For the winner? "Come on down" but only if the "Price is Right"! Manna Rules! However! " One cannot serve Both God and Mammon"! There is still a difference between the Sacred and the profane. Profanity was always served by serving mammon. Marriage is a Sacred Trust. To create division in what constitutes the definition of marriage,is to destroy the meaning of the definition of honesty as conviction to the core value of what constitutes any loyal relationship. Loyalty and Valor are to become ancient terms with no understandable meaning anymore? The dignity of respect for woman and children used to hinge on a satisfactory reality of these definitions because marriage must be stable and "Holy"as an institution in the very structure of society itself!

  8. Albert Luper
    1 year ago

    I have noticed that the Church's teaching typically are very "deep" as compared to the actual arguments being reported in the media. The contraception issue is an easy example, the two sides being report on argue about individual liberty, freedom from antiquated moral codes, sexual freedom, freedom of choice, etc. All the while what the Church is saying is simply ignored. The real issue is trusting God and His promises. Marriage is no different.

    The simple way to correct this is to present the actual Truth. The truth will prevail and must be presented in love as Christ did.

  9. jh
    1 year ago

    Excellent comments. Word manipulation does not change reality. Adding the word "equality" does not justify bullying techniques.

  10. George Ronald Adkisson
    1 year ago

    "What God has joined together, no human being must separate."
    psychosomatic(defined)-of or relating to the interaction of mind and body.
    Diction requires I know what a transitive verb is.
    There is a psychological bonding between humans as well as within the brain of the ones aware...and we know who we are.
    Coins have never represented a human...not even in slavery.The uS government does not practice parables or govern humans either, their priority is, with what the coin represents.
    Tough place to practice a marriage...or live recognizing everyone that needs recognize us as a peaceful law abiding group of people.Children need that.The poor do.
    Everything a Bible reveals, is not new; nor is the chaos from a government.
    The Church remains a great place to be.

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