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Pope Francis says atheists can do good and go to heaven too! Comments

Pope Francis has good news for atheists. Jesus died and was raised for them as well. His redemptive embrace was for all, not just a chosen few.The choice to accept its reach is our own. The Holy Father was not teaching anything new. In fact, this hope that all who do not yet know God are not only capable of doing good - but will progress toward that knowledge of God by doing good - is ancient. The Church wants all men and women to be saved. Continue Reading

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  1. KarlVDH
    1 year ago

    Hmmm...I wonder what Canon Law says???...

    "No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church- Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus
    "For, it must be held by faith that outside the Apostolic Roman Church, no one can be saved; that this is the only ark of salvation; that he who shall not have entered therein will perish in the flood; but, on the other hand, it is necessary to hold for certain that they who labor in ignorance of the true religion, if this ignorance is invincible, will not be held guilty of this in the eyes of God." Bl. Pius IX"

    That's interesting, Brother, because regardless of what Bl. Pius IX said, the Holy Bible names a great many people who never heard of the Roman Catholic Church but were accounted as Righteous nevertheless. Noah, Moses, Elijah, the Thief on the cross beside Christ... not one was offered entry to Heaven through Catholicism... but all were anyway.
    I believe we ought to follow our Holy Father and accept that God anointed him in this time for His own purposes, rather than second guess him with half-baked legalism and Pharasaical argument... don't you?

  2. karlVDH
    1 year ago

    NICKY..."The Pope needs to clarify what he meant before all atheists start running around saying they are all going to heaven, or that people of false religions are all going to heaven.''

    Brother, his Holiness doesn't "need to" clarify anything. WE, the REST of us, need to stop, pray, and wrap OUR heads around the truth he gave us.

  3. Richard Lienemann
    1 year ago

    The heck with it. I do not need mass, guess I'll just read my Bible and stay home.

  4. Ross
    1 year ago

    Redemption and salvation are two different things in our faith.
    Time to start reading up on the difference if you want the truth of what Holy Father said.
    He told the entire truth but he did not explain.

  5. Michael
    1 year ago

    I am sorry JoAnn if I offended you, but the Church teaching was and remains to be that unless one has been baptized and has faith he or she cannot be saved- these are the words of Jesus. I really do not believe the Pope thinks otherwise- his words were just not clear.

    Even if the pope did think otherwise- lets be clear- there is a 'hierarchy of truths in the Church' and infallible Church teaching from the past centuries overrides an off-the-cuff Wednesday audience comment.

    Absolutely no change in Church teaching here. Thank you Holy Spirit for protecting the Church!

    God Bless you JoAnn :)

  6. Greg
    1 year ago

    Ignorants, Open your eyes! People have been created for Him, for Love! Everyone desires Love, but not everyone wants to Love! Why do you think people, who desire Love, and love as best as they can, do not deserve to be with God - after death?! Why do you, who are called by God to be His children, don't love Him, and others?!

    I used to be am atheist. I did not know what love was. Every good thing I was doing - possibly more than many Christians, even Catholics - I was doing at the end for myself. Because it was pleasurable. Because I felt good about myself, and thought that I am good. Except that I was still suffering, and did not know why!

    If I were told - "you need to forgive him/her" my answer would be "why?" Do you know why you need to forgive? Without Christ you *cannot*. You simply can't. If you told me that I would feel good to forgive I would told you that I tried, and it does not work - for me! You see - all full blown Original Sin - Original Selfishness.

    Today, as a Catholic, I can say - "God, I can't stand that person, I really can't, but because you died on the Cross for Him out of love for him, and because I love you, I will love that person. I will love that person in You!"

    Do you see the difference now? Christ died for everyone, that those who live, may live no more for themselves, but for the one who died for them.

    At the end you are NOT God. You will always be slave. Either slave of Love or slave of sin. Now, when you know it, make a choice. You want to leave Christ in Eucharist, then leave. You WON'T find salvation outside of the Church. You will find only pain, empty suffering, and selfishness - your own selfishness.

    Choose. Wisely!

  7. Greg
    1 year ago

    For Christ sake, stop that nonsense! Christ died for everyone, yes?!

    God does not bless us because we are good, but we are good because He blesses us, right?!

    God loves everyone, and thus He blesses everyone. It is you, who makes it impossible to receive blessing and be changed. It is your unforgivness that will render God unable to forgive you!

    We are all created for Him who is Love. That's why we all desire to be loved, and without love we cannot live! But after death we will refuse to be with God if in our lives we refused to love! Clear?!

    Everyone will die. We, Catholics, received a grace, and all Sacraments to help us to die before we die, and start finally to live - still on Earth. See saints! Become Saints!

    Remove cloud of self love from your eyes, and humble yourself in learning who you really are, for you do not understand why God's death on Cross is a free gift, and how much it really meant. Knowledge of yourself MUST preceed love for God. Run to confessionals! Don't you understand He not only died for you, but He desires you so much that He offers Himself at the altar to be inside of you! What ungrateful are you!

    Lord, how painful it is to read these comments!

  8. JoAnn
    1 year ago

    michael: You are taking our Holy Father's words totally out of context. Pray to the Holy Spirit and then read it again. God bless.

  9. Nicky
    1 year ago

    'The Pope needs to clarify what he meant before all atheists start running around saying they are all going to heaven, or that people of false religions are all going to heaven.'

    Hahaha... Yeah right Jason. Why would we start running around saying we are all going to heaven. We are atheists. There IS no heaven.

  10. Aaron
    1 year ago

    Jason said: "The Pope needs to clarify what he meant before all atheists start running around saying they are all going to heaven, or that people of false religions are all going to heaven."

    As an atheist, I can say this is not at all the reaction from fellow-atheists. Atheists don't believe in heaven (or hell) whatsoever, so the idea that we think we can go to heaven now is absurd.

    With that said, I think this is a great step forward for the catholic church. The new Pope has made great strides bringing humility and humbleness to the church, which is exactly what it needs. I hope he continues to shift the church's focus from homosexuality and birth control use, to more important issues that need addressing. I also really hope he addresses the issue of sex abuse within the church, with regards to the numerous scandal cover-ups. I was once a christian, but even though I no longer believe in the bible, I am happy and hopeful for the Catholic church's future because of this new leader.

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